Donghae and onew were waiting in the waiting room of the doctor's office They were both excited but onew was a little nervous about it Donghae could tell his lover was nervous so he grabbed his hand and told him "it's ok everything will work out no matter what happens I'll always be there for you". Onew looked at Donghae and smiled and said "I'm so happy to hear you say that it does make me feel allot better this whole thing is just so mind blowing I mean were actually going to have a baby it's just hard to believe" Donghae smiled at his lover and said "just wait till you see it on the ultra sound machine" onew hearing that smiled.

The doctor finally called them back and well they were waiting for the doctor to get everything set up onew was just sitting think about anything and ever possible outcome of this whole thing he was pulled out of his thoughts by the doctor talking and telling them she was ready to start. Onew laid back on the table like bed and the doctor pulled his shirt up and put some gel on his stomach and then turned on the ultra sound machine and put probe on his stomach and waited for the picture to show up on the screen and once it did showed the little spot about the size of a jellybean the doctor smiled and said "there is your baby" onew and Donghae both looked at the screen and saw the jellybean shaped spot on the screen "it's so small" onew said Donghae nodded his head in agreement and the doctor told them "that how small babies start out don't worry as you get farther along in your pregnancy it will grow but from what I can tell you and your baby are perfectly healthy there is nothing wrong as a matter of fact I won't need to see you back here till next month for your check remember if you think something is wrong you can always call or comeback whenever" the doctor printed out the picture on the machine for them and gave them each a copy and left.

After getting cleaned up onew and Donghae paid for the visit and left and headed back to shinee's dorm they were both excited to tell the members the good news about their baby and show them the pictures onew and Donghae entered the dorm to find total chaos onew smiled at his group and their silly antics but for now he would let them be to bask in their happiness of their babies who were currently seemed to have key and taemin's attitudes making like hard for Minho and jonghyun. Onew went to his room with Donghae and well they were just laying there in silence they both slowly started to fall asleep thinking about what the future would hold for them.