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Chapter 12 - Market Day.

The next morning Laural woke up to the hard wooden floor and cold feet.

"Marcie.. Marcie get up"

Marcie lifted her head, her eyes still closed.

"Tell Gina to put it in the oven I'll be up in a minute"

Marcie dropped her head and yelled in pain as her head hit the floor.

"No Gina this morning Mar"

Marcie sat up and tried to rub the pain out of her head.

"You could have warned me you know" she mumbled.

"I didn't think you'd be so stupid and bang your head on the floor" Laural said smiling.

Marcie rolls her eyes and looks around the room.

"So it really happened? The shooting, the running..."

Laural nodded sadly before resting her chin in her palm.

"I'm starving"

"Me too.."

Laural got up from the ground and walked down into the kitchen in the next room.

"Oh yeah that's right, Dad doesn't come with food anymore remember?" She asked herself sarcastically.

Laural walked back into the living room where Marcie was looking out the window. She had pulled one of the dusty long curtains away from the window.

"What did you do when you needed food?"

"Usually, Dad would bring home food about once a month but he isn't coming back. I stole from a shop to feed Mave but that's how I got sent to the police station"

"So there out?"

"Yop.. Wait is today Sunday?"


"Its Market day.. Come on" Laural says as she rushes out of the sitting room and into the hall.

"Where are you going? What about Queenie and Ethna?"

"I'd rather die on a full stomach than on an empty one"

"Your crazy"

"Its what makes me" Laural says shrugging as she opens the door. "Look stay if you want"

Marcie nods before Laural shuts the door.

Marcie looked up the old broken stairs. She was bored and regretted not going with Laural to the market. Sighing she walked closer to the stairs. She gently took one brave step on the old wooden step.

She gritted her teeth and she felt all her pours open.

"Come on Marshel. Don't be a chicken. Don't you think you've done enough of that?" She muttered to herself.

She slowly put another foot on the next step.

Laural walked passed people in the crowd as she looked for one specail stall.

She smirked as she heard the noise of wooden braclets being knocked together with movement.

"Two pounds fifty please" Laural heard her say.

Laural walked up to the stall where the girl had her back to her. Her usually ginger hair was now a burgundy colour. She was still short though. But like everyone knew Evie Ross was someone who you didn't mess with.

She turned around and smiled brightly at Laural. Her hazel brown eyes shining as she realised who stood before her with her hands in her pocket.

"Laural Evans.. Well if I don't live and breath"

"Hi Evie"

Evie quickly moved around her stall to Laural's embrace.

"What happened to you? Havnt seen you in two weeks what happened?"

"I got put into care"

"How's Mave?"

Laural swollowed the lump in her throat and tried to hide the tears filling her eyes.

"Laural your crying.. I've never seen you cry before.. Its weird"

Laural sniffs and manages a small laugh.

Yep same old Evie. Says what she feels, even if it is at the wrong time or even if it hurt. That's what made everyone like her really. She was honest and protective of her friends.

"Here look I'll be done here in an hour or two, why don't you help me with the stall?"

Laural looked around. Marcie would be fine and she never saw Ethna and Queenie at the sunday market, even when they lived here.

"Yeah alright"

Marcie grinned and looked down the old wooden stairs. She's managed to get up them without hurting herself or breaking through the stairs. Which, considering their state, was a miracle in Marcie's eyes. The floors where stronger upstairs but Marcie still moved slowly and gently just incase.

It wasn't as messy upstairs as downstairs. There was dust everywhere, tree's growing in through holes in thw walls and through windows. There were two doors and a hallway and then a door beside the staircase.

Discovering that the door beside the staircase was just an old bathroom with awful smells coming from it she made her way to the next door.

The room was old and dusty and also very bare. Only containing a small make shift bed with no bedding, just thin sheets. As Marcie came closer to the bed her foot broke through one of the olf floorboards. Fear filled her body as she thought that the floor would fall down into the sitting she sighed a sigh of relief as she realised that she safe enough. As she gently lifted out her foot something sparkled in the late morning sun.

Picking up the gold locket Laural exaimed it carefully before noticing the engraving.

To my dearest Laural love Mummy 1999.

Along with the locket, Marcie discovered a small suitcase. Marcie pulled up the rest of the floor board, in which she'd broken through, the fear of falling into the sitting room leaving her mind as questions and images filled her mind.

Did Laural hide these from her father so he wouldn't sell them?

Did Laural hate her mother that she didn't want to see them ever again?

Did she ever know they were there?

Did her father hide them?

Marcie looked at the small suitcase in her hands. She won't open it. It wouldn't be right, its Laural's.

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