It has been about a week since key and taemin have given birth and onew himself was not feeling well but he ignored thinking it might be the flu or something but donghae kept telling him he should see a doctor but onew ignored him as well till one morning he woke up feel horrible like he had gotten run over a million chickens like in his dream he had and his stomach hurt so bad he quickly got out of bed and hurried to the bathroom and started to throw up in the toilet. Once he finally finished throwing up he called donghae.

Donghae who was sleeping peacefully woke up to his phone ringing he looked at the caller id and saw it was onew calling him he answered the phone "hello" onew hesitated a moment then replied "hey donghae it's me I think your right I need to go see a doctor I feel even worse than I did last week but I don't want to go alone I was wondering if you would go with me" Donghae smiled and said " of course baby ill go with you as a matter of fact ill come get you right now and take you" onew smiled and said "ok ill get ready" donghae got out of bed and started getting dressed "ok baby I'll be there in a little bit ill talk to you when I get there I love you" onew smiled "I love you to donghae" onew hung up and went about getting ready .

Donghae was getting ready and once he was dressed he headed out to the living room not knowing his other group members where awake well someone of them. Leeteuk saw donghae "hey donghae where are you going?" donghae looked at onew and said "oh hyung I'm going to go get onew and take him to the doctors he is still not feeling well and apparently he is feeling worse now than he was last week" Leeteuk looked at donghae and said "ok well have fun and tell onew I said I hope he feels better". On his way out the door donghae said "ok I will".

Onew who had just finished showering and brushing his teeth and all that he was in his room getting dressed when his stomach started to cramp onew stopped and grabbed his stomach he started taking some deep breaths and the pain started to stop he relaxed and went about getting dressed only what he didn't know is that key was watching the whole thing. Key walked farther into the room and waited for onew to finish getting dressed. "You know I think I know what might be wrong with you" onew turned and faced key "what do you think it is". Key looked at onew and said "I think you pregnant". Onew laughed and said "Sure key sorry but I'm not donghae –oppa is on his way over and take me to the doctor we will see what the doctor says". Key looked at him with I'm the almighty key and don't like being told I'm wrong look "trust me onew you are just wait and see" key turned and left the room" Onew sat on his bed waiting for donghae well thinking "could I really be pregnant?