Tonight I Just Want To Dance

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of Hot In Cleveland.

Pairing: Melanie/Joy

Rating: M

Chapter 1

Not Tonight, Tonight I Just Want To Dance

Joy stared out onto the dance floor from the table at the club, her eyebrows furrowed in frustration, and a scowl on her face. She could not believe that she was once again in this position. Watching Elka, Victoria, and Melanie dancing with men whilst she sat alone at the table wishing that she was in their shoes. She knew why men did not wish to be with her, why they did not fall in love with her easily, that she was a bit on the insane side, but that did not help her deal with the loneliness.

She wanted to be loved.

Tonight, Joy would settle for being liked. None of the men in the club even liked her enough to ask her to dance. They were drawn to her because she was attractive, but the moment that she opened her mouth to speak, they would change their minds.

She knew that she could attempt to be a more likeable person, but why should she be? If she were going to find someone to love her, she wanted them to love her for who she was.

'Like my friends… they truly are wonderful… even if they all have dates and left me over here alone…'

"Why aren't you over there dancing, Joy?" Melanie asked as she took a seat at the table next to her friend. She found herself allowing her eyes to wander the expanse of the other woman's body. She was so gorgeous it was unbelievable that she did not have a man to dance with. 'If I were a man—I'm not a man so that is irrelevant.'

"What's the point?" Joy wondered in her accented voice. "Suppose that I do actually find a man somewhere in this bar that will dance with me, what is the point if he will never even call me?"

"He doesn't have to call you, sweetie." She said with some laughter. "You guys can just, you know, dance."

"Why in the world would I want to waste my time dancing with some man that I already know is not going to bloody-well call me?"

"Because, it could be fun?" Melanie said with a bright smile, reaching over and squeezing Joy's shoulder. The two of them were complete opposites and for the most part that made them complement each other. Joy would often talk negatively and harshly about everything, including herself and Melanie could always twist it into something positive.

That didn't mean that Joy always listened. "Melanie, don't be stupid. You know that I can't have fun with a man without becoming attached and psychotic…"

"Then maybe you should dance with a woman." She suggested.

"I don't know if my ego could handle getting rejected by a woman as well." The British woman drawled allowing her head to fall to the table and slam against the top. If she were not so intoxicated, she probably would have felt it.

"And if I can guarantee that you won't get rejected?"

Joy's brown eyes snapped up to Melanie. "How can you guarantee that?"

Melanie stood to her feet and turned on her heels, looking down at her best friend as she held out a hand to her. Joy glanced to the hand with a look of frustration and confusion and she did little to acknowledge it. "What are you doing, Melanie?"

"Come on, just come with me."

"I don't know, this table is actually quite comfy."

"Oh, come on!" She insisted, shaking her hand to emphasize that she wanted Joy to take it and follow her. Finally Joy rolled her eyes and pushed herself off of the table, groaning out loudly as she did so, before placing her hand in Melanie's and allowing her to help her to her feet. Melanie took a moment to admire how soft and delicate Joy's hands were, it almost made her feel bad for all of the times that she and Victoria had called them 'man-hands.'

Melanie then proceeded to drag Joy out onto the dance floor. Now, they were both standing in the center of the dance floor. The pessimistic Brit staring down at the shorter woman who was smiling all-knowingly. "Alright, now how do you plan to guarantee that I have someone to dance with, because at the moment, we look foolish Melanie."

"Dance with me." She said.

Joy laughed a little and then she realized the hurt expression on her friend's face and quickly remedied the situation. "I'm so sorry Melanie, I was not aware that you were being serious."

"I promised you a dance partner, so here I am."

"Isn't that a tad bit odd?"

"What is odd about two friends dancing, they do it in all of the movies. I'm not trying to flirt with you or anything, it's just innocent dancing." She assured.

Joy could not help but notice the strange upsetting feeling that tugged at her chest at these words. She knew that the feeling was completely irrational. She had no reason to assume that Melanie planned on hitting on her; there was no reason for her to want her to hit on her. 'I don't want her to hit on me… why would I?'

"I suppose that it is only a dance."

"Yeah, so come on."

Joy begrudgingly agreed to dance with the other woman. "Fine, if you insist." She said in an annoyed tone of voice as she allowed Melanie to lead the dance, following her steps with little to no enthusiasm.

What started out as an unenthusiastic sad attempt at dancing slowly grew heated and intimate. Joy found that her hands fit comfortably against Melanie's hips, and she enjoyed the way that her arms wrapped around her neck and her small body felt pressed against her own.

They swayed to the music, occasionally pressing flush against each other. The taller woman maneuvered her body so that one of her long toned legs was pressed between Melanie's legs, her thigh extremely close to her heated center. As they moved with the music, it would occasionally brush against the sensitive area and she could have sworn that each time this happened she heard Melanie hiss out or let out a moan of pleasure.

Melanie now had her chin pressed against Joy's shoulder and her lips dangerously close to her long neck, and as Joy rocked into her core once again she let out an even louder groan of pleasure, pressing herself down against that perfect thigh and riding it. The action caused them both to pause.

Both women were aroused.

Joy's eyes widened as she hastily came to the realization that she was turned on. She was not just turned on either; her body was practically aching with need to be touched, to be pleasured. She had enjoyed making Melanie moan out in pleasure. She loved hearing it and knowing that she was the cause, she loved the way that her heated breath rushed against her neck, she loved the way that Melanie's body was reacting to her touch. This terrified her.

"I'm sure you could have gotten a man Melanie, you didn't have to go out and buy a hooker." Elka said as she danced by.

The older woman's voice pulled them out of their lust-induced stupor and caused them to pull away from each other. Neither of them fully able to comprehend what it was that they had just been feeling, even though they both knew the feeling very well. Joy had felt aroused with men before and she knew that what she had just felt was arousal.

If Melanie would have attempted to kiss her, or touch her, she did not know what she would have done.

'Oh god, this is so wrong… She probably things that I am a total creeper. You do not just fall for your best friends, male or female… but definitely female… She probably will never talk to me again… the worst part is, I think that I am still turned on. God damn it!'

"Uh, I—I-um…" Melanie attempted to say something intelligent, but nothing was coming to mind. She could not explain how she had just acted.

"Yeah, um, I am sorry, thanks for the dance. I really need to, um… I need to get going." Joy rambled out, already feeling guilty as she witnessed the smile fall on the beautiful woman's face. She usually looked so happy and she hated being the cause of her being upset.

"But, we all came together." She pointed out.

"I know, but I-I really didn't want to stay in the first place, and you all were having fun, and I just—I need to go. I will see you back at the house." With that, Joy turned on her heels and headed off of the dance floor, back to the table where she picked up her purse, before heading out of the club. Leaving an extremely confused Melanie staring after her and already feeling guilty for having scared her friend off.


Authors Note:

This may be a little rough; I was kind of just playing with the idea. But, if y'all want to read more then leave me some reviews and I will make sure to continue with this story! :) I know most people ship Joria, but I always preferred Melanie with Joy… I like that whole opposites attract scenario. :) Hope that y'all liked reading this.

Thank you!

-Tracy Cook