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"Blaine? Molly?" Kurt stood at the doorway, tapping his foot impatiently and checking his watch.

The car was packed, and they were meant to be on the road twenty minutes ago. He had carefully planned out their entire evening. They would drive for a couple hours, just to get a start on their vacation, before stopping at a hotel for the night. He had specifically looked for a place that rented out suites so that he and Blaine could have some alone time, even though Malaya would be with them. Room service would be delivering champagne and strawberries precisely at eleven. He planned to ask Blaine to tuck Molly in, giving him time set up some candles and music in their room.

He fingered the small ring box in his pocket excitedly, hardly able to wait to slide it onto Blaine's finger. He was pretty big on romance though, and felt that the special scene he had planned for the hotel room would be worth the wait.

He sighed impatiently and glanced at his watch once more, before stalking back into the apartment, intent on searching them out. He caught himself when he felt his irritation rising. This was supposed to be a special evening. The last thing he wanted was to start it off poorly by being cranky. He took a deep breath, telling himself to let go of his frustration at running late.

What are they doing, anyway? He walked down the hallway, peering into the bathroom and then their bedroom as he went. He heard a soft voice coming from Molly's room then, and was just about to burst in when he caught a sentence that stopped him in his tracks.

"We want Daddy to be surprised, jellybean."

Kurt's heart did a little flip-flop, and he smiled as he paused by the door. He loved that Blaine had caught on to calling Malaya by her nickname. At first he thought that it might be weird, or even hurt a little, since Tala had once used that nickname too. He was pleased to discover that it didn't bother him in the slightest though. In fact, there was something comforting about it. Blaine couldn't take Tala's place. He didn't even want to try. He was like a sequel in their lives. The next part of their story. The fact that he joined Kurt in calling Molly by her special nickname felt like that tiny bit of closure that made him a true part of their family. I made him another parent for Malaya, and she definitely accepted him as such. She responded to him as well as she responded to Kurt, and calling him "Da" earlier that day... well, that was just the icing on the cake.

"Do you remember how we practiced it at school?"

Kurt assumed that she responded in the affirmative somehow, because he then heard Blaine laugh.

"That's my good girl. I am so proud of you, Molly. Daddy is going to be so excited!"

Kurt was practically bursting with curiosity then, trying to figure out what his surprise was. He figured that Blaine had taught her a new word or sign, since he mentioned practicing at school. Suddenly, he felt a little guilty. Whatever it was, Blaine was going through great pains to surprise him and here he was, eavesdropping. He took a couple of steps backward, as silently as possible, before clearing his throat to make Blaine aware of his presence.

"You guys about ready?" He asked from the hall before stepping forward once again, fully in the doorway of Molly's room. He caught Blaine scrambling with something out of the corner of his eye, and saw him squeeze Malaya's hand. He was crouched down next to her and they both turned to look at Kurt innocently. Kurt eyed them both with curiosity and smiled.

"We've gotta get on the road. What are you guys up to?"

Blaine bit his lip and bounced on the balls of his feet just a bit as he gave Molly a gentle push forward.

"Go on, sweetpea. Do it just like we practiced."

Kurt felt excitement and love for his little girl wash through him as she stepped forward. She was making the incredibly rare eye contact, and had a smile in her electric blue eyes as she approached him. He slid down into a crouch, feeling his heart race as she stepped directly in front of him and reached for his hand.

"Da," she said softly. She took his hand in hers, and look of deep concentration crossed her face. His heart was beating like crazy in anticipation. She had never interacted so deliberately before. She brought up her free hand, and his heart leapt.

She was clutching a ring in her tiny palm. She took her time, carefully attempting to fit the circle over his ring finger.

Kurt felt tears immediately prick the corners of his eyes, and he looked up at Blaine with a ragged breath. His boyfriend was looking back at him with the brightest smile he had ever seen, and tear-filled eyes of his own. Blaine stood and moved over then, settling down just behind Molly to watch her work. Kurt's tears spilled over then as he glanced back to his little girl.

She was concentrating heavily, but not quite able to get the ring into place. Her little tongue was poking out of the corner of her mouth as she worked. The need for fine motor skills, along with the attention span to do a specific job like this, was stretching for her. The fact that she was working so hard to accomplish her task was just as exciting to Kurt as what the ring meant.

She let out a little sigh and held the ring closely up to her face to examine it, as if trying to figure out why she couldn't get it to fit. Kurt and Blaine both looked at each other with watery smiles, but stayed silent. They were always in agreement that Malaya should figure things out for herself, if it all possible, and this was no different. She looked back down to Kurt's hand and brightened as she grabbed his pinky finger. She slipped the ring onto his smallest finger easily enough, then turned back to Blaine with shining eyes.

"Oh, jellybean! You did so good!" Blaine laughed and pulled her in for a hug. Kurt crooked his finger slightly so the ring wouldn't fall off and held out his hand to admire it. He leaned forward, kissing Molly on top of the head.

"Thank you, baby girl!"

She reached out hands to pat both men on the cheek, before squeezing out of their grasps, having had enough of the physical contact. She trotted over to her floor to ceiling window, and sank down to stare contentedly out into the bright city lights.

Kurt and Blaine watched her for just a moment, before turning back to each other and laughing nervously. They were still down on their knees in front of each other, and Blaine grinned as he slipped the ring from Kurt's pinky to his ring finger.

"We tried," he shrugged with a smile.

"It was perfect," Kurt whispered softly. Blaine looked at him blissfully and reached out a hand to cup his cheek.

"Kurt, I can't even begin to tell you what you and Molly mean to me. I am so deeply, so madly, in love with you. Before I met you, I was just barely living. Losing Tyler and Micah... it almost destroyed me. I found a way to live again, even to find some joy in life... but it wasn't enough. The only real joy I had was in my work. There was nothing for me outside of that. Then, I looked out in a crowd one day, and happened upon the two most beautiful pairs of blue eyes I'd ever seen. My life changed in that moment, though I didn't realize quite how. I'm a different man. I'm alive again. I want to be with you... always. Please tell me that for as long as we live..."

He trailed off then and paused. He looked down and swallowed away the intense emotions that were threatening to overwhelm him. One look back up at Kurt told him that his boyfriend was having the exact same reaction.

'As long as we live.'

That sentence had an incredible amount of depth for the two of them. It brought pain and not a little amount of fear. They both knew what it was like to lose that one special person in your life. They knew what it was like to have your heart ripped from your chest, to feel as if there was no possible way to find happiness again.

Yet they had. Here they were, both happier than they'd dreamed possible.

So what would happen if they lost that one special person yet again? Could you come back from that?

It would have been easy to let the fear overtake them. It would have been easy to live a sheltered life and never risk getting hurt again... but what kind of life would that be?

No. It was worth it. For this kind of love? Always.

"Please tell me that for as long..." Blaine tried again, but his voice cracked in the middle of the sentence and he couldn't quite finish. Kurt shook his head and leaned in. Their lips met in emotion-filled kiss after kiss. Kurt reached up a hand to wipe away his boyfriend's tears, and Blaine caught the hand with his own, pressing a kiss to Kurt's palm.

"Just... will you, Kurt? Will you marry me?"

Kurt looked at him and smiled brightly, but didn't answer. He instead reached into his pocket with his free hand, and slowly pulled out the little box. He heard Blaine gasp lightly and let go of his hand. He laughed and took Blaine's hand back in his own as he popped the box open with one hand and held it up.

"I feel like I can answer you best by simply showing you what I intended to give you later on tonight."

They looked at each other and laughed once more, before rushing together again, this time in a much more heated kiss. Kurt was just pulling Blaine tightly into his arms when he felt the ring box slip from his fingers. He pulled away from Blaine in surprise to see that Malaya had come back up to them and taken the box from him.

She had a look of deep concentration once again in her eyes as she gently took the ring from it's place and took Blaine's hand in her own. She pulled his fingers up so they were at eye level for her, and carefully slid the ring into place on her first try. She looked excitedly back at Kurt, letting out the tiniest squeal.

Kurt laughed and pulled her into his arms for a tight hug, exclaiming what a smart girl she was and how much he loved her. Blaine looked at the ring gracing his finger with misty eyes, before pulling the both of them into his arms and holding them close. Kurt nuzzled down into his neck.

"Yes, Blaine. I'll marry you."

"And I will definitely marry you," Blaine whispered.

They pulled back to gaze at each other, just absorbing the enormity of the moment, and reveling in how happy they were. They leaned in for another kiss, by this point completely forgetting that they had been planning to leave the house at all.

As their lips met, Malaya snuggled herself down in-between them, letting herself enjoy a rare moment of extreme physical closeness. She reached behind her for Blaine's left hand and then took her father's left hand, holding them both in front of her little face. Her blue eyes sparkled as she traced over the shiny rings with a petite finger. She sighed happily and began humming a familiar tune as she leaned back against her two dads, a tiny smile spreading across her face.

The End... For Real :)