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Hop 2: A marriage arrangement.

Chapter 5: Sending the Pink Berets.

Back on Easter Island, everything was a total disaster! Eggs were scattered all over the place, Rabbits were running all over the place, machines were on fire, and both leaders were fighting in the office.

E.B's father yelled at Henry "I dont know where your daughter is but I have got a sneaky suspicion that she ran away! What about my son!?"

Henry shouted "I couldn't care less where that terrible Bunny is! He is a bad influence and that is that!"

E.B's father just shot back at him "YOU WANT TO FIGHT!?"

Henry yelled back while getting ready to punch E.B's father "ALRIGHT LET'S GO!"

Suddenly a voice yelled "HEY!"

Everyone stopped and froze and they looked up at the DJ's room to see Eddie holding a microphone and then he said as he walked down the stairs "Listen, I know that you are all panicking and that you think that Easters for many years to come is going to be ruined but the thing is. We mustn't lose our heads.

Look, I have an idea but the one thing we need is order."

Everyone looked at Eddie as he walked towards the two leaders and he said while tweaking his glasses to fit correctly on his eyes "Now. I suggest that we send the Pink Berets."

E.B's father nodded. He knew that the Pink Berets were amazing at finding anyone and anything and besides, he also knew that Eddie had a shy crush on the smallest of the Pink Berets whose name is Bit.

E.B's father looked at Henry Hopper the 4th who nodded and E.B's dad said "Alright. Eddie, get the girls and give them their mission."

Eddie gave a salute before hopping on all fours towards the Coach of the pink Beret's and whispering in her ear.

Once Eddie was done, The trainer blew her whistle and Fluffy, Patch and Bit came in a line and stood in a salute (other than Bit who blew in her inhaler just before standing in a straight line).

Eddie smiled at Bit lovingly and Bit covered her mouth and giggled sweetly and trying to hide her shyness.

Patch stopped the romantic fluffiness when she patted her sister on the shoulder and turned her face towards the boss.

E.B's father said with a smile "You know what to do, Girls."

Fluffy nodded and led the girls towards the exit and they amazingly exited the Easter Factory before jumping into the portal and then Carlos said to his 3 ninja chicks

"You must get them out of the way and stop them from finding the two rabbits because if they do, they'll ruin my master plan!"

The chicks nodded before following the Pink Berets into the portal.