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Chapter one: This Only Means Trouble.

Avoiding eye-contact with anyone in my peripheral vision, I made my way towards the exit of Tricks personally favoured tavern. Never had I noticed the extent of the goo-like-acidic formula had caused to my pale skin; but how could I have not?!

The substance had morphed my forearm into eerie off-putting shades of red, maroon/purple with even a few unnerving black splodges to add contrast. Surely this must have something to do with the Norn and her 'gift'. As much as I didn't show it, that creepy old tree-hugger and I weren't exactly best of friends since she witnessed the modern age of D.I.Y. in her own home; well, that's if you can call an 80s style decaying apartment with an undesirable tree planting it's ground firm in the middle of the room no matter what equipment you use to destroy it, a home. However, in hindsight, mine and Bo's is no better.

My arm hasn't known moisture since I left that 'home'. I can't stop itching the intense burn-mark I must have caught from what-ever was in that jar I broke on the floor. I thought of it as just a simple allergic reaction as we were fighting the Garuda, but now that I've stopped dying and got my sleeve up to see what's really going on, it wasn't the best of sights I'd hoped to have seen. Especially with Hale noticing.

Deeming down at my unchanged arm I swept to the door to escape any on-lookers. I'm guessing Hale won't tell anyone though. He never was one to gossip, but knowing Bo, she will soon be pondering as to where my where-abouts may be after such a dramatic battle, which I barely survived. I do appreciate her caring for me though, since I am only human she'll always protect me.

Desperately not wanting anyone on the face of this Earth to see the eye-meltingly fae-ugly sight on my now thriving body, I shook off the itchiness of its revolting persona and took in the air I needed to think straight. Breathing in, then out, in then ou- then realising the shear hideousness of the smell within the back-ally, I decided to go back in the tavern and face Trick with the question of "what in the name of all the horror movie clich├ęs is happening beneath my sleeve?!".

Walking back to the tavern in no hurry, I stopped at the frame of the door to re-think their reactions to what I'm about to say, there I stood. A few brief moments pasted by before I heard Hale speaking to Bo-bo through the shabby wooden door. Having the great intention of intervening their chat in-case of possible Kenzi-arm-info-leakage I was just about to burst in; that was before I also heard Bo hurriedly walking in my direction. I quickly began to close the door to avoid her attention but it didn't help in the slightest, I could see she clearly had her mind on serious-super-Bo-setting, heading to where she left her coat and putting it on as fast as she could.

I backed away from the door and tried to act as casual as I could even though I knew something was seriously wrong. I knew I needed to see Trick. This wasn't right. If anything, it was seriously left.

Bo ventured her way to the coat rack, receiving her favourite jacket and propped her-self up in the mirror as usual. Except, this time it wasn't usual. It was anything but usual. There was something different in the way her eyes met the mirrors reflection, as though someone had shone a shiny object where the reflection of her eyes should be. They were blue. Blue.

Bo and anyone who knows Bo, knew what this meant. She still had the evil side within her. It hadn't left. Not since the Garuda's death. It was faint, but definitely there. She couldn't believe she hadn't noticed this sooner.

Strangely, she didn't mind. No-one had noticed. Only Bo saw this. Bo had always gained control of this power that over-whelmed her before, she could do it again... if she wanted to. If it wasn't too late.

Delivering a distinct smirk upon her face, she proceeded to go and find her room-mate.

Catching a glimpse of Kenzi's body through the minuscule jar of the door, she moved as fast as fae-ly possible to see her friend since the look on Hale's face wasn't as reassuring as she would have liked. Wearing the same black leather and skin tight trousers, she seemed to camouflage into the nights surroundings like a camelion.

No-one except Hale and Dyson saw both Kenzi and her leave the Dal; despite those two women being the only ones who had the courage to bring everyone together and fight the epic battle previously in the day, not knowing whether they would survive or die trying.

Bo ignored the new colour of her eyes, passing it as nothing to worry too much about for the time being. Her main priority prompting as the well-being of Kenzi and why she took off out-side the Dal, which was highly unlike her, as everyone knows, Kenzi likes to stay for her fair share of alcoholic beverages. Hale hadn't mentioned anything more about her and it wasn't in her authority to force anything out of him at the time. If Kenzi felt strongly about something she would tell Bo, or so she thought. Nothing would get past her, and that included what-ever was bothering her today, presuming it was something to do with the blood stains on Hale and Lauren's clothing, which she daren't even think was Kenzi's until now.

Knowing Kenzi wasn't as far away as she thought, since she saw her though the gap, Bo strode for the back-ally in hope of meeting her friend and talking about what was wrong.

Kenzi saw the look on Bo's face. She had saw it before. Only a few times, but enough to know what was going on. Driven with fear and caution, Kenzi ran as far down the ally as she could to stop Bo from finding her, knowing only too well what could happen if she caught her alone with no witnesses. She loved Bo as much as any person could ever love a friend, but this was serious. There was no-way she thought there was a chance of Bo turning all evil kenevil on her after the whole blood-joining-thing but she saw the reflection and there was no denying the sight she saw. Whether it was worse than the sight of her arm, she was yet unsure.

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