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"What did you get her last year?" Carlisle wonders, running his fingers over my ribs.

"A stuffed penguin backpack with sweets since she whined about it, along with a new pair of jeans," I answer, kissing along his jaw.

He presses his lips tightly. "She deserves so much more."

"Well, you'll give her a special present this year. I hope all the paperwork is finished by the end of the week," I whisper, running my hand through his hair.

He grins and captures my lips in a deep kiss.

Ever since we made love for the first time, at the beginning of January, Carlisle seems reluctant to try anything else. Except for last week's Playroom visit, which I wouldn't call a session. Besides having my hands cuffed to the headboard and a feather running down my body…we still ended up making love.

Not that I mind all this cuddling and slow dancing, but I need more. I miss having him pound me into the mattress, or take me so hard I feel him for hours after.

We're hoping the adoption will be finalized by Kenna's birthday, which is in two days. Slim chance, but the money Carl has offered them should do something.

I still frown at how he throws money around, but I guess he has no idea what it is to be poor. He might be getting the gist of it since we're at my little studio.

Kenna was kidnapped by Rose after school, and I was promised I'll have her back safe tomorrow.

Carlisle suddenly shifts on the small bed, turning to the side. I'm not quick enough to say no or to catch him, because with a surprised yelp, he ends up sprawled on the floor.

I burst into laughter, extending my hand.

"You wanted to come to my place."

"When the lease is up, you're moving in with me!" he mutters. "No arguments."

He grabs my hand harshly, but instead of leveraging on it, he tugs me down—our heads knock together, and my knee lands dangerously close to his dick.

"What are you doing?" I complain as I rub my elbow and knee. My floor doesn't have soft carpets like his.

"It's only fair, since I'm here… Why would you be there on the bed, all comfy?" he teases me, kissing a spot behind my ear.

I shiver, pressing my lips to his, kissing him hungrily. We haven't really been alone since we made up. There's no Kenna to worry about—will she wake, will she burst in our room? Nothing. Just us.

I crawl down his body, playing with the zipper of his jeans, pulling it down then up again, shooting him a mischievous smirk. When I finally decide to stop teasing, there's a knock on the door.

Carlisle groans loudly, probably reaching his limit of teasing.

I kiss his lips quickly, then sprint to the door, cracking it open, shielding my body and my obvious erection.

"Hi! Is it a bad time?" Derek, my neighbor, asks worried.

"Hi." I shake my head, trying to calm my body. "What do you need?"

"I heard you were home, or I wouldn't have…" He trails off. "I need to talk to you abo…" His eyes widen and focus on something behind me.

"Come on in." I open the door wide, jerking my head.

Hesitantly, he steps in and I close the door. "Don't worry. We're just having some Kenna-free time," I joke.

Derek looks upset. "I'm sorry for disturbing you." His eyes move fleetingly to Carlisle, who's now in the kitchen doorway, munching on a chocolate bar. He gestures for Derek to talk, shrugging. "Yeah. Uh, hi."

"Hello." Carlisle smiles broadly, pushing off the doorframe and coming closer. He drapes his arm over my shoulder, kissing the side of my head. "You're Kenna's promised future husband."

I snort, elbowing him in the ribs.

"What, sugar? That's what she calls him."

I shake my head, turning to look at an amused Derek. "What did you want to talk about?"


"See? Now he came to ask for her hand in marriage." Carlisle doubles over.

I scowl at him. "What about her?"

"Well, not Kenna, but uh, a kid." Derek gulps, scratching his head. "We want a child, too. I want to know what we need to do and how we should proceed."

"You've talked with your boyfriend?"

"Yes, Edward. It was his idea and he thought I'd say no. Then I reminded him of my adorable neighbor and all our tea parties." Derek grins.

I gesture to the kitchen. "Let's sit down and discuss this."

Carlisle offers to make coffee. All he finds is tea, so tea it is.

"So?" Derek pushes. "Do we have to be…married?"

I shake my head. "No, you just need to prove that you have a strong relationship, that you love children, and that you have enough money to support the child. What are you thinking of adopting?"

"It doesn't matter." He shrugs.

"No, I mean…a baby or a toddler, one like Kenna?"

Derek's black eyes are suddenly full of questions.

Carlisle puts three mugs of tea on the table, pulling a chair next to me and sitting down.

"Thanks, honey." I return my eyes to Derek. "Well, Jasper was the one that thought a baby would be better, because we'd raise him the way we wanted. Of course, neither of us thought of how complicated it was to take care of a small baby." I shake my head, scratching my jaw. "First, you need to go over a lot of paperwork and have answers prepared for the social worker that will question you."

"Money is a great issue," Carlisle adds.

Derek looks down in his mug of tea. "Fuck."

"You work, right?" I ask.

"Yeah…at the supermarket. I restock the shelves."

I bet that doesn't pay enough. I feel for him.

"And your partner?" Carlisle wonders.

"Spence just got out of the Police Academy. He's more like their Labrador. They don't pay him enough."

"My suggestion," Carl murmurs. "You should wait until you both have stable, good jobs. Spence can climb the career ladder."

"Didn't you finish the Academy, too?" I frown. I remember he said they met in school.

"I'm one year behind him. Actually, he is ahead because he's super smart." He laughs. "Anyway, thanks for…this."

"Derek, if you have more questions, you have my number. I feel I have to tell you it's not a walk in the park to take care of a child. And you do need to prove that you have enough money to fend for yourselves and the baby."

He nods and gets up. "Thanks. I mean it."

I pat his shoulder. "It will be different than having a small tea party. You'll have full-time tea parties," I say amused.

"Spence is thinking of a boy. We'll see." He shrugs.

"Call, okay?" I insist. I know what a bitch it is to adopt.

After closing the door behind Derek, Carlisle slumps on the bed with his cup of tea. "I never thought of having children, though I work with them."

I sit next to him, tucking myself into his side. He hugs me close.

I love feeling his warmth, being so close.

I missed this.

"We didn't think of having kids, either," I whisper. "Actually, it's really funny how we got to adopt Kenna."

"Oh, tell me. I never asked. Actually, I never thought of it."

I give him an amused look. "We were twenty two, I think. Barely out of college. Definitely not parent material."

Carl shrugs, peering down at me.

"Well, you have to promise not to laugh, because I know I almost pissed myself at the time…" He inclines his head, showing me he's paying attention. "Jazz kept whining about adopting a puppy. We both loved dogs, and he got a flyer on the street and…yeah, he kept bugging me. I caved."

"Puppies?" He chuckles.

"Shh!" I laugh, shaking my head. "Jazz copied the address and we drove there on a Saturday. I kept asking if he was sure about the place, because on the outside it didn't look like a shelter for animals, and it had a board that definitely had the world children written on it. He kept insisting that this was the place. I shrugged and went along with it. Only, when we stepped inside and went to the reception to ask for a puppy, the lady there gave us a look between amused and infuriated. She explained it was a wing of the hospital where people could adopt babies—human babies."

"Human babies?"

I nod. "Yes, she thought we were stupid or something. Jasper didn't relent, not even when we saw a couple coming out from a side door with a little baby. He even showed the woman the printed page. The catch?" I ask, snickering. "There was another letter in the street's name. I don't remember the name now…but it was missing an E, I think."

Carlisle's laughing so hard, he has to put away the cup of tea. "So instead of adopting a puppy, you went for a baby? What did you call it? Human baby?"

"No." I laugh through my nose. "We went home. A week or so passed before Jazz brought up the subject. I thought he was joking in the beginning. When I realized he was serious, I talked with Tanya about formalities…if she knew. She put me in contact with a friend of hers. Jared." I scratch my head. I think that was his name. "Anyway, we met a dozen times with this guy, going over a ton of papers and questions. He, along with social workers, visited our little house to see if it was child safe and yadda yadda."

"Did you even know what you were adopting?"

"No. And when Jared asked, we looked at each other and raised our shoulders, almost making him have an aneurism. We promised to think about it, and reassured him we were positive about adopting." I sigh, wetting my lower lip. "Next time we visited the adoption center, we took a tour. While I was looking for children around Kenna's age, Jazz stopped near the newborns. I guess it was love at first sight. She was the only one in the bed, sleeping peacefully on her stomach. I tried to talk reason into him, but he would have none of it. We were guided inside the room, and when I saw him with the baby, I knew she was the one. We were told her teenage mom gave her up without even looking at her or wanting to hear what it was."

"That's sad, but you know, it's for the best," Carlisle murmurs. "There's no need for the young moms to get attached to the baby when they don't want it and they can't afford it. I've seen it so many times…"

"Yes, I'm sure, but still…it made me so angry to hear. In less than a month after our decision, we had adopted Kenna and she was living with us."

"Can I ask you how you came up with the name? It's a rather uncommon one."

"Jasper's grandma's name was Makenna. She raised him—his parents owned a business and were rarely around. Her middle name is Elizabeth, after my mom, though we never called her that."

"I had no idea…"

I wave my hand dismissively. "No one calls her that, and she doesn't like it. So it's a moot point."

"You never speak of your parents," Carlisle says, tracing my hand with a finger.

"I don't speak of them." I swallow hard. I realize it's hard to open up to someone. With Jazz it was easy, because he knew my past, having been there for me through it all. "Maybe another time?" I squeeze his hand.

He nods in understanding and cups my cheek, turning my head to him. As we kiss, I turn to straddle him, wrapping my fingers in his hair, grinding against his growing erection.

I really hope nothing will interrupt us now.

"I want you," I whisper against his lips.

"Oh, I want you, too, sugar." His fingers go under my shirt and find my nipples, making my head fall back as I bask in the wonderful sensation.

I fumble with his pants as he's pushing my shirt up, leaning forward to lick and nip at my nipples.

I need the clothes off.

Between kissing, caresses, and a lot of grinding, we manage to undress.

"Do you have anything?" Carlisle asks, kneading my ass, making that knot in my stomach so tight and my dick harden so much it is almost painful.

"Hand cream?" I cock my head to the side.

"It will do." He grins, and I reach over on the small table near the bed for the cream.

He makes to turn me, but I shake my head, smirking. "I'm on top. I bet you can prep me from this position."

Carl grins, uncapping the round bottle and getting some white cream on his fingers before bringing them to my ass.

Oh, God.

I squeeze his shoulders, kissing up and down his neck as his fingers work their magic. My chest is against his to give him better access to my ass—this position makes our dicks rub together every time I shift. All too soon, Carlisle's pushing up until I can't take it anymore.

"Either get inside or I'm trying my hand at frotting," I mutter in his ear, making him suck in a breath.

"As much as I'd like to experience that again with you, I'd rather be inside."

"Then just fuck me," I whine, shifting a little to give me a better angle to guide him inside me. I also give him a few strokes. His eyes roll back in pleasure.

"AH!" I groan as I'm sinking on his pole. Fuck, so good.

Carlisle's hands are on my waist, just staying there until I'm all the way down.

"This isn't going to be slow, huh?" he murmurs.

"No." I shake my head. "I do love it when we make love, but Carl, I need this. Like before—hard, rough. I want to feel you there hours after we're done."

He moans and bucks his hips, bringing my head down to kiss me.

"I won't be able to do it right from this position."

"I want to be on top, then we can change," I promise.

It's not often that I want to guide us, but fuck, I'm afraid he'll go all slow once again if I leave him in control. This way, if I start hard and fast, he might continue like that.

Carl keeps his hands on my waist as I move up and down, just how I need. The sound of him entering my body is a huge turn on, and to feel him so deep… God, I can't get enough. I love riding him, rotating my hips, grinding back and forth when he's balls deep.

Until he steals my fun and wraps my legs around his waist, holding me tightly, close to his chest, and stands up. I cling to him, worried he'll drop me. I'm not that light, seriously.

He turns around, but before putting me back on the bed, he thrusts his hips up, making me bounce. Whoa. That feels so good. Then he lowers me on the bed, my legs going around his neck as he starts fucking me in earnest—just how I wanted.

"Yes!" I shout, grabbing his arms. "Yes, like that!"

One of his arms is next to my head keeping his balance, the other is on my dick, rubbing furiously, matching his pace.

"Is this what you wanted?" he grunts out, a few drops of sweat rolling down his temple.

"Yeesss!" I moan when he nails my prostate three times in a row before slowing a little.

"Oh, I've missed it too, but I thought making love would be better," he admits.

"Carlisle, I'm not saying I want this 24/7. But don't you need it sometimes?" I run my hand through his hair.

"For that we have the Playroom." He smirks, making my back arch.

"Stop teasing me, just finish what you started," I beg him, bucking my hips, hoping he'll move faster again.

"Brace yourself, sugar." He folds my legs against my chest, then plows so deep I shout at the unexpected feeling. "You okay?"

"Don't stop!" I shout. "Keep going. Feels so fucking good."

Smiling broadly, Carlisle starts fucking me so hard, I move a few inches up on the bed. He doesn't seem to care anymore—driven by that primal instinct to find completion. I just claw at his back, moaning so loudly I bet the whole building knows I'm getting some. My cock is squished between my thighs and stomach, getting enough friction with every push and pull.

As Carlisle's breath grows harsher, I know he's getting closer. When he explodes inside me, I squeeze one of my hands between my legs and grip my dick, giving it a few pumps before I'm done.

I can't move.

I can't feel my limbs.

"Damn, we need to do that more often," I hear him saying from where he fell next to me.

Chuckling, I turn my head to grin at him. "We've got to thank Rose for stealing Kenna."

"We'll buy her ice cream. Pregnant women like ice cream, right?"

Finally some well deserved alone time, huh?

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