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Upstairs is nothing like I expected.

There's a long corridor with doors on both sides, but some people are standing in the doorways watching inside, others are simply receiving or giving right there, against the wall. It looks like a hedonic place.

Carlisle tugs me after him, glancing in the rooms we pass until he finds something he likes because we stop. There aren't many in front of this door.

"Look inside, boy," he instructs me.

I'm not sure if I can watch what's going on in there. I hope he doesn't plan something like that with me. Ever.

There's a Sub bonded with some ropes, bent while one Dom is taking him from behind and another one is shoving his rod down his throat. There's also a Sub sucking him off.

To be used like that…

Carlisle must realize I'm not into the scene in front of us because he tilts my head.

"Not enjoying it, boy?"

I shake my head, not meeting his eyes.

"Let's find something else. Maybe an empty room?" he suggests.

I nod eagerly.

He pets my head, and we take the stairs to an upper floor.

Here are only a few rooms, but only two of them are occupied. It's much more secluded.

We find an empty room and step inside. I'm extra aware Carlisle doesn't shut the door, but I'm not allowed to voice my thoughts.

"Take position near the cross," he commands.

I see him pushing some buttons, and then a metal gate closes in the doorway. People can see inside, but they can't come in. That relaxes me immensely.

"Up," Carlisle says shortly, advancing to me.

I quickly stand and regret it immediately when I get dizzy, but I don't have time to sway, because I'm pushed back. My back meets the middle of the cross. Carlisle raises my hands and cuffs them into place them works on my ankles.

I gulp and stare at his blond hair as he works on cuffing me.

"What color?" he whispers as he rises. His eyes cut to the doorway them back at me.

I realize we have an audience. Shit.

But there's a thrill in being seen, in people seeing me submit to him.

"Green, Master."

He smiles and strokes my cheek.

"We're going to play with temperature today. It's your soft limit. If at any point during our scene you think it's too much, please tell me."

I nod, feeling my heart constricting.

I knew there would be a time he was going to test my soft limits…but I never thought it would be so soon.

While Carlisle turns to search for the appropriate toys ––or whatever he's going to use on me––he turns the vibrator on. I bite my lip to keep from moaning.

He's taking ages on purpose, increasing the vibrations until I start whining.

"Tsk, tsk, Copper." Carlisle shakes his head and returns to my side.

He sets several items on a table nearby. I can see a blindfold, a gag ball, a candle and a pouch. I think.

He gives me a bell I have to move if I want the scene to end. It's my fault I'm going to be gagged. The blindfold covers my eyes, then the gag ball is secured behind my head.

"If you're a good boy, I may take the ball and blindfold off," he murmurs, stopping the vibrator.

He takes it out, leaving only the cockring. I feel something furry touching my skin – it feels like a dust feather. Instead of tickling me, it arouses me.

Carlisle runs this feather, or whatever it is, over every inch of my body until I'm quivering, ready to bust a nut. Because he knows my body so well, he stops and I hear the toy hitting the table.

He's quiet for some time until I smell a burn scent – he has lit the candle.

Having lost my vision, when the first drop of wax hits my skin it is more of a surprise than pain. But as the warm liquid coagulates on my skin, I start feeling the burn. It's right on my stomach.

Carlisle keeps dripping wax over my chest and my thighs. I know what's coming next. I still gasp when I feel the first drop on my dick.

"Color?" he murmurs.

I gulp. I can't answer, and he realizes it too, because I hear a faint chuckle.

"Because you've been a good boy, I'm going to take the gag-ball off, but I'm leaving your blindfold."

I nod.

Once I'm gag-ball free, I flex my jaw and swallow a couple of times. He asks my color again, while rummaging through something…I think.

"Green, Master."

"Very good. Drink."

I feel the mouth of a bottle at my lips and I sip slowly. When he thinks I've had enough, he takes the bottle away, along with the bell. I can talk now.

I don't hear him returning, so I jump, startled when I feel hands tying something around the base of my dick. My balls go inside something – the pouch.

But fuck.

It's cold!

He has ice there.

"Sugar…" Carlisle says warningly.


I must have made some noise.

The cockring doesn't really allow my dick to deflate, but my poor balls are shivering. Then Carlisle is back with his candle.

Now I'm aware of the noises I'm making.

It's too much.

And when I feel the furry thing running over my nipples, I gasp loudly, letting out a curse word.

"Ah, sugar. Tsk, tsk. You were doing so well."

I feel my heart pummeling to my stomach.

"But not now. You will get your punishment later," he whispers for me.

He continues with this temperature play until I'm close to shouting a safe word. Before I can have a chance to ruin everything, he stops and unties my ankles. I feel his skilled fingers at my hole, then he lifts my hips and slams deep inside me.


I fist my hands, arching my back as he starts pounding inside me.

I'm aware of other gasps of pleasure coming from the doorway's direction, but I don't care.

Carlisle wraps my legs around his waist, his hands intertwining with mine and our hips just rubbing against each other. It suddenly feels like the raw fuck turned into something else.

I feel his lips at my neck.

He's whimpering as he moves slowly inside me.

"Sugar, I can't do this anymore," he murmurs, and spills inside me.


I want the blindfold off.

I want to see his eyes.

Even though I'm panicking inside, my cock erupts when I feel his warm cum inside me.

We don't say a word as he unties me and leads me to an attached bathroom.

"Have you ever had an enema?" Carlisle asks softly.

"Uh…no," I mumble.

"Do you know what it entails?"

"Yeah, it's for cleaning purposes," I say mechanically.

I know we'll talk about this at home, but I can't.

I can't.

Can't think.

Can't feel.

Can't move.

Just can't.

What does it mean that he can't do this anymore?

He doesn't want me.

I'm not a good Sub.

I bend over the tub as he instructs me, and wince as the small tube is inserted in my ass.

"You'll feel warm liquid filling you. Tell me if it hurts."

I nod.

The sensation is like no other, but I can't even enjoy this new experience. I know he's doing it for me…to clean me…of his traces.

I squeeze my eyes.

I've done something wrong.

Carlisle's hand comes to rest on my stomach. It's slightly bigger and really warm.

"Keep the liquid in, Edward." He takes the tube out of me.

After five minutes, I'm instructed to let it out in the toilet as he steps out.

I also wash my face while I'm in the bathroom, and give myself a peep talk that whatever happens, I have to get over it.

When I exit the bathroom, Carlisle is there with my robe.

We don't talk until we get home.

"What happened there?" I blurt out the second we're in his house.

He looks down, not meeting my eyes. "I'm sorry, Edward. I can't do this. There are complications that I haven't thought of…" He shakes his head. "Let's talk more tomorrow. After a good night's sleep."

"Carlisle… Am I doing something wrong? Don't you want…this…me?" I hear my voice breaking.

"Tomorrow," he insists, taking my hand and leading me to his bedroom.

He's asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.

I can't sleep.

After hours of tossing and turning, I pack my clothes and Kenna's, then scribble a note for him.


I understand. I'm not cut out to be a Sub. I'm sorry to have wasted your time and become a complication.



PS: Please, don't look for us. It's enough you broke Kenna's heart…mine's not important.

I wipe my tears as I make my way out of his house.

My car cooperates and I make it home quickly. I fall on the bed and let the tears fall.

I've been a fool to let him take over my heart.

I can't even think of how Kenna will react. My poor little angel.

Don't hate me. *pouting* What I can promise now is that the drama will be over soon. You won't know it happened, but we needed this.