6... ?

"When do we need to be back?" Clint asks.

"Fury wants us on the helicarrier for a debrief on Tuesday," Natasha replies. "We're under orders to stay off the radar til then."

"I have no problem with that." Clint says, and Natasha makes a noise of agreement. He lifts the sponge out of the tub and squeezes some hot, soapy water across her neck and shoulders, then lower still, across her chest. She drops her head back against his shoulder, lets out a small noise of content and closes her eyes.

"I feel bruised all over." She murmurs.

"Yeah? Well someone bit me," He holds his forearm up in front of her face, and she opens her eyes to see the angry red bite mark has not faded yet. She's surprised she didn't break skin. Natasha lifts her hand from beneath the bubbles and brings his arm close for a kiss. She then slips her fingers between his and guides them into her hair, until they are both pressing gently against an abused section of scalp.

"This is where you tore out my hair from the scalp." She says, but doesn't let him linger, instead she twists in his arms, settling her legs on either side of him and pressing her chest to his. He, in turn, circles his arms around her, holding her gently to him, aware the bruises and injuries are still fresh on them both.

"Tash, I'm sorry..." He offers, looking sincere and a little broken.

"Don't be." She says firmly, pressing a hand down onto his chest. "It wasn't you, and I'm fine. Hair will regrow, and your arm will heal... And we havethree whole days before debrief."

"What are we going to do with all that time?" Clint asks, eyes wide and innocent, but his hands have moved to a place that is decidedly not innocent.

"I'm sure we can think of something."

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