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••••••••CHAPTER 3•••••••••

"so you used to play down here when you were young?"

"that is true my boy, but I do not recommend it at the slightest."

We strolled back up into the main office room in which holds that very fire-place we had recently stood underneath. I closed the fire-place back up and we lit the fire.

"Barnabas, what are you going to do when we all die?" David asked clearly shocking me.

"David, I do not like to think of that. Adding the fact you shall not be labeled as dead for many more years to come."

"I know Barnabas... Can I be a vampire like you?"

"No. That is strictly forbidden. I will not have you too go through this excruciating pain. This is mine and mine only to hoard for all eternity"

"what about Josette? You let her become a vampire."

"...I... I needed to do that,my boy." I say.

"I want to live forever just like you"

"David... Listen for a minute. You really don't want to be this sort of creature," I tell him, pushing him to see his reflection in the mirror. "you lose those gorgeous looks you have here today. You have an un-sufficient need for blood, which in my case, is very hard to find. You are left with a life full of pain. No matter what happens, you Cannot die."

"...pain... Forever?"

"indeed it is... You become this hideous creature"

"you're not hideous. Neither is Josette."

"I am... Astounded by such words. But I will not allow you to become such creature. Neither will your family."

"it must be really bad then, aye?"

I nodded. "aye it is."

We walked up a flight of stairs and into my room in which my coffin is. It's pure black paint glistened in a stream of light. The gold trim around the outside was a new addition, as well as the newly cushioned interior. Deep blue velvet.

I ran my fingers down the sides.

"Barnabas... What are we going to do about Josette?. You can't keep taking it in turns to sleep at night, you know."

I sighed. "that is correct..." shaking my head I tried to come up with something.

"what about a... Double coffin?"

I looked at him. Surely he was joking right? It would cost millions to get a custom-made coffin of that size!

"but how?" I asked. He smiled.

"I know a woman who is selling some coffins for a fair price. We could edit them our selves, build the sides back together?" he suggested. I couldn't help smile at his bright idea.

"right then! Let's get to it" we put some of our best clothes on and left for a stroll into town.

The walk was long and tiring until we found an old and abandoned horse wagon behind some over growth on the side of the road.

"agh... Good times my boy. Good times... But today, I must admit, these days are much preferred."

"um... What is that?"

I looked at the boy for a minute, trying to work out if he was joking or being serious.

"this is a horse wagon. Used to carry coal and such across the country. Now all we need is a horse..."

"oh... I've never seen a wagon like this before..."

I was swept away into my thoughts. My memories of the days before this creature claimed me.


I didn't notice.


"oh dear boy. I'm sorry. I got a bit... What was it David?"

"you're on fire..."

"what?" I asked. "oh..." I said as I noticed the fire on my right shoulder. David ran down a little hill and returned with an old rusty bucket of water.

"thank you" I said as I tossed the water onto my back and shoulders. I moved the umbrella back over me to prevent the sun rays from reaching my pale white, vampire skin. The fire sizzled and went out.

"I should be a bit more careful.." I muttered. David just smiled. We wheeled the wagon out and sat in it, right on top of the hill... Down we went. David laughing like a mad man the whole way down. As we reached the bottom of the hill, the wagon began to slow.

"hold on" I told him just as the wagon started to tilt and the arms scrapped at the road.

We jumped out onto the ground and pulled the wagon over behind a bush, hiding it from prying eyes.

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