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This is going to be Edward's POV until I notify you.

"Yo, Masen! Phone call for you!" Emmett, my boss, hollers from a few floors below. He's so going to fire my ass if Bella calls every hour.

"Sorry, man!" I shout back and descend quickly to where the phone is. "Bella!" I hiss into the speaker.

"How did you know?" she asks, surprised.

"How many people could call me? I'm working."

"It's important. You'll hate me!" she moans.

"Put her on the phone. This is the last time you call just because she wants to talk to me," I demand.

"Edward, uh…it is important. She kinda fell," she mumbles.

"Fuck!" I shout, shooting Emmett a look. He's watching me like a hawk. "W-wh-at hap-pened?" I ask, brokenly.

"You know…at the playground… She fell off a swing."

"Christ! Where were you?" I shout at her. "Emmett, I have to go! It's Kenna!" He nods to me. "Don't touch her. You're home, right?" I ask Bella through my teeth.

"Actually, we're at the hospital."


I feel like crying. I don't have money for that.

"Where?" I manage to ask, before I grab my stuff and run away from the construction site.

My crappy car starts on the first try - it's on my side.

It takes me a good half an hour to make it to the hospital, considering it's lunch break and there's an influx of cars on the streets. No matter how much I blast the horn, they won't move faster.

When I finally park in the hospital's lot, there's smoke coming from under the car's hood.

Stupid piece of junk.

I rush inside, bump into a nurse, and grab her shoulders. "Makenna Masen - do you know where she is?"

She looks at me as if I've lost my mind.

"Please…" I glance at her name tag. "Nurse Platt."

She sighs and takes me to the front desk. "Are you a relative?"

"I'm her father!" I snap, realizing too late that she couldn't have known that.

The nurse looks through some files, then beams at me. "The little blonde girl?"

"Yes," I answer, shocked.

"She's a sweetheart. Room 70 - just down the hall, that way." She gives me a warm smile, and after thanking her, I sprint in the pointed direction.

I press the door handle and find Kenna on the bed, sucking on a lollipop and talking a mile a minute with the doctor. Bella's pacing close to the window.

"Daddy! You're hewe!" my little angel exclaims happily. "Look! I got a booboo!"

"Hey, sweetie, I can see that," I murmur and sit next to her.

"Doctow Cawen, meet Daddy!"

I glance at Bella, then focus on Doctor…Cullen, as his name tag says.



He's definitely one hot doc.

"Edward Masen," I introduce myself.

"Dr. Carlisle Cullen. I've got to say, you have one little angel here. She didn't even whimper."

My eyebrows shoot up. "Are you speaking of my daughter? I think you've mixed up patients or something." Because I know Kenna. She wails even if she bumps into something, but having a bruise? God forbid.

She's a lot like her other daddy. I push away the painful memories and focus on the now.

"What happened?"

Bella approaches us. "She was on the swing and I turned to my backpack to take the wipes out and then…she was screaming. I think she jumped," she explains, apologetically. "I'm so sorry, Edward."

So, she screamed.

"I've taken care of her. You'll have to change the bandage, though," the doctor instructs me.

I nod and gather my little one in my arms, careful with her leg. I'm about to ask Bella to help us with this, when her phone rings and she mumbles that she has to go.

"Super," I mutter. After four years, I'm still hopeless when it comes to Kenna.

The doctor senses my distress and starts explaining how to change her wrap. "But I bet your wife knows this." He nods to the door.

"Bewa's my fwiend! Daddy Jay died last yeaw," Kenna states loudly.

My eyes start stinging. Thanks a bunch, baby. I haven't thought of Jazz today.

Dr. Cullen looks apologetically at me.

"Don't worry," I mutter. "Thanks for the advice."

I pick Kenna up, arranging her in my arms and realizing for the first time since I stepped into the hospital that I'm still wearing my work clothes. That's why the nurse looked so weird at me.

"Mr. Masen," the doc calls, just as I'm about to open the door. "Here - call me if you need help."

I stare at the small card, then into his clear blue eyes. I give him a small smile and a nod. "Good bye." I nudge Kenna and she scowls at me; she hates to act like a lady.

"Bye, Doc!"

He laughs and waves to us.

I'll definitely call him. For other reasons…if I knew whether he was interested.

It's been far too long for me.

The fucking car won't start and grumbling under my breath, I open the hood. Low on water again. This stupid thing drinks more water than me.

At least Kenna's quiet, sucking on her lollipop.

A few tries later, the piece of scrap starts and I drive home. I'm dreading to see the bill. It's gonna be tough.

I fucking hate hospitals. I've been in them enough to last me a lifetime and a little more.

"How's your leg, love?" I ask, glancing back at her.


"Ouch." I reach my hand back and stroke her ankle. "We'll get home soon and we'll eat some chocolate. It will make you feel better," I promise.

Our studio is really little, but we're happy. Kenna doesn't miss anything and she never will. It's true that I'm struggling, but we'll make it through the black hole. I know that the sun is just around the corner.

I carry her inside and put her on the bed, kissing her head and crouching to inspect her leg.

"Did you fall on your knee?"

She nods vigorously. "It huwt so bad, Daddy."

"Oh, but I'm proud of you for being good at the hospital," I praise her.

"The doctow gave me suckie fing." She beams at me.

Kid's got a sweet tooth - just like Jazz.

"And did you know the doctor?" I ask, raising my eyebrow.


"Then he is a stranger. Remember when we talked about accepting stuff from strangers?"

Her green eyes widen. "Oh." Then they water rapidly. "I'm sowy, Daddy!"

"It's Bella's fault. She should have said no."

"Bewa busy wif telly."

"She was on the phone?" I feel my blood pressure raising.

"Wif her boyfwiend."

"How do you know that?" I wonder, amused. She could have been talking with anyone.

"She said 'Hi, Jake.' Jake's her boyfwiend."

I plant another kiss on her head. "Smart."

"Chocolate?" She throws me her killer smile.

"You didn't forget that, huh?"

"Nevah! Yummy!" She pats her tummy, giggling.

I can't help but start tickling her. She's too cute for her own good. Once she's breathless and with tears down her cheeks, my job is done, so I go to fetch the chocolate.

There are only three pieces left.

I put a kid movie into our ancient DVD player and settle on the bed next to her.

"Oh, no! We can't shaw!"

"What, baby?" I ask, confused. It's impossible to understand her words sometimes.

"We can't shaw!" she repeats, pointing to the chocolate.

Share. We can't share.

Aw, my precious angel.

"It's yours, baby."

"No." She shakes her head.

Damn, stubborn kid.

I break one of the pieces in half, offering her the bigger part. "Happy, now?"


I shake my head and focus on the movie. Eventually growing bored of the cartoons, I head to the kitchen to prepare a late lunch. I make two dishes of the beans I bought the other day – soup and main course.

After the movie's over, I feed her some soup, then change the bandage - earning shouts and tears. I must be doing it wrong, considering she didn't make a sound when the doctor took care of her, or she's simply too spoiled with me. Then we head to Bella's, so I can talk with her about the plan for the next day, and call my boss.

Emmett understands my problems and is accepting, but I'm afraid that one day he'll make me choose between work and running to my kid. I'll choose Kenna in every scenario, and we'll die starving under the bridge covered in scraps of cardboard.

I promise Emmett to not leave early for a week. It's bullshit, in case Bella calls with an emergency.

Surprisingly, I can keep my word - for a whole month, which gets me a little bonus on payday.

When I collect Kenna from Bella, I go straight to the store.

My princess is sitting on the special support in the cart and points. I argue with her that we can't buy every possible thing that looks nice. For Christ's sake, what's nice about a mango?

I'm inspecting the detergents, when she squirms in her seat, wanting down.

"Chill, kid!" I put her down. "Don't go anywhere," I warn her and return my attention to the box I'm holding.

I finally settle on a type and look around for my little one. She's a few feet away, crouched, staring at something.

"Hey, I'm leaving - coming?" I call for her.

She jumps up and runs to me. "Daddy?"

"Yeah?" I ask, taking her hand.

"What's this?" She holds something to me.

I choke on my spit. They shouldn't put those things at kids' level.

"Uh, it's not for you." I try to pry the box from her hand.

Kenna squeezes the condom box. "What is it? What are the man and woman doing?"

Fucking explicit shit.

"They're…uh…kissing," I lie. "Now, give it here so I can put it back."

"You shouwd buy it - to kiss someone."

I feel my face turning red. "We've discussed this, baby. Daddy Jay is my only one."

"But you sad."

I sigh and finally pry the box from her. "Life sucks." I slap a hand over my mouth.

She giggles. "Bad word."

"Sorry. I'll buy you another chocolate."

I turn to return the condoms to their place and bump into someone.

"Shit! Sorry," I mumble. When I take a step back, I realize it's the doctor.

"It's okay," he says, offering his hand for a shake.

Too late, I realize I'm still holding the box. I transfer it to my other hand and shake his.

"How's the trooper doing?" he asks, looking at Kenna, who's suddenly shy and hiding behind my leg.

"She's doing fine. Her knee's all healed. Thank you."

"It's my job, but I have to admit, she was one of those patients you never forget." He grins, causing a stirring down low in my pants.

Fuck. No.

"She's pretty special," I tell him, winking at Kenna and earning a wide smile from her. "I'm sorry again for bumping into you," I apologize.

"No worries. Playing it safe?" He's smirking.

I frown, not understanding him at first, then his eyes cut to my hand.

"Oh, no. No, no. Kenna decided to ask what those were. I swear, people are so irresponsible for putting them within kids' reach," I babble, feeling my whole face burning.

Dr. Cullen smiles, shaking his head. "It's okay, you know? Better safe than sorry."

I gulp through the lump in my throat, blinking back the tears. "Yeah, right." I chuck the condoms into our cart, pick up Kenna and head to the cash registers.

I keep telling myself that he doesn't know my crappy life story, but his words hurt so fucking bad. They cut into my barely healed heart.

"Why sad, Daddy? Mean doc?"

I sniff and shrug. I can't talk.

I have no idea how I make it home, but once Kenna's bathed and her tummy is full, I put her to bed. I then close myself in the bathroom and bite my fist, to keep the sobs from escaping me.

Fuck everything!

I kick the hamper, brushing my tears away.

Why did we have to fight that night?


I don't realize I've been noisy, until small arms wrap around my neck - she's crying, too.

Well done, asshole!

"I miss Daddy Jay," she sighs.


I can't stop crying.

I hug her to my chest and we stay there quiet for a long time.


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