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200 years ago, I was imprisoned in a box tied in chains, where I was to spend those 200 years, alone with my thoughts in the darkness. Turned into a vampire by the doings of a witch, that wanted what I did not, and the one responsible for Josette jumping by force off the cliff and dying. The one responsible for the many wrong turns in my family. She used to say she was the one big fish in this little pool, and she would threaten my family because I did not love her. When I was released from that dark box, I was relieved to find Victoria and my beloved Collinwood. Being responsible for several deaths, has been harsh. That horrible day the witch had sent my beloved Vicki off the cliff, replays in my mind. My jump to get to her before it was too late and the shock that hit my body when I finally collided with the rocks below. I remember it all. Every single second of it. Even that moment Josette was returned to me after Victorias sudden jump. Down on the rocks in the pool of ice cold sea water, I remember looking down at her face. She was a vampire now also.

Since then, my long distant related family members, Josette and I have rebuilt our beloved home, this time, with slightly more style from this century but leaving bits from those many, many years ago to remind us of what we have. David regularly talks to his mother, although we ourselves cannot see her, we believe him. Carolyn is doing well and Elizabeth has been helping her with her struggles. I fear of the day I shall lose them, but for now, I must enjoy this generation, as family, is the key in life...


•••••••CHAPTER 1••••••••••

We sat at the table, chatting noisily. Our meals barely touched. I watched as Carol silently stood up and switched on the radio. She began her now usual, light and flowing dance around the room. She appeared more open and chatty to everyone these days. It warmed my immortal soul. I felt this family was finally coming along. Getting back to where we all should be.

Since my release from the box I had spent 2 centuries in, after a fair bit of time, I have finally began to accept the world of today. But I cannot abandon the clothes I once had many of, from 200 years ago. Not yet at least.

"good day my love" Josette greeted as she sat down swiftly in the seat next to mine. "oh, Josette, good morning. How did you sleep?" Elizabeth asked her. "she slept with her eyes closed" Carol butted in. My love smiled at that. "very well thank you." I gripped her hand from under the table.

"how about we go on a girls day? NO boys allowed" Carol questioned, smirking at her adopted brother. "carol!" Elizabeth replied after seeing the smirk. She rolled her eyes. "why I am quite fond of that idea." Josette said smiling as usual. Carols face lit up.

A few minutes later, she stood up. "let's go and have some girly fun then" she cheered. The other two stood up and left the room. Josette leant down and kissed my cheek. "morning Barnabas". I smiled. "hello my love" I said standing up and moving in closer to her. She hugged me tight. We pushed our lips together in rhythm with each other. Minutes later, sensing eyes on us, our lips left each other. Josette placed her hand on my cheek and rubbed my vampire pale skin. "see you later Barnabas". "have fun my love" I cried as she left the room. That's when I noticed Carol standing at the door, grinning.

"when are you going to ask her?" David asked.

"ask her what?"

"you know..."

I stood blankly at the two.

"when are you going to ask her for your hand in marriage?!" Carol cried.

"you think I really should?"

"no duh! You are obviously meant for each other! Over 200 years and you are still madly in love, there's no question about it!"

"we can help you" David commented. "both of us" Carol added.

"alright, you two... Better use our time wisely" I said pushing in my chair. The two smiled brightly and literally ran out the door, dragging me with them.

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