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After a long shopping trip, I take Riley home.

When I arrive back at Carlisle's place, I hear Kenna singing at the top of her lungs. The carols in the audio system are probably at the maximum and she's yelling over them.

I hope Carlisle is still sane.

They're decorating the tree.

Huh, I thought it was already decorated, but I guess my eyes were playing tricks.

Kenna's hanging a huge globe under Carl's supervision. I wink at him, gesturing for him to be quiet. I put my hands on Kenna's little waist and raise her, hugging her to my chest, blowing raspberries in her shoulders and neck.

She wriggles in my arms, giggling madly.

I swing her around until she's bridal style in my arms and I continue my assault on her tummy.

God, how I missed playing with my baby.

"Daddy! Can't breathe!" she whines between giggles.

"Can't I love you, honey? I missed you."

"I missed you, too." She grins at me, hugging me around the neck. "Do you like the tree? Daddy C took off the decorations so I can make it again."

I throw him an exasperated look.

"Don't worry, sugar. I'm used to this. We've been doing it the whole week." He laughs.

"What? Kenna, seriously! It's not nice what you did."

"But I like putting the balls on it."

"I know, sweetie. Usually, people decorate the tree once and it stays up until after New Year. Don't you remember our big tree?" I tap her nose.

She scowls. "I wasn't allowed to touch it."

"Because you tended to tug on the balls and smash them. Actually, you broke one of Jasper's favorite globes – that's when you were forbidden to go near the tree. Of course, it lasted one day or something like that…"

Eventually, I convince her to leave the tree alone until after New Year has passed. She runs off to play with her pet, while I help Carlisle prepare food for apparently a huge family reunion. While I was shopping, Emmett called to invite me for Christmas dinner at their place, but I told him we were having brunch at Carlisle's. Somehow, he and his family are joining us.

Carl starts laughing when I tell him the small gathering we had planned has turned into a bigger one.

"It gets better, sugar. I invited Tanya, too. I miss her so much." He gives me a small smile.

"Oh. Wow." I lean against the counter.

"You can call Bella. I'm sure you'd love to have her over."

"Is that okay with you? Do we have enough food and chairs?"

"I'll run to the store to buy a few more things. As for the chairs, we can always make them come with chairs. Actually, a request – come along with a chair." He jokes, making me bend over in laughter.

"That's a good plan."

He winks and pecks my cheek. "I'll run to the store. Be back in less than an hour," he promises, and jogs up the stairs.

I'm left preparing our lunch, but I don't mind.

When Carl returns, we eat lunch, and put Kenna down for a nap. Finally, we start working on baking cookies and marinating the turkey.

On Christmas Eve, we're still busy with cooking for our numerous guests, and Kenna doesn't seem to like not being the center of our attention. She's about to throw a tantrum from hell, when Carlisle offers to let her cut the cookies and put them in the tin. We don't even know we have a kid for the next few hours.

At night, we can't calm her until late. Carlisle tries the 'if you don't sleep, Santa won't come' trick, but it doesn't work.

"That's not true!" She stomps her foot. "I remember Daddy saying that, but when I woke in the morning, Santa hadn't come!"

I roll my eyes, biting the inside of my cheek. "I told you he couldn't spread all the presents during the night. Some come in the morning. They were there after you were washed and dressed, remember?" I whisper.

She pouts, but nods. And finally, she's tucked under her blanket, ready to sleep.

As we make our way to Carl's room, I groan. "So much for not sleeping over until much later."

"I don't mind," he assures me. "You have to tell me how you could let her wake up without presents under the tree!"

I sigh, sitting on the edge of his bed. I'm sore all over from working all day on cooking and cleaning the house.

"She was two and Jazz was really sick. Actually, that Christmas was the last he spent home. I fought tooth and nail to have him home with us. Anyway, we had stayed up talking, and woke up startled when Kenna appeared in our room crying that Santa forgot about her. We were horrified that neither of us remembered to put the presents under the tree after she went to bed. Jazz offered to help her in the bathroom while I quickly put everything in place."

I stop talking, because it's impossible to say another word without some embarrassing sound leaving my mouth. I'm crying openly and I don't give a shit.

"Sugar, I'm here." Carlisle sits next to me, wrapping me in his arms. "How long has it been since…you lost him?" he whispers, almost afraid to broach the subject.

"Two years in February," I choke out. I rub my chest, sniffing.

It hurts like a motherfucker.

I thought it would get better over the years, especially now that I have Carlisle. Apparently, the pain is still there.

"He died a day after Kenna's birthday. He insisted on being there. Fuck." I grip my hair, sobbing on Carlisle's chest.

He doesn't say anything, just rubs my back, shushing me and rocking us gently.

When I calm down minutely, Carlisle strokes my cheeks, brushing away my tears. "How about we put the presents under the tree, then come back here? I just want to hold you."

I give him a smile and nod. I'd love nothing more than to fall asleep in his arms again. Last night we'd been so tired, we simply crashed on different sides of the bed, not moving until it was time to wake up.

We put the presents downstairs separately. I'm really curious of what's in the big box with Kenna's name on it. I'm going to strangle Carlisle if it's some huge toy in there or who knows what else.

Back in his room, we strip down to boxers and snuggle under the blanket.

As he shifts, trying to find a better position, I keep thinking about that promise to myself about waiting. We've been back together for a week.

"Are you okay?" he checks, moving some hair out of my eyes.

I gulp and shift away from him. I really don't want to give him ideas, but my body doesn't seem to cooperate.

"Edward? I miss you too, sugar. And I respect your wish."

"That's the thing," I hiss, squeezing my eyes shut. "I can't keep my own wish to myself. I can't seem to be able to stay away from you." I'm so frustrated.

"Do you want to sleep separately?" he offers.

"I'll probably just follow you," I admit. "Seriously, Carlisle. Don't you see? I can't stay away. I have no willpower! I should be home right now, but here I am. I should be keeping away from any physical contact, and here I am, wanting nothing more than to undress us and… I love you."

He cups my cheeks and rolls so he's hovering over me. "I love you, too." Then he's kissing me.

Goodbye, willpower.

Our kiss is frantic, and our hands are roaming the other's chest, getting reacquainted with how the skin feels under our fingertips.

"Are you sure?" Carlisle murmurs against my lips.

"As long as we don't go too far…"

"Anything, sugar." He sucks on my lower lip, his fingers tracing my nipples, driving me crazy. I grasp his back, moaning when he licks around my pebbled nipples.

My dick is hard, begging to be touched.

I'm afraid I'll lose all control if Carlisle goes anywhere near it. As if reading my mind and testing my strength, one of his hands cups me through my boxers. I buck up, throwing my head back, groaning loudly. Carl slides his hand inside my underwear and fuck, so good. I missed feeling his warm hand on my dick.

"So hard," he whispers, biting lightly on my nipple. "Mhmm, sugar, I've missed you."

"More, more, more," I pant out, pushing into his hand. "Please."

He strokes me slowly, but with a firm grip. My stomach muscles are quivering, and I know I'm moments away from spilling in my boxers. I want to reach over and help him.

None of my plans work, because the door of Carlisle's room opens with a loud creak, making us jump apart and pull the blanket up to our chins.

"Daddy? Do you think Santa knows we're here at Daddy C's place?"

"Christ," I wheeze, trying to calm my heart and throbbing cock. "Baby, go back to sleep. Santa finds us no matter where we are."

"Are you sure?" she asks skeptically. "Are you okay, Daddy C?" she frowns, coming closer. "You're breathing all funny. Like Daddy a few days ago."

I want to die.

"Makenna!" I groan loudly, making her stop in her tracks. "Please, go back to your room. Santa will find you."

She bites her lip. "Do you want alone time?" She cocks her head to the side. "What do you do in alone time?"

I feel the bed shaking right before Carlisle explodes in laughter.

Super. Just like that, the mood is all gone, but maybe it's for the best.

"Oh, angel. Come here." He pats the bed and she quickly complies. "During alone time, we…" Carl glances at me, trying not to laugh again. I'm curious of what he comes up with.

"You kiss and snuggle, but in a different way than you kiss and snuggle with me. Daddy Jay explained." She nods. "I'm sorry I didn't knock," she adds, looking at me.

Jazz used to explain so much shit to her…she was so young, and apparently she stowed the information away in her little brain.

"I need some water," I blurt out and quickly leave the room.

I wonder how far we'd have gone if she hadn't interrupted.

As I drink from my glass, I stare out the kitchen window at the snow falling. I really haven't enjoyed the small things since Jazz died. I know that soon, Kenna will get even more curious and we'll have to have a conversation with her about why her daddy has another man in his life when all her friend have parents of different genders. I'm actually dreading that moment.

At least I have Carlisle to help me.

This time, I can feel how different our relationship is. We're more involved.

Smiling contently, I make my way upstairs. I'm a few steps away from the bedroom when I step on something soft and warm.

I jump aside, letting out an odd sound as I dash for the hallway light.

Holy shit!

I hope he's still alive.

I crouch to inspect the guinea pig kind of laying on the ground on his stomach, not moving.

Fuck. Let it not be dead. Please, God. Kenna will hate me forever.

I poke it with my finger, earning a shrieking sound. Odd animal. At least, he's alive.

"You okay there, Edward?" Carl calls from his room.

"Yep. Be right there!" I shout, gulping loudly. With a trembling hand, I grab the rat in my right hand, then switch off the light and head into the room.

Kenna's snuggled into his side, almost asleep. She turns to me, and her eyes light up when she sees her pet.

"Squeaky! I couldn't find him earlier."

"He was taking a midnight stroll in the hallway, probably looking for you." I place the rat in her hands. He almost purrs, lying on her chest.


I guess he will stay.

How long can a guinea pig live?

No pets were harmed during the scene. :)

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