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Chapter 1 – The Warning

It was a wet and dreary day, which was odd considering it was June, but weather in England was always unpredictable. Astoria Malfoy hurried into her house with the hood of her cloak pulled firmly over her head in a feeble attempt to protect herself from the weather. She slammed the door behind her in fury, startling her husband who had been sat reading the Daily Prophet.

"Everything alright, dear?" Draco asked, noticing the anger in his wife's motions. She said nothing; just scowled, and made herself busy by shooting a jet of flames at the previously fireless fireplace. As she began pacing up and down by the fire, Draco set the newspaper down on a side table and came to stand by her side. "What's that old bat said now?" he asked, referring to the weekly seer that his wife had just returned from visiting. "Predicted another one of our deaths has she?" he teased her. If looks could kill then Draco Malfoy would have received a thousand jagged daggers to his heart.

"This isn't funny," she hissed at him. "It's about Scorpius." Draco's teasing smile fell immediately. He was very protective of his son, even though he thought the seer's prophecies were a load of nonsense. He wanted to give his son the security and love, Draco felt he'd lacked from his own father. He guided her to the nearest armchair and sat her down softly, before sitting opposite her, with a deep look of concern on his face. "I know you think Madame Pompinelle talks a load of rubbish, but I've been seeing this woman for years, and even when she's been wrong in the past, I trust what she has to say. And I don't care what you think, this time I feel we should heed her warning," she told him with narrowed eyes.

"Warning?" Draco asked nervously.

Astoria nodded curtly. "Beware your son's safety, or else danger will unfurl – Beware of the flower from a Weasley girl," she recited.

The name made Draco flinch. "Flower of a Weasley girl? Meaning..."

"Rose Weasley" Astoria finished for him. She leant back, looking slightly smug for some unknown reason.

"Are you certain? I mean, it's just –"

"Of course I'm certain!" she snapped viciously. "The Weasleys have always been the sworn enemies of the Malfoys, or did that little detail slip your mind?" she demanded threateningly. "That lousy piece of rubbish, Ron Weasley, married the mudblood girl whom is now known as Hermione Weasley. Their eldest, and only daughter is named Rose – it was all over the Prophet, remember? Who else could it possibly be referring to? There are no other Weasley children with a flower for a name – it's obvious!" she shrieked at him.

Draco mulled this over in his mind, before answering in a much calmer voice than his wife had. "Lily Potter?" he suggested.

She scowled. "Don't be a fool, Draco! Lily is a Potter, not a Weasley!" she spat the name as though it represented vermin.

"Well, if you think about it, Lily comes from Ginny Weasley, and Rose comes from Hermione Granger," he explained in the same calm tone.

Astoria hesitated for a moment, her mind whirring in a desperate attempt to prove that this theory was wrong, and she was correct. "That's ridiculous! You don't always have to make everything so difficult, you know. It's obviously referring to Rose Weasley, and you know that!" she accused. Draco sighed, not wanting to contradict his wife further.

"Well if you're certain..." he said meekly.

"Of course I'm certain," she snapped. "She's starting Hogwarts this year, as well as Scorpius, and also that Potter boy, Albus. We must immediately warn Scorpius to stay away from those horrid brats – who knows what dangers they will bring to him and to us as well."

"Look Tori, I think you're over exaggerating," Draco said in an attempt to calm her down. She glared at him with the same deathly stare. He sighed. "Alright Astoria, I just don't want my son to feel like he has enemies before he's even started school. I want him to be able to make his own friends and choose them whoever they may be, even if that includes becoming friends with this Weasley girl or the Potter boy," he finished in a quiet voice.

"How very touching," she sneered sarcastically. "I expect you also want him to become best friends with all the house-elves and squibs, do you?" she mocked.

Draco could no longer meet his wife's gaze. "I'd be careful about what you say, Astoria. Times have changed, and there are laws and serious consequences for crimes of inequality between magical beings. Squibs and muggle-borns are no different to purebloods in the eyes of the law now, and as for slavery of house-elves..." he trailed off, acknowledging Astoria's stony expression.

"I am perfectly aware, thank you Draco. I know of these new laws, no thanks to that mudblood Hermione..." she muttered under her breath as Draco shot her a warning look. "We will warn Scorpius immediately of the dangers that this girl poses," she said with authority, rising from the arm chair, and watching the fire flicker and dance intently.

"And what are the dangers she poses, exactly?" Draco questioned.

"Beware your son's safety, or else danger will unfurl – Beware of the flower from a Weasley girl," Astoria repeated, avoiding the question. She continued to stare deeply into the fire. He sighed to himself, knowing that he had lost this battle with her, and that his son would enter Hogwarts with readily appointed enemies.

For the next two months, the message was drilled loud and clear into Scorpius' mind – Do whatever you must to avoid contact with Rose Weasley. No explanation was given to the curious boy, only the repeated warning from his mother, much more frequently than his father. He never asked why, he just accepted it. For whatever reasons, unknown to him, Rose Weasley was danger.