Chapter 13: The Valley of Shadows

Our heroes have just taken their first steps into the Valley of Shadows; the place was an eyesore, the storm clouds above made it dark, the houses were all moulded up and falling apart. There were many citizens out on the streets, many were homeless and sick, and others were broken families.

"This place is horrible." Said Viper, Lupus's eyes scanned the area; he was now 100% sure he had been here before.

On instinct he began walking through the town, the others looked at him with confused expressions stamped on their faces but they decided to follow him. Lupus wasn't quite sure where he was going or why he had the sudden urge to go in this direction but he's always trusted his instincts.

He travelled north through the town for several minutes before he made a right turn and wondered in that direction. Aiko spotted a homeless woman with two children next to her, she felt sorry for them and gave them some gold coins which they gladly accepted then the mother thanked her.

Lupus wondered through the town for several more minutes before he came across the burnt and aged remains of a large tower. Around the tower were the remains of several large houses, Lupus heard something flapping in the wind. He turned his head to his right and saw a black piece of cloth buried in the ash.

He walked over to the black cloth and pulled it out of the ash; he looked at it and saw that it was blank so he turned it over and the Chinese symbol for wolf on it. Lupus felt sharp pain in his head; he dropped the cloth, grasped his head and fell on one knee. Aiko became flooded with worry and approached the wolf and knelt next to him.

"Lupus, are you ok?" asked Aiko softly

"I'm-I'm fine." Lied the wolf, Aiko looked up at the burnt remains and looked back Lupus.

"Do you know this place?"

"Y-yeah…. This is-was my home." Replied Lupus

"Your home?" asked Aiko

"Yes." The pain in Lupus's head went away and he stood up straight, he walked into the burnt down building.

Every time he looked around the charred remains images of his past flashed before his eyes. He then stepped on something; he removed his foot and looked down. He saw a picture of him with his parents and a girl he assumed was his sister, he knelt down and picked up the picture and stood up straight.

He wiped the ash off the picture and stared at it.


A young Lupus was running through a field with his sister playing tag, Lupus was running away from her but his sister was too fast and she tackled him to the ground.

Their parents who were watching the event laughed much to young Lupus's embarrassment.


The scene changed to the burning building, Lupus along with his mother and sister were running through the burning building. They came at a dead end, the kids crouched down in horror, their mother knelt down and held them close. They heard a large noise coming from, they looked up and a piece of the ceiling collapsed down on them.


Lupus had been staring at the picture for a while now, he suddenly felt hollow inside and he felt a tear slide down his cheek, he found it kind of odd since he hadn't cried since the day he lost his memory. Aiko approached Lupus and placed her paw on his shoulder; Lupus wiped away the tear and placed the picture in his rucksack. He then turned around and walked away from the burnt building, the others then followed.

As they walked away from the building Lupus's left ear twitched, his eyes turned red and he summoned fire in his hand. He swung around to his left and threw a fireball at an arrow; the others took their fighting stances. Just then a group of soldiers appeared and readied their weapons; one of them stepped forward, unsheathed his sword and aimed it at Lupus.

"You! Why are you in the remains of the territory that once belonged to the Shadow Wolf Clan?" demanded the soldier, Shifu stepped forward.

"I am Grandmaster Shifu, with me are the Dragon Warrior and the Furious and we are here to rid the Valley of Shadows of this new threat." Explained Shifu, the soldiers gasped.

"You dare rebel against Lord Kang? KILL THEM ALL!" ordered the soldier, the other soldiers charged at the warriors.

One of them charged at Shifu and swung his sword at him but the red panda jumped causing the blade to miss and he kicked the soldier repeatedly in the face and whacked him in the face with his staff knocking him out. Two of them charged at Lupus, one of them aimed his spear at the black wolf but Lupus jumped and kicked him the chest knocking him to the ground, the other swung his axe at the black wolf but the blade melted before it made contact.

Lupus looked at the soldier with his now red eyes, the soldier's eyes widened and his mouth fell open. Lupus swung around and roundhouse kicked him in the jaw sending him flying away, the remaining soldiers were taken down without effort.

Lupus approached the soldier he kicked in the jaw and pulled him to his feet.

"Tell Lord Kang we're coming for him." said Lupus, he dropped the soldier; the soldier quickly got to his feet and ran off in terror.

(At Lord Kang's Palace)

After running for several minutes the soldier had arrived at Lord Kang's palace, he ran into the giant building and made his way to the throne room.

"Lord Kang!" he called

"What is it?" demanded the lord whose face was silhouetted by the shadows

"He has returned my lord."


"With all do respect my lord; I think you know who I mean." Lord Kang rose from his throne but his face was still hidden by the darkness.

"Impossible, he died along with the rest of the Shadow Wolf Clan." Said Lord Kang

"I swear it was him, he had black fur and he had the power of fire." there was a moment of silence.

"Gather all of the guards and brace yourself, you have no idea how powerful the boy is."

"As you command my lord." The soldier turned around and ran out of the throne room; Lord Kang sat back down on his throne.

"So, the boy has returned." Kang said to himself

Meanwhile our heroes have arrived at the palace; the place was swarming with guards.

"What're we gonna do?" asked Viper

"We're gonna charge in there and take them all down, then we go for Lord Kang." Said Lupus

"What? We can't do that, it'll be suicide." Said Crane

"Just stay close and watch each others backs." Said Po

The warriors charged into the palace courtyard, they began taking down all the guard they could but no matter how many they took down, more came.

"There's too many of them." Said Monkey, just then a powerful wind blew past them and Xun appeared out of the nowhere.

"Xun?" asked Lupus

"Go, I'll deal with them, go!" said Xun, Lupus nodded then he and the others ran inside the palace.

Xun faced the guards, they all readied theirs weapons. They all charged at the cheetah but Xun stood his ground and yelled "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" he then swiped his arm sending a powerful blast of wind sending the soldiers flying away.

Meanwhile the warriors made their way to the throne room, taking down anyone who got in their way. Finally they made it to a giant red double door, Lupus jumped in the air and kicked the doors open and rolled into the throne room. The others ran in and they all too their fighting stances.

"We've come to bring you to Justice Lord Kang." Said Shifu, Lord Kang chuckled and rose from his throne. Lord Kang walked down to small set of stairs and stepped out of the shadows revealing him to be a black wolf with brown eyes and 3 long scars going across his left cheek. He looked just like Lupus but middle aged, he turned his gaze to Lupus and said "Welcome….. My son."

To be continued