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Callum- 12;40- 2 feb-


"UNO!" Gabbi cried a smile forming on her lips. "aw you got me again!" winter laughed. "Another game and I'm playing this time!" Ryan cried. He dealt out the cards and one by one they were placed on the table. The doorbell rang. "I'll get it" I said a I stood up and wandered over to the front door.

"Hey Boges! You decided to show! Thought you'd be all worn out by now!" I joked. He hit my arm playfully. "nah. I still got a lot of go". "you told Gabbi yet?" he asked.

I looked at my feet. "she over heard Winter and I. She's absolutely heart broken Boges" I informed him. His smile dropped and I could tell he was sad too. "come on. We're playing UNO" I invited him inside and I sat back down. He stood there watching us for a few seconds before Gabbi rushed to him and hugged his legs.

He looked sad and torn. Something I hadn't seen in a long time. The two got along really well. They always stuck like glue and, well, I guessed it was because he's been in her life right from the start. I knew how hard it was for her to see us go, even if we went for 1 day somewhere. She always had to have some way to communicate and she always had to know where we were these days.

It's been 2 years since I was on the run and everything seems to have died down now. We were still living on the Ormond Treasure and will be for a fair bit longer!

"You can't go!" she sobbed into his chest. "I-I-i have to Gabster. I'm sorry. I'll be back before you know it. Winter, Cal and Ryan are all going to stay around here. You might even get to visit Repro" Boges stuttered holding back tears.

"when do you leave?" Ryan asked. He too was clearly sad. We all were. "Monday morning" Boges replied glumly. Gabbi looked up at him in pure shock. "don't let us get in the way of your future. We'll be alright" I said trying hard to make him feel better. I knew how much this job meant to him.

"thanks cal.." Boges said smiling just a bit. He looked down at my sister and hugged her tight. We all loved his hugs. He was like our giant teddy bear with awesome biceps and a six pack under his shirt.

"you going to be ok?" he whispered to Gabbi. She nodded softy. "just come back safe and sound." she pleaded. He smiled at her and picked her up saddle style. She nuzzled into his chest and soon fell a sleep. He carried her to her room and came back down to sit with us straight after.

"these last two days have been a blast!" he exclaimed. "ha ha! Totally! So we went to Maddys brothers 21st last night and stayed up past 1. Then at ten we went to the movies. Now we're here, what are we going to do now?" I laughed.

"we could... Have a sleep over? Eat popcorn, play a game of Truth or Dare? What do you say?" Ryan suggested. We all nodded. "sure but we'll have to check first" I said. "no need for me to check" Winter announced. "lucky me lives alone" she said. I elbowed her and kissed her cheek. "that could change soon" I whispered in her ear giving her goosebumps.

While the guys were on the phone to their guardians, winter and I sat on the lounge. I pulled her over onto my lap and pulled her in close. We kissed until Boges and Ryan got off the phone.

"ok guys. Settle it down a bit eh?" Ryan joked. We blushed. "so is it alright?" I asked.

"yeah Janet said its fine" Ryan replied. I looked at Boges. "yeah it's cool. I forgot to ask, where's Mrs O? Is it alright with her?". "Mums out with some friends for the weekend. That right Cal?" Ryan asked.

"yeah. Looks like we have the house to ourselves. Oh and Gabbi" I laughed noticing she was awake now and stumbling down the stairs. "I heard that Cal" she cried. She sat down next to me and I hugged her from the side.

"you going to invite Maddy?" asked Winter. "nah no point. She's going to a concert tonight" Boges replied. "I'm going to drop around her house before I leave on Monday".

"looks like we have Boges all to ourselves" I whispered loud enough for everyone to hear. Gab's eyes lit up with excitement and she jumped onto his lap and hugged him. "ha ha. Settle down" he chuckled.

"you do realize it's not even 2 o'clock yet?" Winter exclaimed. I choked. "are you serious! It feels really late!" I cried. Everyone agreed.



"nice car" Boges commented. My brother nodded and smiled. "thanks. I bought it with some of the Ormond cash. Brand new!" Ryan exclaimed as he started it up. The soft hum of the engine made me feel quite drowsy. I had only had around 4 hours sleep so that did not help at all.

We soon arrived at our first stop. Ryan's foster home. We were going around to everyone's homes to make sure we had everything we needed for tonight.

At Ryan's we picked up some torches and extra chip packets. Then we went to Boges place. We were greeted by his nan who gave us even more chips, $20 in cash and a freshly baked choc chip biscuit. Then we headed over to Winters new flat. We hung around for ages and eventually had dinner there too.

Winter prepared burritos and pasta bake for dinner which was quick to disappear. All eyes on Boges as he finished off the last little bits!

After dinner at Winters, we got back into Ryan's blue Lamborghini with gold trim seats and gold rim spin wheel caps and drove back home.

"I must admit..." I said. "that Ryan, I am surprised by your car choice with the money." he looked at me. "don't you like it?" he asked looking worried. I looked at him like he was crazy. "you're joking? I love it! It's an awesome car bro! Of course I like it!" I cried giving him a brotherly hug. He chuckled and we did our secret fist pound.

"Who wants to play Truth or Dare?" Winter cheered.

Winter- 2 feb- 4;30pm


"truth or dare?" I asked. He didn't answer. "uh Boges?" I called waving my hand to get his attention. I knew what was wrong. He felt bad. Bad because he was leaving.

"Boges?" I whispered. He snapped out of it and looked at me glumly. "sorry..." he whispered. "I'll take a dare"

"ok then. I dare you to come into the kitchen with me for a few minutes." he looked at me strangely. "it's a dare". He nodded and stood up out of the chair. I looked back at my boyfriend; "continue the game. We're cooking popcorn." he nodded as soon as he realized what I was up to.

I lead Boges into the Ormond kitchen and pulled him a side. "ok Winter. What are you up to?" he asked lifting a brow. I placed my hands on his broad, musclular shoulders and looked him in the eyes. "What's wrong Boges? You look so sad and lost." I asked. He looked down at his feet.

"it's ok to be sad, ya know? You don't always have to be the big tough, no fear guy. We've all seen you in devastated conditions. It's ok" I whispered loud enough for him to hear me. I lifted his chin so I was looking directly into his eyes again.

"I know... I just... I'm not sure about doing this anymore..." he replied. My jaw dropped. "why?" I asked amazed.

"I don't know..." I didn't believe it. "Please tell me Bodhan" I begged. He sighed heavily before answering with that simple word; family. "aw is Bogesy going to miss his mummy?" I teased. He shook his head. "yes but no. You don't get it. YOU guys are my family. I don't like the idea of leaving you guys. It just doesn't feel right. I feel like you're all in danger and I'm your protector" he explained. Honestly, I wasn't expecting THAT!

"aww Bodhan. That's quite sweet. I'll tell you this, if anything happens, we will let you know. It will be ok" I assured. "thanks Winter. Now... What are we doing out here? If we tell Gab that we have talked about this I doubt she will come out happy and cheery. Cos I'm just that awesome that she's gunna cry over me!" he joked. "oh why yes, Bodhan Michalko is the awesomest guy on all the universe!" I played along. He laughed.

"seriously, what are we doing out here?" he asked. I smiled and answered simply with "popcorn".

When the popcorn was done, we both returned to the living room. I nodded and smiled at Cal and he placed his hand down on the seat next to him so I knew to sit there.

"everything sorted?" he asked in a whispered tone. "all sorted" I said. He side hugged me. "thanks." he said before he kissed my cheek. I sat there dreamily and smiled at him. "it's ok" I replied leaning in and resting my head on his shoulder.

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