Greek: Next Generation, Chapter 2: A new house.

Setting: A new year starts at CRU. Our new characters come back to school and make sure their houses are ready for rush week. KT opens their new house and we meet some of the old characters when this happens.

"If you have any problems finding something, give me a call, I'll help you out" Thomas said to his sister after he let her out of the car. "I will manage, I'm not a child anymore" she replied.
"Ok you know where to find me, KT is just in the middle of Greek row now." Thomas yelled as his sister walked away from the car, not caring what he has to say.

"Is Aide here already?" Caren asked one of the sisters when she entered ZBZ. "No, I haven't seen her yet." Kate replied. "Ok, I'll get my stuff to my room and hope she arrives shortly" Caren said before realizing someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and screamed: "AIDE! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" while hugging Aideline. "Haha, I missed you too" Aide replied, "Let's get our stuff upstairs and start organizing this house" she continued. "Great plan!" Caren said and they went upstairs together.

"Why should they pack their house in all those white cloth?" Zenno asked Raj while they walked by the new KT house. "It's for their unveil tomorrow night. I heard they're already gonna give a huge party to celebrate it." Raj replied. "Should we go?" Zenno asked again. "Well I think I might go to show Dutch we want to have a friendly relationship and I don't think they will mind if I bring some extra people. You will surely be welcome since you are part of the big family we all are!" Raj explained. "Great, first party of the year, I can't wait." Zenno said while Thomas just drove by and parked his car in front of the new house. "Time to go" Raj said, " I don't want to see Thomas at the moment."

"Hellooooo" Thomas echoed through the new house, "Somebody home?" "I am" Waldo said while he walked out of a still unknown chamber. "What's in that room?" Thomas asked. "Oh, that's the new poolroom, but everything still has all these cloths over them and Dutch told us not to lift any of them till tomorrow night, when they will officially unveil the house." Waldo explained. "Ok, I'll try not to take peek, where are our rooms?" Thomas continued. "Second floor at the end. Everyone already has a room assigned to him, it has your name on the door." I'll be in the garden when you finished unpacking." Waldo said and he left for the backyard.

"So, how was Europe", Aide asked Caren while they were unpacking. "It was great! I have seen so much. We've been in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Rome and finaly to Brussels were Dutch' parents live. It was awesome to see all those monuments in real life!" Caren said with a big smile. "And his parents, how were they?" Aide continued asking. "They were very nice and welcoming. For what houses I have seen, they really had a huge house, it's almost as big is this one! Just for the two of them!" Caren replied. "But how about your holiday, what have you been up to?", she asked.
"Euh…" Aide started, "I've been with my new boyfriend for the past month, before that I travelled a bit with my parents." Aide said hesistantly. "Wait what new boyfriend?" Caren shouted. "You know who I mean!" Aide replied. "You must be kidding me? Have you been dating my cousin?" Caren replied not believing what she heard. "Yeah me and Thomas have been dating." Aide said shy but proud.

"Is everybody here yet" Dutch asked his brothers. "No", Waldo replied, Thomas is still upstairs unpacking, he has been for the past three hours." "Go find him Waldo, I need him as well." Dutch ordered him. As Waldo stood up the brothers heard someone entering the backyard.
"Oh my God! We have a pool now?" "Yes we do brother Jones! Why have you been unpacking for three hours? Did you move your whole house here?" Dutch asked Thomas.
"hmm, I wasn't really unpacking the whole time guys…", Thomas started. "Well what were you doing?" one of the brothers asked. "I was with my girlfriend, ok?" Thomas said uncomfortable.
The brothers laughed and congratulated him while asking who the girl was.
"That's not why we are here", Dutch said. "We are here to discuss the party for tomorrow night.", he continued. "Tomorrow we will have a lot of guests, not only from other houses on campus, but also alumni who helped to build this house for us. I want everybody to be on its best behavior and by that I mean, no one should remember anything the morning after!"

*Next morning*

"THOMAS", a girl screamed trough the KT-house. "Not so loud!" a brother scared her saying that from behind what seems to be a chair still covered in cloth. "You scared me like crazy, dude! Where is Thomas' chamber?" she asked. "Second floor to the right, his name is on the door, now let me sleep." The brother answered and went back to sleep.
* knock knock *
"Who is it?", Thomas said sleepy. "It's me, open this door!" the girl said to him. "What are you doing here on this hour of the day? It's only 7am!" Thomas said to her after he opened the door. "Well I thought you might be interested in the fact mom and dad are arriving in an hour.", his sister said to him. "8am again, what's wrong with dad, he used to sleep in till noon." Thomas complained. "Ok I'll pick them up at the airport, you want to go with me?" Thomas asked her.
"No, I can't. I have class at 8am." she answered. "Class at 8am? You got to be kidding me, why did you enroll for an 8am class?" Thomas said surprised.
"Yeah, why not? It's the only class I can sleep in without having to explain why I'm sleeping." She said and left him standing in the door.

"Ok girls, welcome to our first meeting of the year," Caren addressed the girls from ZBZ. " Today rush-week starts and we will be participating in multiple events with the house-tours to finish it. But first things first. I'm glad you all chose me last year to become the new president of ZBZ. I'd like to introduce my team to all of you, even if you already know them.
* As Caren started to introduce her chairs someone rang at the door *

"Hello there Aide" Casey greeted Aideline when she opened the door. "Aunt Case, what do you do here?" Aide asked surprised. "Well I'm here to help you girls to get this house to number one again on campus." Case replied.
"Why should we need your help?" Caren asked a bit rude while she came up to Casey and Aide. "If you had read your emails this morning you would have had an email from Nationals to announce that an advisor from Nationals was going to come over this week to help set up for rush-week and activities for the first semester." Case explained. "And you are that advisor?" Caren said still being rude. "Yes, I'm the advisor for ZBZ for the Northern States. If you would listen even a little bit to what your father and mother have to say, you would have known I work for Nationals now." Casey explained again. "Now continue your meeting, we'll talk afterwards" Casey commanded Caren.

"Zenno, are you going to KT tonight or not?" Raj asked him. "Yeah of course I'm coming along with you, I told you yesterday" Zenno replied. "Oh right, I'm making a list with all those who are going. I thought about notifying Dutch we are coming." Raj said. "You sure that's a good idea?" Zenno asked him. "Well, what do you think?" he replied. "I think you shouldn't. We just show up tonight and when we may not enter we'll just call my dad and Cappie. They will both be inside." Zenno suggested. "Well that doesn't sound bad. We'll just ring the bell and see if we can come in." Raj decided.

"Ok, I need those over there and those over in that corner. Waldo, make sure you place that keg close to the tap. Dutch, I need all the brothers present in the backyard in forty minutes to brief them on how we will handle this. Thomas, come here!" Cappie was giving orders at KT. "Yeah dad, what's up?" Thomas said. "I need you to call your girlfriend and she needs to bring over the ZBZ girls in one hour, ok?" Cappie asked. "My girlfriend… How do you… Who told you… What?" Thomas started stuttering. "Can you do it or not son?" Cappie asked. "Ok, ok, I'll fix it." Thomas replied grabbing his phone from his pocket.

* Ring ring *

"That's my phone" Aide shouted from the shower "Who is calling me?". "It's 'my love' calling you" Caren answered Aide, "Should I pick up the phone?" "NO, DON'T" Aide shouted in panic. "Too late" Caren began, "Hello my love, this is Caren speaking, how can I help you?" "Caren? What are you doing with Aides phone?" Thomas replied surprised to hear his cousins voice. "Hi Thomas, she's in the shower right now, can I leave a message for you?" Caren said in a sarcastic voice. "Actually, now that I'm speaking to you, I got a request from your dad for your house." Thomas said. "What does my dad want to ask from ZBZ?" Caren said getting a bit angry. "We'll he request for you girls to be present at the KT house within the hour." Thomas continued. "But I thought the party didn't start before 10pm?" "We'll that means you girls are invited for the reception and official opening."
"YES! We'll be there soon!" Caren said and she ended the call.

"Dad! The ZBZ girls are on there way!" Thomas shouted at him. "Ok, great!" Cappie replied. "So, guys, can you go buy your house and collect the guys?" he asked to man. "Ok, we're on our way." They replied.

"Where's my boy" one of the two man shouted when entering the Omega Chi house. "Dad?" Zenno replied? "Why are you here? Shouldn't you be at the KT house for the opening?" "Well, that's not gonna start before the three houses are present. So you guys get ready to go to a spectacular party! You got 20minutes!" the second man replied.
"Who's giving my brothers orders down here?" Raj said while coming down the stairs. "I'm son and you better get ready yourself!" The second man replied. "Dad! I'll be ready in two minutes, be right back!" Raj said while sprinting back up the stairs. "We will be there in 30minutes Cappie the first man told him on the phone." "Ok great, see you in 30minutes!" Cappie replied and ended the call.

"Why are we all going to KT now?" Aide asked Caren while they were rushing to get to the KT house.
"Well because your boyfriend told me on the phone to be there for the reception and opening of the house!" Caren said. "You could have told me that when we were still at the house you know…" Aide replied. "Well I still had to shower, so there was no time." Caren said when they arrived at KT. "Let's go in."

"Well hello ladies" Cappie greeted them, "you can continue to the backyard were the house opening will start soon. Be free to take a drink when you enter the backyard." "Thank you Uncle Cappie." Caren said quite polite.
"Oh I see my daughter also has arrived." Zenno's dad said when he, Raj's dad and the other Omega Chi's arrived right after the ZBZ girls. "Hi dad" Aide said while giving him a kiss and a hug. "Did you miss me already or are you here for the KT house opening?" Aide asked. "I'm here to support some of my best friends with opening a new house." He replied. "Come let's go inside" Cappie said. "Everybody is here."

"Dave, Tom, thanks for the extremely loud performance, can you guys just stop so we can open the house?" Cappie asked the two alumni from Plain White T's. "Yeah, yeah, everything for you Cappie, without you we would have never had the room to practice and become famous." Tom replied.
"Ok, people, can I have your attention please?" Cappie tried to silence the people standing in front of him. "We are here together today to open up a new house for the Kappa Tau Gamma family. Not only are we here with our fellow brothers, but also our friend from ZBZ and Omega Chi are present!" Cappie started his speech dramatically. "The house was taken down and we found this bigger plot to build this new house. The house was funded by the other alumni present here today and myself. Each person who contributed to the new house has placed something to remember him in the house. We are here in the backyard to start our tour by unveiling a statue and we will take away cloth by cloth until the house is completely unveiled after which we will party until the sun rises!" Cappie continued his speech. "Now, I'd like to call my best friend, my little brother and former president of KT to unveil the statue we made to remember his legacy."

"Thank you Cappie" Rusty started while mounting the little stage besides the statue. "I want to remember you all to the stories that we shared with our children, the stories about our time here at CRU. We were not best friends, we were not getting along, but in the end we figured out that friendship is a stronger bond than anything else. Try to get along, find your own ways. And now I'd like you to think about this every time you pass by this statue." Rusty said while pulling the cloth of the statue.

* They went around the house and uncovered many memories. Pickle showed off Vesuvius 2.0 standing in the hallway, spitting lava. Wade showed his knife collection which hung on the wall in the living room. And finally Cappie showed the new pool table. It had the KT crest in the middle of the table.*

"Well ladies and gentle man, we can now say that we have a new house and that KT is back in business! Let the party begin!" Dutch announced to the people!

"Dale, I'm really glad to see you again and you also of course Laura!" Cappie started talking to the both of them. "Yeah it has been how many years?" Dale said. "I think almost fifteen years." Cappie replied. "That's a long time, but how was living in England for so long?" "We had a great time and I'm glad our children got educated there. They have become two great students. I've missed them so much last year, I'm glad we are moving back to the states now." "I think that's great! We can catch up later, your son needs your attention more now! He hasn't seen you this summer, right?" Cappie said. "Yeah, we haven't. And Aide has been with her new boyfriend in the last month, so we hadn't seen her for some time either." Dale said. "Well, yeah, that's great for her." Cappie said knowing who the boyfriend was, but not wanting to ruin his sons relationship.

"Hey Thomas, can I talk to you for a second?" Joyce asked Thomas. "yeah sure, what's up?" He replied while they walked away a little from the group he was standing in. "I got to tell you something about last summer. I am really thankful for you letting me stay last summer, I was actually hoping I could." "Uhh, ok?" Thomas said in a questioning voice. "Well, actually… I don't really know how to say this… I… I…" she started stuttering. "Calm down Joyce" Thomas said, "what do you want to sa…" * He couldn't finish his sentence because she kissed him on the lips and ran away *

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