Hey guys I'm back writing another TBR fanfic. I'm still writing my Teen Wolf, NBC, NATM, Middle and other fanfics. I just have writers block and so I came up with this to try rid myself of it. So enjoy. I hope its okay.

Chapter 1 - Marcie.

I open my eyes and listen to the drunken footsteps as they come up the stairs. I try swollow the lump in my throat but can't.

"Marcie, why'd ya gotta be like that?" My older brother Rex slurrs as he somehow manages to sit down at the bottom of the bed without falling off in his state.

I shake with fear wondering if he'll do what he did to me last night again. I feel my eyes prick with tears. I could have stopped him. I flinch as the tips of his fingers slide up my legs. I won't let him do it again. He leans over me and I feel his hot breath on my face.

"Ya cold Marcie? Maybe I can't change that"

I can smell the licker. I flinch as he toutches my face. He gets off the bed and tries to take off his shirt. Taking this as my chance I kick him in the stomach and send him to the ground. He clutches his stomach and moans.

I quickly get off the bed and rush to the stairs and to the door. I hear him call my name before I slam the door after me and start running up the road not even caring about the fact that I'm only wearing shorts and a button up top that has all the buttons missing exposing my bra. It flaps behind me along with my wild brown hair. I'm in so much fear I don't even care or notice the yells and whistles and shouts for me to put on more clothes as I push passed people incase he's following me. It wouldn't be the first time I've gotten away only to be caught again by him and brought back. But those times I was running away from the brother that beat me, not the brother who raped me.

A tight strong hand grabs a sharp hold on my shoulder and pushes down. I stop running and land on my ass. Panicing at the thought of Rex catching me again and bringing me home I start crying hard.

"Jesus love what are you doing running in the street half naked?"

I look up at the female voice shaking and panting hard. The policewomen's kindly face fills with worry.

"Come on love let's get you to the station"

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