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Kenzi dived towards the back of the nearest bin, trying relentlessly to hide away her fear before Bo had chance to find her.

She heard Bo burst through the fire-exit and Kenzi's pulse raised and breathing increased.

"This is it." She thought, "If it wasn't bad enough I was going to die from getting my chi stolen from my bezzie-bo, my body will be found behind a bin of Tricks' Tavern." Humour was her only way to calm her nerves, nevertheless it wasn't working. The only thing going through her mind was trying to get away from Bo before she saw her; after-all she wasn't someone who could give up her life that easily.

Bo walked slowly out into the night as the dark engulfed her. She was practically invisible in the surroundings and Kenzi could barely see her behind the bin waiting for her to walk past so she could escape. She wasn't entirely sure if there was a blue colour to her eyes but she couldn't take any risks, this was a dangerous fae we are talking about here; as much as we all try not to admit it: Bo could easily kill Kenzi if she wasn't in the right mind.

Her arm felt as though someone had scolded it with water. She knew it wasn't right, it was worse than only a few minutes ago. Unable to see her arm in the dark, it was impossible to make out a clear distinction between previously and how it looked now. The pain was definitely increasing, if she wasn't hiding away from Bo she would have already spoken to Trick by now.; way before now in-fact. Her mind was now only focused on stopping the pain she was enduring, nothing from her past had ever felt as bad as this, and she couldn't bare it any longer.

Bo cleared the exit and made her way to the back of the alley. Hearing her shout 'Kenzi!' for numerous amounts of time in the distance, Kenzi soon strode from her position in a crouch and ran to the exit door of the Tavern.

"Kenzi?" This time the voice wasn't anywhere near 'in the distance', it was closer, so close she could feel the breath of Bo down her neck.

"H- er, HI Bo! I'm just going in, got some air, now g- going in alright? Alright. Bye." Kenzi tried to avoid most of where the conversion could lead by walking away, but with Bo on her back it wasn't so simple.

"Yeah hi.. what's wrong Kenzi?" She looked at Kenzi with the eyes of an angel, nothing evil in her presence. It was silly to think there was, as far as Kenzi could see, she was completely normal, nothing strange or odd about her in any way. Perhaps the blue was just something that caught on her reflection in the mirror and it was just her pain-ridden arm that was putting her off from the reality of it all. Bo was fine. Her arm was not.

Bo's gaze was looking deep into her, in an interrogative manner. "Nothing, I just need to see someone. Can we leave this till later, I really need to be somewhere.." Kenzi mumbled, fighting the urge to scream with pain and irritation the burn was causing her. She swiftly stepped back and pivoted on the spot to return and see Trick in his bar, but as she done so Bo grabbed her arm gently in encouragement to talk. The pain, which was unbearable even for her, vanished.

"AHHHHHH!" Kenzi screamed as she expected the pain to take it's hold on her.

"Whow. Sorry!" Bo quickly retreated her hand from its place on Kenzi's arm. "What' wrong?!"

Kenzi's strained face returned to its normal perky characterisation, then to a state of confusion... "Why are you saying sorry, nothing's wrong? Haha.."

At this point the confusion was mutual.

"What do you mean 'why are you saying sorry?' I just hurt you, are you alright, you screamed?!" Bo's looked deeper into Kenzi then chuckled in amusement followed by her confusion. Kenzi stared back with the same expressions, however more confused as she hadn't remembered screaming at all.

"I didn't scream, you should go get your ears checked out, nothing's wrong. I just came out here to..." Kenzi trailed off unable to remember why she came outside or what even happened since she saw Hale at the bar."...I don't know Bo."

" What do you mean you don't know? Can't you remember?" Bo's look of amusement vanished and became a distant blur, if this had something to do with the battle, she would never forgive herself for letting Kenzi be a part of it. Kenzi stared back with increasing concern, she racked her brain to remember what had happened but it was blank. She knew she told Hale she needed some air, but had no idea why.

The little I could remember was scaring me. Why did I have to go get hurt by that berserker? I wonder if that's why I needed some fresh air: to get away from everyone and have a bit of room to breath. After-all I did lose a lot of blood. Oh son-of-a-fae, Bo doesn't know I got hurt! I can't say that to her, she'd go all freak on me and probably go on a killing spree, I'm joking that's not like Bo... Unless she has some of that evilness still in her which is impossible, her eyes are the same as they have always been and she hasn't hurt a single fly.

"Bo look it's no-thi-ng but a chicken wing, I'll just go get some alcohol. It's al' gooodd."

"If your so sure, because Lauren is there if you need her you know. You's may not get along much but if it's a matter of your health-"

"Bo. It's fi-n-e. I just thought I forgot my purse at the tavern but nothing to do with my health. I'm fine. Trust me."

That wasn't the cleverest thing I've said since I wasn't sure myself if this was just a one time memory thing or if it was something greater. I linked my arm with hers and we escorted ourselves back in the tavern to mingle with the super-fae-ros. Besides, I had to thank Hale and the heart-break-doctor for saving my life.

With Kenzi at my side we walked in the bar. I swear I saw Kenzi spying on me through the door before, but I'm not too sure - she seems to be acting odd though I've got to say. Maybe I should talk to trick, but what will that solve? She wouldn't trust me any more than I trust her right now if I done that.

Perhaps Hale knew about this strange behaviour, or Lauren. Either way I have to ask where those blood stains were from.

Bo unlinked her arm from Kenzi as she scuttled off to the bar as fast as she could without looking suspicious. It hadn't stopped Bo from keeping an eye on her, she'd never seen so .. 'not quite there' before.. it was bugging her. If someone was messing with her friend they would know about it. She looked at her friend then walked over to Hale, still at the place she last spoke to him, and with Lauren. Perfect.

Kenzi studied Bo's conversation with Hale from the bar, trying to figure what they were talking about so intensely.

"If you stare for long enough they might die of old age, Kenz." She turned her head to view Trick at his workplace as usual, giving her a glass of scotch on the house. Distracting her from her glares, she replied.

"Wha- oh. I was just in a trance that's all."

"Yeah, right. Kenzi what's up, you seem distracted.."

Kenzi debated whether to give him the straight answer of telling him about the memory problems or just load him with lies, but she really wasn't in the mood to come up with the lies after feeling a bit drained.

"Trick. I don't know what's wrong or if it's important but I've been having trouble - figuring what to do about Nate." Kenzi shook her head and tried to elaborate; that wasn't at all what she was going to say. She was going to say what happened with her memory and Bo but- but..

"Kenzi, I thought you already decided what you were doing. You said you'd stay here, for Bo. Nate can't get inv-" Trick stopped mid sentence as she interrupted.

"Trick, no noo- wait, slow down. I wasn't going to say - about how I feel, but I really don't know if I've made the right decision." Kenzi was flabbergasted by herself. This was really getting on her last nerve. She wasn't even thinking of Nate at all, it was like she was having a battle to control herself and what she said. Trick hadn't noticed this difference in herself, she was trying to say what she wanted but there was no use. Standing up and walking towards the small blackboard of the menu she tried to write what she was saying instead. Picking up the chalk and fighting with her herself and ... herself.

It was no use. She had no control over her words nor actions, it was near impossible to write anything she wanted on the board or even get the chalk close enough to write, it was as though someone was holding her back mentally.

Blind with worry, Kenzi walked up to Dyson to see if it wasn't just Trick that was stopping her somehow. She tried and failed, then Hale began to speak to her but nothing got out, just pointless babble about things completely unrelated to what she was trying to get across.

With all her close friends totally unsure of what was wrong with her or didn't even know anything was wrong at all she was about to give up when Bo decided to talk about her earlier collision with the blade of the berserker. Bo had that look she had when determined to do something, Kenzi could see it from a mile off. Gaining her breath from being in utter panic within her consciousness, Kenzi spoke to her closest friend of them all whilst everyone was on their last round before closing time.

"Kenzi you never told me you got hurt! I was just talking to Lauren- are you alright, I'll hunt that man down I swear I- -I- What's wrong?"

How much Kenzi was fed up of people asking her that was unreal. Feeling as though she was about to explode with emotions, tears ran uncontrollably down her cheeks. 'Yes!' She thought. 'Maybe this was going to indicate something really was wrong.. surely'. She'd just have to not talk about it, otherwise who-ever was controlling her might lead Bo off track. Come on. She has to notice something is seriously wrong otherwise I'll have kick their ass myself or act like a loony .. whichever comes first.

Bo looked ever closer at her and immediately dived her friend into a hug. "Trick. Something's wrong."

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