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Boges- 6:00- 2nd feb


Honestly I felt better after talking about how I felt. It felt a little weird telling Winter though. I would have preferred telling Cal or Ryan but I knew Cal wasn't in the position to leave Gab at that moment and Ryan was in pretty much the same state as his brother. Still, it helped.

We continued our game of Truth or Dare. Finally it was my turn to dare someone. This time, I chose Cal...

"Truth or dare?" I asked. He thought for a minute. "I'll take a dare this time. Thanks Boges". I smiled. "ok!" I said rubbing my hands together.

"Oh god... Am I going to regret this?" Cal asked. I smiled crazily. "nope. But it's gunna be funny!" I cried. They all looked at me begging me silently to give the dare.

"I dare Cal to have a fake proposal to his beloved girlfriend Winter, and then have a wedding!" I announced. The two went bright red and the younger Ormond children almost wet themselves laughing. Callum cupped his hands and put them against his face.

"oh come on Cal! You know you want to!" Gabbi cried in between laughing. He stood up and flicked his hair to the side. "wait Cal! Come with me first" his sister exclaimed.

"Winter, dear, may you too leave the room?" Ryan asked in an old English accent as he held out his hand for her to take hold of. The two left the room leaving me alone. I shrugged my shoulders and went looking for some decorations. I found some confetti, fake gems, gold tinsel strips, a white table-cloth, some cutlery sets, and got some cake from the fridge and placed it on the kitchen table in the next room.

I sprinkled rose petals on the living room floor and set the table in the kitchen. I put tinsel and the gems down the hallway and into both rooms. I also got out Gabbi's camera from the draw. Lastly I got out my iPod and plugged it into the stereo, for the wedding music.

Callum- 7:00pm- 2nd feb


This was so embarrassing. I was standing in my room with my sister telling me what to put on. I had a white short-sleeved t-shirt and a black jacket on with full length black pants. She was doing my hair and had just put a red rose clip onto my collar. I was told to take it all off and put my hoodie and shorts on for the "proposal".

"all done!" she said brightly. I rolled my eyes and smiled playfully. "do you know what you're going to say?" she asked me. I thought for a minute. "yeah... I think so". "give her this ring to keep; i never wear it and I think it would look better on her" she said handing me a pretty 12carrot gold ring with sapphire and emerald stones in the middle. My jaw dropped slightly. "are you sure?" I asked very amazed. "positive" she replied back.

This was going to be a bit weird and embarrassing but I was really excited! I stepped out my bedroom door and walked down the stairs. My sister lead me into the living room where I was amazed to see had been lightly decorated. There were two toy horse heads up against the wall and I couldn't help but laugh a little.

"you like it?" Boges asked from behind. I spun around. "yeah!" I laughed. All of a sudden I heard footsteps coming down the stair case. My sister pushed me into that direction with the horses and they hid with cameras. I waited silently as my girlfriend walked towards me. She looked beautiful as usual. I took her hand and helped her onto "the horse" as I lead her out into the back yard under the big tree.

"this is weird." I whispered. "I know" she replied squeezing my hand and grinning. I looked back towards Boges for a sign of escape from the dare, but I couldn't see him or Gabbi and Ryan. I bit my lip and returned my gaze to miss Frey. "relax Callum. Act like it's really happening. She's your girlfriend, the most adventurous and interesting girl on the planet. It will be fine. It's practice" I thought as I put her hands in mine.

I took a deep breath and released a gentle flow of words. "Winter Frey, the most gorgeous girl in all the universe. The girl with eyes that shine so bright and lips that taste like licorice. Tongue like candy and body like the sea. The most adventurous minded woman ever known who carries with her every day, great courage and responsibility. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here right now. You risked your life for me so many times since we met, and I can only think of one way to make it up to you... Will you marry me?". She blushed a dark red and showed that cute and attractive smile. I pulled out the ring Gabbi had given me and showed it to her. she gasped.

"you do know it's not meant to be real?" she whispered. I smiled. "yeah. But this just shows how much I can't wait until it is real" I replied gripping her hands in a gentle hold.

"Yes. I would love to marry you Callum Ormond!" she squealed pulling me to my feet and hugging me. "I love you Winter" I whispered. She kissed my cheek. "I love you too Teen Fugitive".

We hugged for a few minutes. Right up until we heard a crash and Ryan came tumbling down the stairs. Literally tumbling.

"RYAN!" I cried as I pushed my girlfriend away carefully and rushed over to my twin brother as he lay on the floor. "are you ok?!" Boges asked as he too moved in.

He stirred. "yeah... I'm fine" he mumbled. He suddenly winced and tears ran his cheeks like flooded rivers, but he made no sounds. "SAMUEL!" Gabbi screamed as she ran to his side. "are you hurt?!"

"I think he might have done something to his arm Cal..." Winter said in a soft voice. I instantly looked down at his right arm. It was swelling badly and was a dark purple colour.

"she's right..." Boges answered. I looked at my brother as he tried to be strong. "what happened?" I asked as I gently propped him up against the wall. "I don't really know. I was just about to walk down the stairs when something tripped me. no idea what it was or how it got there, but it had a few goes at my feet!". I gulped. "Cal... What if someone's inside with us?" my sister asked suddenly becoming freaked out. I couldn't answer. I did feel a newer presence in the last 15 minutes but I couldn't tell her that. Boges put his hand on her shoulder and comforted her.

"Bro, we have to get you to the hospital" I said as I helped him up carefully. He was in too much pain to argue I could tell. I whispered to Boges to call the police for a house cheek ASAP. He did as told.

We all got into Ryan's Lamborghini, with Winter in the drivers seat, and hurried off to the emergency.

A whole 2 hours passed by in waiting and Ryan was finally seen. He came out with a full length red cast and breaks in 4 different places in his arm. We drove back home before we told mum. When we did tell her, she of course freaked but once she knew he was ok, she calmed down and was happy to leave us according to plan.

We drove back to the house only to find a murder scene next to the police car... Two dead police officers lay, drowned in pools of blood in the gutter. Winter gasped as we stepped out of the car and onto our driveway. I instantly became alerted to what we could possibly be up against. Luckily before Gabbi saw it, Boges rushed over and scooped her up into his arms trying to distract her. Winter immediately called for help.

I crouched over the body to examine it quickly. Ryan crouched down beside me. I looked towards the front door, it was slightly ajar. I gulped as I looked back at my twin. "that could have been me..." he whispered in shock. "I know. What ever happens, we have to stand together, even of we have to re-live that year I was on the run" I replied. There was a girls high pitched scream down the road that made me shudder. Next thing I knew, sirens had filled the atmosphere. Then there was a gun shot.

"GET INSIDE!" Boges yelled. We shot up and took towards the door. Grabbing Winters arm and keeping a close eye on my siblings and best friend as we bolted through. I closed the door fast and locked it.

"this really doesn't fit right. Be very careful guys" Boges announced. Winter coughed as she opened the cupboard and flour fell on her face. "Ya don't say?" she snapped. "hey don't go off at me flour face! I'm just making sure" he cried back. Winter groaned as she tried to brush the powder off.

"Guys should we do a check?" Ryan asked. I nodded. "yeah. Winter, Boges, can you help do the check? Gabbi stay close to Ryan. Ryan, can you check the lounge room?" I instructed. They nodded and we walked stealthily to our assigned destinations. I headed to my room first.

I found a note stuck to the door with a knife holding it up as it left splinters in the wood. I pulled the note off the door and put it in my pocket as I opened the door. There stood a big tall black figure looking straight a me. It somehow looked familiar. Then it hit me.

"Kelvin?" I asked. The figure pulled the ski mask off and looked at me. "look kid, I really didn't want to do this. Its not my fault! She's after your sister. Said something about how your family has other secrets. Secrets that could give her power. I had to do this. She found me..." he said. I stood in shock. "what are you doing?" I hissed. "what about my sister?!".

"Callum, I'm sorry. The stuff you are going to find out, isn't going to be of any good. I'm warning, you are all in danger. Protect your sister and friends as well as your brother. Oriana sent me with 5 of her new goons to come and sabotage. I haven't done anything that could harm you. It's THEM." he exclaimed. "she will KILL me if I oblige against her. She doesn't care". I couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

"call me for information. I'm on your side...again...still" he said as he took out a pen from my desk and wrote a number on the wall. "Got to go. Remember what I said kid." he said as he turned and leapt out the window, disappearing into the darkness of the night.

I shuddered as I closed the window and put the number into my phone contacts list. I walked down stairs towards my friends.

"Find anything?" they all asked. I handed them the note I found on the door. "it's Orianas doings" I informed them. They stood shocked. "what does she want Cal?" Gabbi asked. I gulped. "You..." I replied looking down at her. My friends gasped. "Me?" she asked turning pale. I nodded. "I have Kelvins number. He's on our side. He's going as a go between." I informed. I began to explain what happened up in my room.

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