A/N: Heeeey there everybody! This will hopefully be something that I flesh out into a fully fledged fic after my other one Tell Me What You See is done. THIS IS NOT A ONE-SHOT, it's just a plot bunny that won't go away, and I'm hoping that by writing it out I will be able to concentrate on my other one to finally finish it :P This story will probably be on hiatus for a while actually (a couple of months maybe) unless I get overwhelming support for it and people love it (that's not meant to be blackmail btw :P), as I am really trying to focus on my other story.

OK, well, Tell Me What You Know begins approximately a year after the events of Tell Me What You See, which took place 3 years after the battle of Badon Hill, and I'm actually writing it as kind of a sequel/parallel story whatever.

To lovers of KA Mythology out there, just a hint, I have made the protagonist 'Rynelle''s name very similar (in my mind) to another character in the mythology (For a reason of course - I always do things for a reason! :P) Metaphorical cookie for whoever gets it right!

So here goes! Read and Review if you have time!

Most importantly, ENJOY! :)


470 A.D.

The cries of men on horses and their dogs grew ever louder behind her as she ran. Her heart was pounding as she ran, her muscles straining to carry her faster. Only certain death lay behind her, and even as her breathing grew more ragged Rynelle forced herself to continue.

A bird took to the air in front of her, stopping Rynelle in her tracks in surprise, her flight must have startled it from it's nest. She heard the twang of a bowstring, and the bird fell down dead at her feet. 'Over there men!' she heard a man call from behind her, and she bit back a scream of terror and forced herself to continue running, as fast as she was able.

Suddenly, her foot caught on something; and she fell, tangling herself in her skirts and grazing her leg on the tough bark of the root she had tripped over. Doggedly, she barely gave herself time to breathe before she stood and continued, the sounds of the hounds growing ever louder in her ears.

Rynelle ran out of the clearing, and scrambled to a halt at the tip of a cliff, pushing a few small stones over the side in her haste to stop herself from falling off. Utterly exhausted she turned, the sounds of her hunters drawing ever closer. Her body was wracked with huge sobs as she knew she was going to lose this fight.

She swore to herself that she would never go back there. Never again would a man touch her, with his body or his whip. She would rather die, Rynelle decided as she looked down into the fast-flowing, icy water below her.

Just as the men and their horses burst from the trees, Rynelle barely gave them a fleeting glimpse before taking a deep breath. She steeled herself, and jumped, never letting out a sound as she fell down into the freezing water of the river below, before being dragged under by the raging current.

• • •

The man on his horse rode slowly over to where the girl had jumped off the cliff, peering over the side and leering when he saw the churning water below. 'My Lord Gower!' one of his soldiers remarked to him, 'She could not have survived that! It is a twenty-foot drop to the river below, which is freezing this time of year!'

'Yes my lord,' another added, 'especially with all the rocks, they would have cut her to pieces!'

Gower growled at the men's impudence to assume his thoughts, and backhanded the first who spoke to him. 'Do not assume anything you fools!' he hissed at them, yanking his horses head around to face back the way they had come, 'The little witch has always had an uncanny knack for survival! Search downriver for her body, it's bound to wash up sometime. Do not stop until you find her, or part of her, I want to know that she is dead.'

He wiped a piece of spittle from the side of his mouth that had escaped during his frustrated spiel. Slowly, Gower took a deep breath before continuing. 'If you find her and she is not dead,' he sneered coldly, an evil smile spreading across his lips, as he rode off, leaving his men to search downriver, 'bring her back to me...alive. There are things I wish to discuss with my dear cousin.'

A/N: BTW the name for this fic comes from a line in the song 'Tell me now (What you see)' from the movie King Arthur (2004)