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Another day, another dawn. Haily Willcox was sitting (finally) in a green plastic lawn chair, watching her 8,028th sunrise. She had almost never missed a sunrise, thanks to her parents. They had showed her the beauty of the early morning before she could even talk about it. And even through collage, she had gotten up at literally the crack of dawn to witness the start of the new day. The sunrise was even prettier in Graywall.

She recalled her memories of the previous night, drifting off, only to be awakened by the sound of the double doors' locks clicking open. She woke everyone else up, and at around four in the morning, they all scampered back to their Inn, and slept. For Haily, it was only about an hour, but it was worth it.

I could sit here forever. Alone, and peaceful.

Peaceful? Yes. Alone? No.

Shelly was excited. There was a cat. In the bush. She (Shelly assumed it was a she) was the lightest blond Shelly had ever seen, and had blue eyes, that almost looked like hers. The cat had no collar, and it seemed to have a sort of nest in the bush, like it had been living there for a while.

She needs a home. She needs me.

Shelly slowly inched toward the occupied bush, waiting for the plump cat to realize she was creeping towards her.

The blue eyes swivled around to stare at Shelly. But they didn't run away.

Shelly was close enough to notice the cat's golden streaks running through the pale fur. She reached out to pet the pussycat, and softly, slowly, made contact with her ears, and slid her hand down the cat's arched back.

She purred. Shelly smiled.

This vacation just got so much better.

David was up, too late it seemed. The air didn't smell of perfume: Layla was gone. The black jacket on the bedpost was missing: Jordan was gone. Alone. At last.

Dave savored the moment, leaning back and thinking, hard. Last night had been…nice, actually. He enjoyed spending the night at the beautiful Manor, but was definitely happy to be back.

And Selena, she seemed good hearted. And she was alone, too. She was alone, and she had a duty to take care of someone she loved. But she didn't have someone to take care of her.

Like me.

David shook out his head. He needed to get ready and see what was happening. Maybe he would be on time for breakfast. And who knows what they would talk about today.

Chaos. That was the only word to describe it.

George was sitting in a sea of chaos, also known as the breakfast table.

Around the breakfast table, was a quaint scene. The breakfast room took up most of the main building. It was a smallish room, but had enough space for everyone, plus shelves to house Linda's collection of eccentric places, teapots, and other chinaware.

Then there was breakfast.

Milk, juice, and water, all in old style glass pitchers, sitting in small tubs of ice, just screaming Wisconsin. There was a muffin tower, filled with blueberry, chocolate, corn, bran, and some kinds George didn't recognize. There were slices of a corn-like bread, that had sugar frosting around the edges. George found the bagels fast enough, eating two with cream cheese and butter, and snagged a banana from the endless fruit basket.

George got close, so very very close to getting out the door, when suddenly, Maria shouted,

"Come and sit down boy! It's about time we all get some talking with you!" George couldn't say no, as everyone around the table was looking at him, waiting for him to sit down and be part of their discussion.

Maria patted an open seat between her and Jordan.

"Now come here and sit with your partner!" Maria beckoned.

George shuffled over, and sat down. He started to peel his banana, ignoring everyone's chit chat.

"That's a…a nice looking banana," Jordan mustered. George gave her a weird look, and Layla laughed from her seat across the table.

Jordan got up and left.

And our partnership just keeps getting better and better.

Dalton was a little overwhelmed.
There was food, lots of food.

There were people, lots of people.

There was talk, lots of talk.

There was noise, lots and lots and lots of noise.

All of which he had not seen much of before. Then there was Shelly, or rather, the lack of her. She wasn't there, and Dalton felt alone, and lost. Carlinette had slept in, tired from last night's fiasco. And William was of no help, he simply talked along with all of the noise, added to it if anything.

Dalton needed space. He got up, trying not to draw as much attention like that other girl had when she left.

As soon as he got out of the screen door, Dalton instantly spotted Shelly, sitting on the ground, almost inside of a bush. Her hand and most of her face was in the tall, wheat-like bush, and Dalton thought he saw a movement inside.

"Honey? Where are you going Dalton?" Carlinette asked sleepily.


"Oh, there's Shelly. Were you planning to talk to your partner on this lovely morning?" Carlinette's smile was pure, as she half-hugged Dalton. "Go on," She pushed, and Dalton was suddenly walking toward Shelly.

Shelly was still in her pajamas: a long, gray pant with a coral top, that proclaimed loadly: MAINE FOR ALL.

"Hi Shelly!" Dalton greeted loudly.

Where did that come from? I'm gonna scare her off. Stupid.

"Oh, hi Dalton," Shelly looked up from her plant only for a second.

"Whatcha got there?"

"Oh, well….come over here," Shelly whispered.

Dalton crept over toward Shelly, leaning over and softly brushing her shoulder. His shiver was stopped when he looked into the grassy patch. There was a cat. In the bush. What next? A duck in a bush?

"Dalton, meet Sunshine, but you can call her Sunny,"

"Wow, her eyes…..they're like-"

"Mine I know," Shelly smiled.

"So she's yours? You're going to take her home and everything?"

"Well, that's the complicated part. My parents don't exactly know, and I don't think they'll be the most accepting."

"Hmmm…maybe you don't need to tell them right away. We could hide her for a while."

"I don't know, I don't like lying to my parents, and it's worth a shot to ask…"

Of course I shouldn't lie. Carli and Will could send me back, and then, who knows…

Shelly picked up the cat and started walking towards her room, leaving Dalton alone with his scattered thoughts.

And she left me. Of course.

"You coming Dal?" Shelly turned and smiled. Dalton smiled back and walked with her into door number 6.

Mark Blaha was sad. He had been sad for a while now. It had been what? 8 months?

That one night, he was the saddest he had ever been. He made a list of some of the worst moments of his life, and it had topped it. It was a feeling of alone, that he was the only person that could help himself, and he believed it. He fell into the shadows, and let Carlinette take the reins.

He let Shelly do her own thing, and didn't weigh down his troubles on her, he was a good father, he told himself.

He was a good father.

Audrey sat in her chair, right out side her door, right next to the golden 3. She sat and knitted a bit, taking in the air of the country.

Then Haily ran up.

"Audrey! Audrey!"

"I can hear you Haily," the older woman clumsily stood up.

"So guess what?" Haily twirled her ring again. Over and over. "I rounded up some people. Me, George, Layla, Jordan, Selena, David, and do you know where Dalton and Shelly are?"

"What are you guys doing?" Audrey inquired.

"Well, we're going into town to look around, maybe even shop a little, get in the groove of things."

"I'm in, I guess," Audrey sighed.

"Let's go!"

Donald sat in his room. There were the two women (Carlinette and who?), chit chating away outside on their lawn chairs.

And where was his partner? Sitting in his room, lights off, curtains drawn. Or he was in town, being the old coot that he was.

Well I've had enough of it, and I'll do this without him, just like I did it without Audrey.

There was silence, there was tension, what was happening? Was this for real? Was this really happening? Could he-?


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