Ok, so I know that the title is really cliché, but I just got back from Wisconsin and I finished the book for he third time, so I was like, I can so do this. So this is my attempt, it's modeled after my stay in Whitehall, and the Inn is pretty much where I stayed.

FYI if you have never read The Westing Game, READ IT! It's a little confusing, but it is SUCH a great book. Plus, staying in Wisconsin was really nice cause they have such nice landscape and such friendly people.

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The letter came in the mail. In a vanilla envelope, it looked normal next to all the bills, the fashion magazines, and the usual pity money David Dayle received whenever anyone found out he was an unemployed widow. He almost didn't notice the envelope, until Layla pointed it out. At age 17, standing around 5' 10" skinny little Layla was prime model material. Of course, she needed her fashion magazines to keep her updated, and when she snagged her newest copy of Marie Claire, the vanilla envelope fell to the ground.

"Got it!" she called and gracefully scooped the bulging package off the ground. "It's for….you dad." He took the package and looked at the label. The return address was from Graywall, Wisconsin, a long ways away from their Los Angeles home.

Graywall. That was familiar. Maybe one of his collage friends was from there. Only one way to find out.

Inside the envelope was a tall stack of papers. David had had his fair share of paperwork over the years. He didn't need anymore useless forms. But the paper on top caught his eye.

Please join us in Graywall, Wisconsin to discuss the matters of a financial distribution regarding David Dayle, Layla Dayle and Jordan Dayle. We will supply airfare, rentals, and have a wonderful place for you to stay. Again, please join us in Graywall Wisconsin.

The papers went on to explain all the accommodations and benefits, along with things for him to sign and accept. All David could think about was: free. His kids needed a vacation from their busy life, and there was no way that David would miss out on the possibility that his family could inherit some money and no longer be the pity of Los Angeles.

"Dad, you okay? You've been filling out that paperwork for almost, two hours. Dinner's going to be ready in like, fifteen minutes," Jordan never really talked to others, with the exception of her dad. He was never the same after mom died, and she felt the need to help him out.

"Jordan, Layla, I an announcement to make," Mr. Dayle boomed. "Start packing, because we're leaving for Wisconsin in one week!" The girls' mouths dropped.

"What are you talking about?" Layla shouted. The Dayles almost never took a vacation.

"Well, according to this letter, we are eligible for some money and they're paying for us to go out there!

"Ugh! This is SO unfair," Layla screamed. She ran up to her room and there was an audible slam of the door.

"How long are we staying?" Jordan asked.

"I don't know, pack for a month or so. These legal matters take a while."

"A MONTH?!" Layla screamed from her room.

In total, eight letters were mailed out that day. The next day, eight excited replies were sent back. And by the next week, eight parties checked into the West Oak Inn.

"Yes, yes this will accommodate both you and your mother."

"But there is only one bedroom."

"I'm sorry ma'am but this is the last room. This is paid for, and all other inns in Graywall do change an extra fee for same day check-in." Selena Sanchez looked at the West Oak Inn owner, Linda Belton.

"Fine, we'll take it." Selena hated arguing, she did enough of that with her mother. Ms. Maria Sanchez was old and a little crazy. In a few more years, she would need a wheelchair and was always taking pills.

Selena moved into her mother's house after she finished college. Her mother had called her and told her that even after ten years, Mr. Sanchez's death still haunted her and that she needed Selena to withdrawal from law school and come help her out. Selena had to say yes after everything her mother had done for her.

"Selena, stop your daydreaming and get me in this room. Mama needs some rest!" Selena helped her mother into through the door, marked with a gold number 4.

"Oh, it's stunning!" Haily Willcox cried. She had just walked through the 5th door and into a small living room. Through the door there was a one person bedroom and a small bathroom complete with a shower.

"Yes, this is the one just for you, I made sure that it was nice and clean for you." Linda Belton replied. Her country hospitality was pure and she made Haily feel special.

"And the courtyard!" Haily exclaimed again, stepping out of the building. Haily ran across the thin street into a small grassy meadow circled by a flourishing garden. There were even lawn chairs and a fire pit for nightly campfires.

"Oh, this is going to be amazing," Haily whispered, twirling her diamond ring around her finger.

"And through this door is your bedroom Shelly. And to get to Stacy and Mark's- I mean your parent's room, simply go back out to the living room and enter through this door." Shelly Blaha really didn't care, but she smiled and nodded to Ms. Linda anyway. If only her parents could unpack the car faster. But she could still see her dad huffing and puffing with their suitcases outside the door.

"One moment please, I need to help my father," Shelly mumbled. As she pulled back the springy screen door, Shelly saw a beautiful woman buzzing around the courtyard. The late morning sun sparkled off her blond waves and she looked like she was having the time of her life.

Shelly almost felt the urge to join the woman dancing around the flora. Almost. But, she had to be an obedient daughter and help her dad. And he needed the help, he wasn't looking where he was going and crashed into the space next to the door, hitting his head on a 6.

"Oop, be careful Mrs. Gilbert, you need to be careful with that extra baggage now." Audrey Gilbert clumsily made her way through door number 3, still trying to hide her tiny bump of a baby.

"Look love, they've made up the room nice and cheerful for us! Don't ya like it hon?" Donald Gilbert was excited to be traveling again. He used to have to go everywhere for his job. Yeah, it was just his job, he reminded himself. And now he was here with his darling wife, who was carrying their darling baby. And maybe, if they played some cards right, they could walk out a whole lot richer than they had come in.

"Oh hi there, I didn't even see you there, you must be Dalton," she stuck out her hand for him to shake, but it was probably a joke. He took it anyway, maybe because her smile seemed so genuine. Definitely not like the smiles from the orphanage, those were fake smiles.

"Dalton, are you going to say anything to this nice woman?" Carlinette asked sweetly. She was happy to finally have Dalton, and this was their first excursion from their home in Newark.

After a moment of awkward silence from Dalton, Linda then said, "Okay then, Mrs. and Mr. Hammerstead, this is your room…." Yada yada yada thought Dalton. He was anxious. If he messed this up, Carlinette and William would send him back. And he couldn't go back.

"Honey, why don't you play outside, I'll be right there."

Dalton walked out and sat down on one of the plastic chairs outside their door. He noticed a gold number 7 and touched it. He had never touched gold before.

"Ugh, I can't believe we have to stay here!" Layla complained as she flopped on the bed.

"Shhhhh…she might hear you," David said. Linda had just finished her briefing.

"It's not that bad," Jordan commented.

"What's bad is I only have a tiny bathroom…to share with you! No offense."

"It's fine, I won't take up much space," Jordan fingered her hair, willing it to grow out of its awkward boyish cut.

"Thanks sis I owe you," Layla called as she went, of course, into the bathroom to fix her makeup after the long flight and car ride.

"Uhhh, do something fun, okay Jor?" David stumbled.

"Sure dad. I'll try," Jordan replied, almost positive there was nothing that could make her have fun. That is until a boy with midnight black hair walked past her door. She heard him mutter, "2…3…4…" and listened until she couldn't hear his amazing voice anymore.

"Mr. Holten-"

"It's George. Mr. Holten was my good-for-nothing father"

"Oh, okay George, this is your room and I hope you like it. If you follow me I can show you-"

"I'll find my way around. Thanks though."

"If you need anything, just give a holler"

"Thanks," George laughed. He had never met a friendlier group of people on his way here. Everyone seemed to be totally excited to be from Graywall and was just as happy for him to be here

Walking into his room, number 8, near the end, he set his skateboard and pack down on the bed. He only had clothes for about one week, but hey, lighter pack makes easier travel. It was almost two in the afternoon, and George was hungry for lunch. He grabbed his skateboard again and headed towards town. He was aware that everyone in their little mini hotel rooms was watching him. He just hoped that they didn't see him for what he really was.

"I'm fine Linda, I've gotten around enough already."

"Okay Mr. Hopkins, I hope this is to your liking."

"If it's still like it was 50 years ago, I'll be happy." John Hopkins muttered. He waddled into his room, number 1 as he was always. He talked to himself as he shuffled to his bed, his suitcase already in the room. Linda always took care of him, and he was grateful, but he knew this time was different. He knew that this was the last time.

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