Mark seemed to vanish from the lives of Tom Nook and Sable just as quickly as he had appeared. Against everybody's expectations, the dreadful memory of his appearance seemed to disappear into the annals of history. He never returned.

Six months to the very day the conflicts had been resolved, Tom Nook was busily strolling down to his store with his little nephews Timmy and Tommy in tow. As he neared his shop, he charged his two nephews with the responsibility of opening his store up whilst he took a different turn. Watching them make their way to the big building, Tom Nook smiled and turned his head and his heels, walking down a different path. The path took him to the Able Sisters store, where he would pop in to see Sable before the day's business.

Walking into the store, he saw Sable instantly, smiling at him coyly. Smiling back, he greeted her with a kiss and a cuddle. Mabel wasn't around; she must have been upstairs, late again.

"Good morning" he said jovially to her as they parted. Sable, who seemed to be blushing, would usually respond with 'good morning' as well. But today, she didn't. She had something else in store for Tom Nook.

"Tom, do you know what day it is today?" she asked, tilting her head slightly. At once, Tom Nook's heart jumped, he gasped quietly.

"It's not your birthday, is it?" he asked with concern. "I completely forgot; I haven't gotten you a present!" Sable started to giggle as she watched Tom Nook face became riddled with puzzlement.

"No, silly!" she replied, still giggling. She then moved a little closer to Tom Nook, taking his hands. "Today…marks one year since we became partners"

Tom Nook's eyes opened with surprise, a smile appeared on his face, showing his teeth.

"Well I'll be!" he said gleefully. "One year! And hasn't it flown, hm?" He then watched as she lowered her head shyly, her blush returning. He could tell she was hiding something; there was a huge smile plastered on her face that contradicted her body language.

"Sable…are you hiding something?" he asked. Sable looked back at Tom, her eyes closing slightly. She appeared as if she were dreaming.

"Tom…" she whispered. "…There's something else I wanted to tell you"

Tom Nook started to get nervous; what could it be this time?

"Sable?" Tom asked, trying to make sense of what Sable was conveying. She moved her head slightly, signaling for Tom to move his ear closer. Tom Nook answered the call, moving in close to hear her whisper.

If one were to stand outside the window of the Able Sisters store, they would have seen the proceedings within. They would see Sable whispering something into Tom Nook's ear. They would see Tom Nook's eyes shoot wide open, watching as they filled with tears. Sable too would tear up and the two would embrace. One could be able to feel the love and the joy that was bursting inside the room, and if one looked very closely, hidden behind Sable's gingham apron was her hand, caressing the slightly swollen stomach that hid behind it. Finally, if one were to attune their ears, through the sobs of joy at the creaking of the floorboards, one could hear Sable say:

"The angels have returned"

Thanks for reading; it's been some time since I posted something good on this site. I had a terrible case of writer's block, half finishing stories and deleting them, trying to write one-shots that just seemed uninspiring. However, it's just something with this pairing that is easy to write with; so many possibilities and scenarios to imagine with them. In any case, hope you enjoyed the story, thank you for the reviews!