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Hop 2: A marriage arrangement.

Chapter 1: Announcement.

E.B the Easter Bunny was just walking along the halls of the egg factory. It had been a year and a half since Fred O'hare and himself became the Easter bunnies.

E.B sighed as he patted the egg painter machine since it was currently not being used but that was because it was 3 in the morning.

E.B was wearing his blue jacket and he tip toed towards the balcony and he stared at the stars.

Today was the 16th anniversary of when his mother died by getting hit by a car while taking E.B out for a stroll.

He was about 3 weeks old and he was growing up fast and his mother, a blonde slim rabbit whose ears were tied in a ponytail while she was wearing a classic pink dress with white laces.

Anyways, she was walking across the road to buy some baby things but suddenly a van was speeding towards her and her baby.

The mother had to act quickly or else the van would kill both her and her baby. She quickly threw the young brown rabbit across the road and took the hit from the tire herself.

E.B however landed in the grass and soon after that night, he was found by one of his father's search parties and he was very upset by the news.

E.B opened his eyes and snapped his head back to the present. He sighed and sat on the hard white painted rock that was holding the balcony where it was.

Suddenly the brown rabbit who was wearing the blue jacket suddenly heard a familiar voice say softly "Hello there, Son."

E.B suddenly jumped out of his own fur and jumped to look behind him to see a much older looking rabbit whom was much chubbier and he wore a fancy outfit. This was E.B's father.

E.B sighed in relief and puffed while clutching his chest "Don't scare me like that, Dad."

The old Easter bunny (Or as his real name, which I made up, is Winston.) gave an embarrassed smile as he rubbed his son's shoulder in apology.

E.B's father walked next to him and leaned on the fence with his son while staring at the stars.

E.B's father said "You know, Son. I always came out here to look up at the stars each night your mother passed away."

E.B looked at his father with interest and he asked with big cute eyes "Can you tell me a story, Dad?"

E.B's father smiled and shook his head. When E.B was younger he always loved a story. One about the medevil Era, one about his Ancestor's, One about when he was born and many more.

The old yet chubby rabbit put a paw on his son's shoulder and said "You see. Every night. When you were still in your mother's abdomen, She would sing this beautiful lullaby while stroking you. I always loved it when she sang since she sounded like that singer you like so much….Jenifer Lopez is it?"

E.B nodded rapidly. He really loved Jenifer Lopez songs. Especially 'Get on the floor'.

E.B's father continued "Anyways. She always had this gift of being there for others when they needed help and comfort. She was also my best friend. But after she died, I wasn't much of a fan since every single melody reminded me of her."

E.B was shocked. The reason why he hated him playing the drums was because his mother loved music!? He never knew that.

E.B's father chuckled and said "After you were born. You were such a handful. You cried every day and night, you wouldn't keep still, you were always a huge fan of sweets and of course you always had an excellent sense of Beat and Rhythm."

E.B looked down at the ground and then E.B's father said while taking a picture frame out of his pocket and handing it to his son "Here. I think I can trust you with this."

E.B looked at the photo. It was of a blonde rabbit that looked quite a lot like himself but she had rosy cheeks and she held a rose in her hands while her ears were behind her head and she also looked very happy and kind.

E.B knew that this was a picture of his mother. He hugged it close to him before running back inside with glee.

E.B's father however knew that the time was getting close and he had to call his best friend, Henry Hopper the 4th and get him to come over. He leaned on the balcony again before staring at the starry night sky.

The next morning, E.B was incredibly cheerful after last night and he was whistling the chorus of "My life would suck without you." By Kelly Clarkson and he was skipping towards the factory.

All of the rabbits were confused why their boss was so happy. Had he gone Cracking mad? Had he got a new pair of drum sticks? What happened?

E.B was stopped by the Vice boss. A Grey rabbit named Eddie who was wearing glasses and he was very slim and slender and he was very young (more like 15 human years of age).

Eddie asked while giving E.B a careful eyed look "Alright. What's with you?"

E.B rolled his eyes as Eddie examined him. He always did this to check if someone was impersonating him but he always ended up clean.

After Eddie was finished he escorted his best friend towards his father who had wanted to talk to him.

When Eddie and E.B got there, Eddie shoved E.B in front of his dad, bowed at him and ran out of the room.

E.B asked while lowering his ears to the ground "Did I do anything wrong?"

E.B's father shook his head while putting his paws behind his back "No, Son. You're not in trouble."

E.B sat down in an egg shaped bean bag and asked while settling his paws on his lap "Well what do you want to talk about then?"

E.B's father announced "My good friend, Henry Hopper the 4th is coming to introduce his daughter, Emily."

E.B's jaw dropped. Did his father just say that a girl was coming over!? Was he out of his mind!?

E.B just gave a laugh and said while wiping a tear of laughter away from his eye "Oh you joker…."

E.B stopped as he saw the serious look on his father's face and he gasped "You're serious….."

Suddenly E.B's father walked out of the room and after 10 minutes, he came back while holding a big blue book.

The old Easter bunny dropped the heavy book on his desk before pointing to the spot slightly to the right side beside him and E.B gulped and walked to the spot his dad wanted him to go to.

E.B looked at a sentence in the book at said "To make an Easter Bunny official, they must marry within 3 days or else they must step down from their positions and let the chicks rule Easter."

E.B's ears stood up in alarm and he ran into his bedroom as fast as he could.

E.B's father shook his head in disappointment. But little did he know that Carlos the Easter chick was watching the whole thing from behind a pillar that was holding that held that bit of the building together and Carlos felt an evil smile rise on his beak as he had an evil idea.