Mukuro stared at the ceiling as he lied on the cold hard floor. It was his fault wasn't it?


Mukuro Dokuro: the famous name of the most powerful dream incubus ever to have awakened. You didn't even have to call his name and he'd find you to fulfill all your pleasures in your wildest dreams.


Hear that? That's the infamous laugh of the almighty sex incubus. That's the only signal you need to know.


He sighed and turned. Perhaps he was too cocky. He was good, no doubt but as he looked back, he did regret it.


"E-excuse me," a girl called out.

She was dressed in a tight black corset dress and black lacy shoes that had a thin 3 inch heel. She wore long, black leather gloves and carried a trident. Interesting that a girl carried the same weapon as him. Her eye patch stood out from her whole outfit though. Was she a full on sadist or masochist? He wanted to know.

"Yes?" he turned with a smile.

"You're Mukuro Rokudo-kun right?" The man only laughed. "Ah!" she blushed, "I'm a big fan of yours!" she called out ecstatically.

Was it odd another sex incubus fawned over him? It didn't matter. The girl was pretty cute and he wanted her. Too bad he didn't know who she was.


Mukuro got up. He got tired of looking at the same thing and felt so lonely. He was bound to Kokuyo and could never leave. He heard noises and figured someone was coming. Was it odd he felt neither anticipation nor dislike of the only company he had? It's not that he was chained to this building so that he couldn't leave. It was just because his only host was here.

The girl was lovely. She deserved the name of being called a sex demon. Her sweet taste still remained in his tongue. It was fantastic. But why did he end up here?

He looked up at the man in front of him who stood haughtily in his chair as he got thrown on the ground. The chains that bound his hands and feet clanged as he struggled to get up. The white haired man smiled radiantly. He never looked angry which was the scary thing. The Incubus King was one of a kind. Mukuro looked around and was blinded by the pure white, the king's favorite color, that filled the room.

"Ne~ Mukuro-san. Don't be like that. You know that the sex Incubus' color is white. That's your color," he smiled.

He took a bite of a marshmallow cloud and laughed. He felt more nervous as he did so. Was this him being happy or mad?

"King Byakuran," Mukuro started.

The king's eyes opened sharply at the mention of his name. The purple marks near his eye made your sight focus on his menacing eyes.

"You know and respect my name but what is this I hear about you taking in my daughter?"

The Incubus' head shot up. Daughter?! Is this what all this was about? Crap! Why didn't she say anything?!

"Ah," Mukuro tried to talk, "I didn't even know she was your daughter. But then again, I have to deal with many fans wherever I go."

Byakuran's eyes stayed sharp. Not good. Suddenly, the doors burst open and a voice came crying out.

"Daddy! Daddy!"

Everyone in the room drew their attention to her as she came running towards the king. Her face flushed, she jumped into Byakuran's lap and hugged him.

"Please! I'm so sorry," she cried, "Please spare Mukuro-san! It wasn't his fault."

Her pretty face flooding with tears eased the king's face.

"Chrome. Do you like him that much?" he asked. The girl nodded a weak yes. He smiled and tried to pat her back like a little kid. He looked back at the prisoner. "Well, I'll let him go then."

"Really?" she looked up, eyes full of hope.

"Mhm," he smiled, "Except for punishment, he can never take a woman in his arms again. Nor can you feed off of them."

Mukuro froze.

"Excuse me?" he was dumbfounded.

"Don't mess with my daughter again." His smile was frighteningly bright. "You're lucky I didn't kill you."

"But what am I supposed to do?!" Mukuro immediately shot back. "Incubus feed off the pleasure of people they play with! If I don't get it, it's the same thing as killing me!"

"Not necessarily," the king argued as if it was a trivial thing. "It's only more powerful when we get the energy of people from who we pleasure BUT we can feed of the pleasure anyone. We don't necessarily have to be involved in the act as long as we can gather pleasure."

The infamous Incubus just stood there. That didn't make him feel any better. What will he do without any females to pleasure?!

Footsteps came closer until finally, he heard the door opened.

"Yo, Mukuro," Ken called out. He was a beastly boy with blonde hair and a rebel attitude. The Incubus' face almost sulked as he saw his host. A guy. "Chikusa said he'll be coming soon. He just went and bought some snacks byon~."

Sure he was kinda cute when he made that "byon" sound but he was still a guy.

"What's the matter?" Ken asked. He almost went up to him until he stopped himself from getting any closer. The boy remembered why, for any reason, the Incubus would feel slow. "Are you….tired?"

Mukuro looked at Ken as he opened another realm. Mist started to appear and envelop the classroom. Ken looked around uneasy. It was happening again. When he took another look at the demon, the mist only magnified the gloominess in his eyes. The beast sighed.

"I'm sorry about this, Ken."

The boy looked away. "I-It's alright." He murmured. "If it's to help you then, I can put up with it."

Ken was actually a person with a good sixth sense. He and Chikusa were both in a club that wanted to explore the demon world so that's why Mukuro found them so easily. It's not that they have a huge sexual appetite or anything; it's just that they owed a favor to him. It's not like either party enjoyed the situation. Besides, the favor and situation they were in is not a favorable topic to bring up.

They were entering Ken's dream. An outdoor bath appeared and they were both in just a towel.

"Enjoy yourself," Mukuro plainly let out. "The girls will be here soon."

Ken blushed. It was embarrassing to have someone know your mind. He started to walk away until Mukuro grabbed his arm.


Erotic chills ran down his spine. Damn. Mukuro noticed and let go.

"Sorry. It comes with being a sex Incubus. You never lose it I guess." The demon smirked at his pride of getting anyone turned on by a simple touch. No one could resist his charm. He looked at Ken trying hard not to blush and just staring at him. He felt good.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself Mukuro."

The two turned around to see a mummified arcobaleno sitting on the shoulder of a mummified man. The Vendice.

"Oh, and what pleasure do I owe the police of the demon world?"

"Hmph. It seems the king was persuaded by his daughter to give you one last chance to explore the pleasures of holding a woman once again," the arcobaleno spoke. The incubus got serious. "Interested?"

"After a few thousand years? How generous." He was pretty skeptical at the king's kindness. The guy had favorites, and he wasn't one of them. "Fu. And what exactly do I have to do?"

"All you need is to overcome the greatest challenge an incubus can overcome."

"Which is?"

"To continually satisfy a guy with absolutely ZERO sexual appetite and no interest in you in a sexual manner. Easy for a top grade incubus like you right?"


"What does he mean by continually?"

"You have to be with him until we call for you and he has to be absolutely one hundred percent satisfied with your performance."

Mukuro crossed his arms. "Well tell the king," he smirked, "that I'll be back sooner than expected. Besides, I am the pure embodiment of the number 69."

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