Hey guys new story here. I started writing this in about late June 2012. in this sotry, Tracy Beaker is here, she hasn't left the Dumping Ground. Sapphire and Cam come in as guests, but Sapphire doesn't live at Elm Tree House. Gina doesn't come on this holiday. Please tell me what you think.

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"Everyone!" Tracy Beaker shouted. "In the living room, now! We have to discuss the holiday plans for summer."

It was July 2012, and The Dumping Ground was preparing for one of its finest summer holidays. All the kids had finished school, so they were all anticipating what the care workers had sorted out for them.

As for Tracy Beaker, she had volunteered to go on the vacation with the care home. Cam was off on her own, abroad in Russia.

"Come with me," Cam had urged her. "It's about time you joined me to trek parts of the world for my research and reports. It might do you good for once, Tracy."

"No thanks," Tracy said. "I couldn't go on holiday with you. No one goes on holiday with their mum when they're 22. I might be a burden to you while you're sitting there mumbling about the Bolshevids."

"Bolsheviks," corrected Cam. She was going to Russia to research the different causes of the Russian Revolution. "You're probably right; I wouldn't want to drag you all the way to Eastern Europe to bore you out of your life."

Cam was only half-right. The true reason to why Tracy wanted to go with the Dumping Ground was because she didn't want to be alone. A lot of other people surrounding her would make her feel a lot more comfortable. If it was just her and Cam, then she would feel plain and empty.

Now all the kids were gathered in the room, eager to hear what Tracy and Mike were going to say. The buzz of excitement was in the air as the kids grilled Tracy, Gina and Mike with questions.

"Are we going to America?" asked Tee.

"Will there be a swimming pool?" inquired Lily.

"Do we have to share the holiday with anyone else?" questioned Gus.

"Everyone, there's no need for questions," said Mike. "Tracy and I will explain everything. Sit down, people." The kids obeyed as they waited to hear the facts.

"Right," announced Tracy. "As all of you have finished school at the moment, and there's nothing else to stop us from going here, we've already booked our place for the 31st of July. That's in 21 days, it will be a Tuesday."

Mike said, "The place is called Cranning House. Now don't be disheartened guys, it is a holiday resort and we've seen the pictures."

"It's gonna be great," added Tracy.

"And very cheap, since it's in the South of England," mentioned Gina.

"It will be better than last year," said Mike. "It's not an emergency placement."

Johnny said to Tee, loud enough for everybody to hear, "Don't let out the sheep in this place, I'm warning you."

Tracy heard this and said in a matter-of-face tone, "It's in an exotic area, not a farmhouse."

"What does this place look like?" asked Gus.

Mike took out several photos and handed them around. Everyone looked at the magnificent pictures of the urban house, complete with inside luxuries and activated that the place offered.

"But Mike," said Carmen. "It says here that there are four bedrooms. How would that fit all of us?"

"Well, 10 of us can easily share the bedroom, see what they look like? They're big enough for all your things to go in."

Elektra butted in. "But last year, Gina packed away a lot of stuff. Surely there's not gonna be enough space for everything she's taking."

"Oh, that's been sorted," said Tracy. "Gina?"

"Well guys," said Gina, about to explain her bit. "This year I'm not going on holiday with the care home. I'm actually spending the summer with my husband."

"Great," said Lily. "More room for everyone else then. I mean, a lot more space."

"Watch it, you," Gina warned.

"Everyone," said Mike. "We're going to go to this place by the van, and a taxi will take us to Cranning House."

Tracy added, "Gina's only coming so she could drive the van back. And then, it'll be just us."

"So make sure you take everything you need with you," said Gina.

Everyone was preparing to get their stuff for the trip in three weeks, but how would the holiday turn out?

What do you think is going to happen?