Drabble #3
Theme: Wilting Lilies
Pairing: Rachel X Ragna

~x x x~

It was roses she adored, not lilies.

There was an evident difference between the two. Any fool with half a wit was able to figure that out considering the vast array of roses beautifully occupying the grounds of her mansion.

Then again, at times like these she always doubted Ragna had any trace of wit at all.

"Here, for saving my butt from the Red Devil back there."

Rachel looked upon the amateur-plucked lilies with an eyebrow rose, unsure, unimpressed and...unaware that she was blushing. She tactfully observed the brusque white-haired man before her, his manner seemingly inscrutable, but with a hint of reluctance.

"What don't you want them?"


Tilting her head slightly, she traced her fingers around the smooth form of the petals, slightly wilting in a faded brown at the tips.

Perhaps...she could permit herself to reconsider.

"I will accept, but next time I'd prefer to be presented with a kiss." She rested a finger on her cheek, indicating her preference.

The impartial tone she had used to declare the above gauged the most pleasant of reactions. The way his face shaded, an irrevocable scarlet brighter than any rose, piqued an amused smile to surface her otherwise neutral features.

"Don't kid yourself, rabbit!"

She would have frowned if a giggle had not fled from her lips the moment he shoved the flowers in her hand and briskly made his departure, head bowed to conceal his bright expression.

Smiling, Rachel gazed upon the white lilies - ready to wilt at any moment.

Perhaps lilies could substitute roses, if it brought her this quality of amusement...and emotion.

~x x x~