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"Hello Mrs Montré" David greeted. Mrs Portia Montré was a short old woman with lots of grey hair tied back into a very loose bun. She had a navy blue dress on and a cream coloured apron that was covered in flour. Her glasses rested softly over the bridge of her nose.

"Why hello David!" the elderly woman cried. I watched David's smile creep across his face as she ruffled his hair and adjusted his collar. I stepped forward and held out my hand for her to shake.

"Good morning Mrs Montré. I am Barnabas Collins" I greeted. She took my hand with her own very frail hand and shook it firmly.

"Ahh Barnabas. It is so lovely to meet you" she said. I looked at her old weathered face and smiled.

"As it is to meet you" I said kindly.

"How can I help you gentlemen?" Montré asked. David stepped forth. "We are after some coffins" he said slowly. The old woman smiled. "Wonderful! Wait, what for?" David tensed up.

"David and I are doing some decorating back home and we thought a coffin or two would really give it the finishing touch" I added quickly.

"Sounds interesting. My husband used to build coffins himself and somehow I ended up with these when he passed on" she said, leading us down a hallway and into a room with row after row of coffins. I gaped at the sight and had the hugest temptation to go back to sleep then and there. I walked down the rows, running my fingers along the paint and frames.

"Hey Barnabas! What about these three?" David called from the other end of the room. I walked to him. He showed me to the first one which was a sky blue painted coffin with silver trimming. I shook my head. "Too bright" we walked to the next one. This one was gloss black with red side trimming and navy inside padding. The other one was a plum purple with gold trimming and angels carved on the sides. I turned to face Mrs Montré.

"How much would you expect for these two?" I asked. She shrugged. "I don't need them. There's only one of me. I'll take $20 for each" I smiled. "We will take the both of them" we shook hands and I paid.

"Son! Can you come help these gentlemen carry their purchases outside?!" Mrs Montré called. A man around his early 20's came thundering down the stairs and helped us to carry the coffins outside.

"Question guys... How are you going to get them home?" he asked. David and I looked at each other with blank expressions.

"We have a horse wagon but no horse" I announced. The boy shrugged. "You can have that horse there. She's young. I just don't have the time anymore. Free of charge"

David and I hauled the coffins up onto the back of the wagon, set up our new horse and began our journey back up the hill, around a couple of hundred corners (possible over exaggeration) and up the driveway.

"They aren't home yet" David announced after a few minutes. I smiled and lead our new horse into the stables around the corner of the house. We pushed the wagon behind the shed and set up the horse with food, bedding and water.

"What do we do now Barnabas?" David asked me. I smiled. "Now my boy, now we draw our plans" I told him, placing a hand on his shoulder and walking him inside.

We walked inside and sat down sat down on the living room lounge. I thought for a minute.

"I have to most glorious idea!" I announced. He looked at me with confusion. I smiled, my fangs resting on my bottom lip as I did so.

"What is it Barnabas?"

"We leave the coffins the outside style they are but alter them slightly. We add a bit to the top and bottoms and join them together... Then we take out the inner lining and replace it with a softer black one. Paint the inside black..." I drifted off, getting very excited.

"Sounds nice." David answered, smiling brightly. "Where do we start?"

I stood up and looked out the window at the stables. The horse was eating hay.

"We take out the inside lining, neaten it up and then we paint" I said with full belief in our abilities.

"Let's go!" David cried, standing up and rushing towards the coffins outside.

'Children are such interesting creatures... I do wish for my own, one day, but I don't want them to suffer this life' I thought.

Before the girls returned, we had managed to take out the lining of the gloss black coffin and let it air out before we painted it tomorrow. We hid them both in the far stable room and welcomed the girls home.

"Afternoon Barnabas" Elizabeth greeted. "Afternoon to you too" I replied. Josette walked up to me and ran her hand down my cheek.

"Hello my love" she whispered in my ear. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close to me. She giggled. "Oh Barnabas!"

"David and I had a wonderful time" I told her, breathing down her neck and giving her goose bumps. She giggled again and playfully hit me.

"I'm sure you did. What did you boys get up to?" she asked me. I turned my head, winked at Carol and then looked out the window again.

"We got a horse" I announced. Everyone's faces lit up and they all rushed towards David and I.

"Oh my gosh! Where?!" Carol begged. Honestly, I did not expect that reaction from Her. I smiled, which I had done a lot of lately

"She is in the old stables. First block. Portia Montré's son gave her to us. No price." I informed them all.

Carol and Elizabeth bolted out the door and I managed to catch David's smirk. He winked and ran after them, leaving Josette and I alone in the room.

"So, what do you want to do?" she asked, pressing her body against mine again. I brushed a strand of hair off her face and tucked it behind her ear.

"I don't know. I was thinking of sitting here all day" I played. She rolled her eyes.

"I love you Josette" I said in between kissing her.

"Shhhh" she said. She kissed me on the cheek. My eyes did not leave hers once.

"Life starts now Barnabas" she whispered. Somehow, I knew I would hear those words again soon. I pushed that thought to the back of my head and smiled lovingly at her.

We kissed a last time before going and tidying ourselves up before dinner.

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