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OK, back to "Not so fast."

Tracy turned around to find where the sinister voice had come from. Sure enough, the skeleton at the desk was now animated, standing now and glaring at the library intruders.

"Did you think that you could come into my study, look through my books and leave?"

"Hey!" shouted Tracy. "How were we supposed to know that you were alive? I tried talking to you, but you acted like you were dead."

"I am dead," said the skeleton. "Ha-ha. And although there are ten of you, I'm sure that my scimitar can help me get rid of you." The skeleton pulled out a long cutlass-like weapon from under the desk.

The kids began to panic. "He's going to fight us. Tracy, use your knife," suggested Carmen. "It's probably the best thing to use against it."

"I'm not sure about that," said Tracy. "Look at the size of his sword. He'll hack the Rath Knife to pieces. OK, ghosts come forward. He can't hit you with his scimitar. Bodies◙—back. Look for objects to throw at the skeleton. Maybe we could break his bones."

The Dumping Ground ghosts went closer to the skeleton fighter, hoping that they could confuse him while he uselessly tried to attack then. The others, Tracy, Rick, Sapphire and Elektra grabbed books from the shelves an flung them around the room aimlessly. As planned, the books went through the non-bodies of Mike, Cam and others and collided into the skeleton.

"What sorcery have you used to hide your bodies?" shouted the librarian "My weapon doesn't strike you, yet you warriors at the back can hit me with my books."

"Ever heard the expression of 'words can never hurt me'?" called Elektra. "It's not true. The books have millions of words and we're hitting you with them."

The books were all over the floor and Tracy noticed that the shelves were empty. "Rick, you grab those books from the floor. Aim for his sword."

"It's a scimitar!" The skeleton fighter pointed it out as Rick threw a massive book at him. The book was forced against the point of the scimitar and was sliced through, scattering the pages.

"Tracy," said Mike, exasperated from all the chaos around the room. "If that's how sharp his weapon is, you need to really get him!"

Tracy looked around the room for other things to throw when she saw the lamp hanging low from the ceiling. "Elektra or Sapphire. see that lamp over there? Rip it out of the ceiling! Quick. And Rick, continue throwing those books!"

Sapphire and Elektra jumped to grab the lamp out, when Elektra gave a strong yank and it was loose.

At the same time, Rick managed to aim a book at the librarian's sword hand, causing him to drop his weapon.

"Now!" called Tracy. She took the unlit skylamp from Sapphire and rushed past the transparent people. Now that the skeleton was unarmed, Tracy took her chance.

She shrieked like a warrior, bringing the lamp down over her head and hitting it against the skeleton's skull. This force of act caused the whole of the skeleton's head to break off from the rest of its bony body.

Tracy got up and inspected the state of the room. Every book was off the shelves and lying around on the floor around the floor around the librarian's desk. The lamp was also broken; it was shattered next to the skeleton's figure.

"That was hard work," said Tracy. "But it's done. I've killed a skeleton."

"Look at its sword," said Jody. "Should we take it for more protection?"

"It's too dangerous," said Mike. "Besides, who's going to carry it?"

"I could," said Elektra, happy of the thought of being a fighter, but Mike shook his head.

"We should get out now," said Cam.

"Yeah, this room was one of the creepiest I've seen," said Lily. "Please, let's just go."

They all started to leave, half-expecting the librarian to come alive and stop them.

"Tracy, take this."

Tracy looked around, and then turned to the girls.

"Take what?" She asked them.

"What?" Carmen and Lily looked oblivious.

"Didn't one of you just tell me to take something?" she asked.

Carmen and Lily shook their heads.

Weird, she thought. She looked back into the library before following the others. It was a female voice she heard. It sounded like one of the girls, but no one had answered.

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