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As Carlisle's birthday approaches, I start thinking of all kinds of possibilities.

I'm not worried about his present - already bought him something.

I'm worried about the party we're going to attend.

I'm scared.

On the twenty-sixth, I leave early work and pick Kenna up from kindergarten. Then we prepare a nice dinner for Daddy C. While she sets the table, I put the last touches on our roast beef.

When the front door opens, Kenna zooms like a bullet to the hallway, squealing loudly. She didn't see Carlisle today, considering he worked the night shift and then had paperwork. I barely saw him, but I allow her to stay with him. He'll be mine the whole weekend - or more accurately, I'll be his.

Emmett has agreed to keep Kenna at his house. She didn't put up a fight, understanding that we need some time alone.

"Easy there, Little Bit," I hear Carlisle chiding her, but he's amused.

"Missed you!" Kenna tells him loudly.

He must have answered, but too softly for me to hear. Whatever he said sends my baby in a giggling fit, and then she appears next to me.

Jesus, it's hard to keep up with her speed.

"Daddy, do you fink Daddy C is old?"

I frown at her, then turn to see him leaning against the wall, grinning. "Well, I don't know," I say teasingly. "I think I see gray hair."

"You're old. I told you!" Kenna beams at Carlisle.

Her serious confession causes us to laugh hysterically. She can be adorable sometimes.

"Mhmm..." Carlisle approaches the stove. "Smells wonderful."

"It's a surprise," I explain. "Go and freshen up, then come to dinner." I grab his hand, leaning into him and kissing him slowly.

Ah, I've missed him.

"Another present?" Carlisle laughs. "I thought I got my present earlier at my office."

I bite my lip, glancing at Kenna who is watching us curiously. "This is the PG rated one," I tell him, chuckling.

"I see." He nods seriously, but he's fighting a smile. "I'll be right back." He turns to leave, but not before pinching Kenna's cheek.

After I dropped my baby at kindergarten this morning, I went straight to Carlisle's office. He was all wet and fresh smelling, and I couldn't keep my hands and lips to myself. He had just finished a long surgery and taken a shower.

I pushed him onto his comfy chair, before kneeling between his legs and taking his dick out of his scrubs. He didn't have time to realize what was happening. All he could do was grab my hair and moan...that was until someone came into his office. Luckily, I was shielded from their view by the sturdy desk. Carlisle tried to get rid of his visitor, and he did leave…but only after ten torturous minutes.

My heart was in my throat the whole time - especially when the visitor approached the desk to give Carlisle some files.

All that time, I kept licking, kissing, running the tips of my fingers over his erection. He was shifting and gasping, making his fellow doctor wonder if he was coming down with something. I bit my tongue to keep from saying that he was indeed coming. Soon.

Once we were alone once again, Carlisle grabbed my arm, and turned me around so my chest was pressed to his desk. He made quick work of my pants, and after putting some hand cream on my ass, he took me hard and deep. When we came undone and calmed our hearts, Carlisle grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me deeply.

"What brought this on? Not that I mind," he said amused.

"Happy birthday." I beamed at him, kissing his cheek.

"I wish my birthday was every day," he mumbled, helping me buckle my jeans, just as the door opened once again.

That time it was Esme, who was a smart woman. During our little romp, files and pens had fallen off Carlisle's desk. She just smiled and bent to grab them before telling Carlisle someone was looking for him.

I told him goodbye, and with a wave to Esme, I went to my job. I didn't have time to visit him over the rest of the day, but I hope that once we drop Kenna off to Emmett's tonight, we will be able to have an encore performance.

Kenna is extra talkative during dinner. She questions Carlisle about everything he eats - when she hears the positive answers, she turns to me and grins.

"I told you he'd like this," I tell her. "Can you calm down for two minutes and eat?"

"But I ate!" she protests.

"What?" I raise my eyebrow. "Two bites of meat and three pieces of potato?"

"It's too much," she whines.

"Kenna, eat. At least finish that meat," I beg her. I give her the smallest piece and she won't even eat that.

"No, Daddy!"

"Don't you want to grow up? You'll stay little forever if you don't eat all your food," Carlisle tells her.

Yeah, right.

Like she'd buy that.

"That's not true!" Kenna tells him, pouting.

He winks at me, then grabs her fork and stabs a piece of potato before bringing it to her mouth. She turns her head away.

"Now, I'll be upset if you don't take this. I won't play with you."

Her eyes widen and I can almost hear her wheels turning. Tentatively, she opens her mouth and takes the food from Carlisle.

"There. Was that so hard?" he asks.

She swallows and sniffs. Great, she's going to start crying. "I don't want you upset," she mumbles.

"Now, take another bite for Daddy." Carlisle stabs some meat this time. "Here. Look at him. He's just as upset as I am."

I pretend to pout just as her green eyes cut to me.

She takes the other bite, too.

Huh. If it'd known bribery would make her eat, I'd have tried it long ago.

Carlisle keeps this up until Kenna's plate is empty. Thankfully, he ate too in between feeding her.

Once we're done with the main course, I bring the cake. Of course, Kenna's more excited than Carlisle.

I light the candles on the cake and put my hand on his shoulder.

"Happy birthday, Carl."

He covers my hand with his. "Thank you, sugar. I haven't celebrated my birthday in ages."

"Don't forget to make a wish!" Kenna reminds him, sitting on the edge of her chair.

Carlisle squeezes my hand and closes his eyes, probably making his wish.

"Blow quickly," Kenna instructs him as he sighs. She thought that was his blow; I almost laugh.

He chuckles and strokes her hair. "Why don't you blow them out for me?"

"Really?" she squeals. "Can I, Daddy? Pleeease?"

As least she thought of asking my permission.

"Sure, sweetie."

We watch amused as she takes a huge gulp of air then blows loudly over the two candles. She claps and looks proudly at Carlisle.

"Happy bifday, Daddy C!" She's out of her chair and climbing on his lap, hugging him tightly.

"Thank you, honey. It's the best birthday I've ever had." He hugs her tightly, kissing her head.

I wrap my arms around them, kissing his temple. It's the first time since Jazz died that I feel like Kenna has a family…that I have a place where I belong. Also, my heart is trying to say something that I'm definitely not ready for - not so soon.

After we eat cake, I take Kenna's bag to the car while she says goodbye to Daddy C. I'm going to drop her off, before returning to Carlisle to start our weekend. My fear is still there, but I'm also excited to actually be part of his world.

Kenna's almost asleep when we arrive at Emmett's place. She clings to me as I carry her inside. After thanking them again and promising my baby to call at least once, I leave.

Carlisle is waiting in his bedroom, dressed in his pajamas.

I'm disappointed, but I try to not let it show as I step into the room and approach him, falling on the bed. As I lie there next to him, I feel my muscles aching from a long week of working.

"Are you okay?" he asks, ghosting his hand over my back.

"Kinda. I think I need a painkiller, but I'm not moving from here until tomorrow," I say into the pillow.

"You have to change your clothes. Actually, while you do that, I'll bring you a pill. Is Tylenol okay?"

"Perfect." I roll out of the bed and tiredly change my clothes. I'm actually grateful we're not doing anything. I have to be fresh tomorrow.

When Carlisle returns, I'm pulling on my pajama bottoms. I feel like I'm moving in slow motion.

"Oh, don't bother with them - not yet." He walks to me, pushing my pants down. "I want to prepare you for tomorrow."

"Okay." I take the Tylenol, kneeling in front of the bed as he instructs me; chest on the mattress, ass in the air. "Can you prepare me for what's going to happen at those parties?"

"Hmm." Carlisle strokes my ass, dribbling some lube over my crack. "I'll meet with my friends and talk, before heading upstairs where the playrooms are. First, we'll watch and if I ask you anything, I want your honest opinion. Then we'll go to an empty room and do whatever you want. If you don't behave like I expect you to, I'll choose what we do."

I nod, too relaxed to actually talk. He's not only loosening my ass muscles, he's loosening all my muscles.

"If I tell you to do something and you aren't sure about doing said something, or it scares you, or you refuse to do it for whatever reason, you give me one of your safewords and we'll discuss it at home."

I nod again. His fingers leave my body as something cold and round is pushed inside me.

"Relax, sugar. I plan on having you more than once tomorrow. For that, I need you as loose and relaxed as possible," he says soothingly, pushing the toy inside me.

Once the plug is seated inside me, Carlisle tugs my bottoms over my ass and tells me to scoot up the bed. Once I'm under the blanket, he's next to me, his arms wrapped around my torso.

"Sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow."

With one last kiss, we drift off to sleep.

In the morning, I'm surprised to see Carlisle sleeping soundly next to me. His hands are under his cheek and he looks so adorable and sweet. I caress his cheek with the back of my forefinger, watching his eyes fluttering open.

I wish I could wake him every day.

His deep blue eyes open, and a small smile appears on his lips. "Morning, Edward," he whispers roughly, catching my hand and kissing my palm.

"Morning," I reply. "I like waking up with you here, for a change."

"Yes, it's a nice change. I usually wake up seeing you sleeping and I literally have to drag myself out of the bed."

I smile and lean closer, pressing my lips to his. "Wake me up when you get up. I like this," I whisper against his lips.

"Unless I'm called to work at some ungodly hour, you bet I'm going to wake you. I'll have some Edward breakfast, then start my day."

"Sounds good," I agree, deepening the kiss.

We laze around the whole day, and Carlisle tells me a little more about the previous parties. He has never taken a Sub before, which brings us to a new topic.

He wants me to wear a collar.

I'm not so sure.

We end up in the playroom, looking through one of his drawers. Carlisle takes out five collars - they're not at all what I expected. They're normal leather bands that go around the neck, but with different "charms" attached to them.

I choose a simple one with a few holes where he tells me the leash goes.

I'm determined to fight the rational part of my brain.

I want this to work.

I want to make him proud.

When the time to leave approaches, we shower and get dressed - he gets dressed, because all I'm wearing is the collar and a cockring, along with a robe for the ride. Carlisle is wearing a pair of leather pants that look painted on him, showing the outline of his dick. I can't take my eyes off it. On top, he's wearing a thin white t-shirt, which shows his perfect abdomen.

We walk to the car, and once inside, he turns the heat on full blast so I won't freeze. That's the only thing that shows he actually remembers my existence. He kind of stopped talking to me after he collared me.

It's part of this lifestyle, I tell myself.

When we arrive, I watch shocked as people are parading in the yard in various states of nakedness, not caring who sees them.

"Off with the robe!" Carlisle orders me.

I glance at him, biting my lip as I do as I'm told.

"Spread your legs and don't move an inch."

Again, I comply. He inserts a small something inside me before tying the end of that to my cockring.

"Now, come on my side and open my door," he adds, smirking.

I step out of the car, feeling extremely vulnerable, and rush to his side. Just as I grab the handle, whatever he slid inside me starts vibrating, making me freeze. The longer I stay there, the more intense the vibrations are. My cock is hardening.

Gulping thickly, I open the door and Carlisle slides out.

"About time, boy. For your delay, we're doing this my way. I was hoping you'd behave on your first party. I'm disappointed. Kneel."

I quickly obey, thankful there's asphalt, not gravel in the driveway.

Carlisle secures the leash on my collar and turns to face the impressive house. With a tug of the leash, I drop my head and follow him, crawling on my knees.

Being a doctor, I'm sure he knows when to stop. I'm afraid I'm going to hurt myself.

The stairs are a little tricky, but I manage. Once inside, Carlisle steers me to a group of people.

I can only see their shoes and two other Subs, kneeling at their feet. I stop as soon as Carlisle stops. He starts talking with them, but I don't pay attention. Absently, he strokes my hair.

Unsure if I'm allowed, I glance at the other Subs. There's a girl, and I'm not sure if she's legal - she looks so young and small, and a boy, but I can't see him well - he stays mostly behind his master, cowered in his legs.

The girl gives me a small smile. My eyes widen and the corner of my mouth lifts up when she winks.

A jerk on my collar sends me hyperventilating.

Did he see my exchange with the girl?


"Meet Master James," Carlisle tells me authoritatively, pushing me forward.

I know what I have to do. He taught me, and explained this was the customary greeting. I lean closer to Master James and kiss the top of his bare feet.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Master James," I say, as I've been taught.

Carlisle strokes my hair once I'm next to him again. "Now, greet his Sub, boy."

I'm contemplating to say Yellow. I never kissed a girl; but a peck, I'm sure I can do it.

I'm mindful not to touch her as I press my lips to her slim ones. She kisses me back; her black eyes are open and staring into mine. Once we're jerked away, we separate. She gives me another shy smile.

Then we head upstairs – Carlisle and I.

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