Harry's head was spinning, he had no idea how this had happened. Why it was happening, he yelped as Draco slammed him into the wall outside the Room of Requirement. His head bounced off the wall again as Draco kissed him. Harry bit his lip, hard, the metallic taste of blood entered his mouth and he released. Draco jumped away, his eyes hard and old. He wiped the blood off his mouth.

Harry smirked and Draco pounced again, this time Harry was prepared and his head didn't bounce a third time from Draco's attack. His hands were held above his head, his wand held awkwardly, he really didn't want to it set it down or drop it. Draco's hands were roaming his body, making it hard to think.

He was able to focus again when Draco bit down on his neck. Harry tried to squirm away but he just bit harder until Harry was bleeding too. A moan escaped from him, he was beginning to feel dizzy again. As if all the blood in his body was pouring from the wound Draco created with his mouth or else taking up residence in his cock.

He arched forward, grinding against Draco. They both moaned, but then Draco threw Harry away from him. They panted, standing a foot apart, watching the other. Then Harry brought his wand down, a single word was muttered and Draco stumbled backwards, blinking. His clothes were gone. Harry had no time to gloat before Draco had done the same to him.

He hadn't been naked, with his cock fully erect before in front of someone else. Harry was very, very much a virgin. His first instinct was to cover himself, he turned red as he glanced around for clothes. Scowling darkly at Draco's soft chuckle.

"Scared Potter?"

Harry's eyes snapped to his, dark with anger and want, "You wish," he snapped and moved forward. Draco twitched his wand again and Harry's feet came out from under him.

"Manners," Draco murmured as he prowled around Harry, who sat up on his elbows to keep Malfoy in his view. "I'm not sure what to do with you yet. Bind you? Make you beg?"

Harry's eyes grew wide in fear for a moment as he realized his wand had gotten away from him when he fell, he turned to leap at it but Draco's spell caught him and pulled him over to a bed.

A bed, when did a bed get here? Harry's thoughts turned hysterical as he was moved farther from his weapon. He cast a longing look at it, knowing it was pointless as he was dropped on to the bed. Rope jumped forward, tying his arms together and his legs apart. His mouth dried.

Draco was on the bed as well, then straddling him. He still had his wand in his hand though, a devious grin on his face.

"You know what I'd like Potter?" He whispered. Harry groaned as Draco placed a hand on his cock, stroking it slowly as he thought. "I want to see you desperate and broken. I want you bleeding," this came out as a low growl. He was kissing Harry again, pushing him down on the bed as he stroked his cock furiously. Harry was bucking forward, little moans escaping him. He didn't want it to end but his climax was building, he was panting, and he wanted to cum.

Just as the orgasm was boiling upward, Draco moved his wand but his hand kept working furiously and as Harry bucked up, sure his orgasm would steal over him nothing happened. He was suddenly more desperate, his cock straining and leaking cum pathetically. He whimpered, green eyes searching Draco's face.

"You don't cum until I say so," Draco murmured. "I'm going to bring you to the brink over," he moved off Harry, "and over," and then his mouth was swallowing Harry's dick. Harry cried out, bucking into Draco again but his hips were pushed down and Draco he was swallowing Harry. He whimpered and struggled at the bonds holding him.

Again it was building up, Harry was fucking Draco's mouth even though the latter was trying to hold him back.

"Malfoy," Harry groaned his name hard. His cock shot out some cum and there was Draco's wand again, stopping the orgasm painfully before it burst forth. Harry tossed and pulled at his restraints.

"Fuck! Fuck you!" He cried helplessly. Draco smirked. As he leaned back on his knees.

"You want to fuck me Potter?"

Harry fell silent at this, eying Draco suspiciously but Draco was busying himself with lube, preparing his arse for Harry. Harry's eyes followed his movements, strayed to look at Draco's cock which was leaking cum as well. He licked his lips.

Then Draco was straddling him again, one hand on his cock, squeezing tightly as he lowered himself down on to Harry. Harry tossed his head back, hurting his neck from the force, crys and whimpers escaped him as he thrust upward. He could hear moans coming from Draco as well and he tried to go harder, faster, he needed to cum, needed Draco to cum.


It was an order, Draco had lifted himself up so only the head of Harry's cock was inside him. Harry's head swam with pleasure, he couldn't seem to register what Draco had said at first, then he mumbled.


"Beg to be allowed to cum Potter, otherwise I'm going to leave you here, tied up and hard with no relief."

Harry set his jaw. He would not beg. Draco frowned as he waited and then suddenly lashed out, his first connected with Harry's face. He expected Harry to be angry, instead a laugh bubbled forth and Harry spat out a small amount of blood.

"Can't do any better than that?"

Draco scowled and struck again, now Harry rolled his hips, a groan bursting forth as he spat out more blood. Draco was fascinated and disturbed.

"You're a freak Potter."

Harry's eyes flashed dangerously and he snatched Draco's hair, he yelped in pain and surprise. He hadn't realized he was close enough to get caught up like this. Harry pulled hard.

"Don't call me a freak," he spat, blood hit Draco's face and then he slide down on Harry's cock. Harry's hand went limp as he gave in to it, rolling his hips upwards as Draco moved up and down, increasing his speed.

"I want, I want," Harry was panting, the sentence dying on his lips. His eyes closed, face flushed.


"I want to be free to fuck you into this bed," he gasped.

"You'll have to cum first, and in order to cum-"

"Malfoy-" he growled but Draco just went faster.

"You're going to get close to cumming," Draco panted, "but if you don't beg me Potter I won't let you, I'll stop it as it's stealing over you. You won't cum unless you beg."

Harry gave a roar of frustration, rocking his hips upward.


Draco just smiled smugly, pulling at his own cock.

"I'm going to cum all over you and you still won't be able to."

Harry watched as Draco stopped impaling himself on Harry's cock and began just grinding down as he stroked himself. It was long before he was moaning with Harry's name on his lips, his cum spraying all over Harry's chest and his face.

They were like that for a long moment, as Draco recovered, his cock swelling again before Harry whimpered, his lip curled and he closed his eyes.

"Please, Malfoy, please let me cum."

Draco wasted no time, he released the bonds on Harry and jumped off the Gryffindor. With a cry of triumph, Harry launched himself forward, threw Draco down and impaled him. Draco's face was smashed into the blankets so much so he couldn't breath as Harry drove into him hard. Then Harry was biting Draco's neck, breaking the skin over and over and then.

"Fuck Malfoy!" He cried as he finally was able to orgasm, filling Draco up as his body shook hard. He trembled for a moment and then rolled off, exhausted.

They laid there for quiet awhile in the Room of Requirement. Harry gingerly touched his face, which was swelling from Draco punching him. He smiled softly. Draco was touching his own injuries wincing. Harry sat up finally.

"I can heal those for you."

Draco snorted and got dressed.

"Will...will we do this again?" Harry asked as he pulled his shirt over his head. Draco shrugged and left, slamming the door behind him.

They'd have to do it again, Harry decided, but next time Draco would be the one tied down.