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Ratchet was sort of surprised when the human children were able to push the spark extractor though the groundbridge.

"This thing is HEAVY!" Miko exclaimed irritated as she gave it a kick.

It began to glow strangely and it exploded engulfing them and the world surrounding them in its strange light.

"MIKO we needed that!"


"Ratchet, Ratchet old friend." A far-away voice said.


The said medic on-lined his optics unaware at first of the transformation.

When did the ceiling get so high?

"Doc, we have an interesting situation."

Ratchet groggily sat up to face Bulkhead who said the last comment.

Only to receive the worst shock of his life, Bulkhead was HUMAN!

He had greenish hair and was –as the humans say it- ripped, he also had dark skin. He wore green camouflage pants and a lighter green tanktop with combat boots.

Ratchet looked at all of them, they all were human!

Arcee had blue slightly puffy/spikey hair with one large pink stripe down the middle; she had nice facial features and was sort of pale. She wore skinny jeans, a pink tanktop, tennis shoes, and a jean jacket. She was slimmer than the others.

Bumblebee looked about 17 or 18 earth years old and had bright yellow hair, and wore a black, dare I say it?, tanktop with a bright yellow jacket and pants and combat boots. And was very pale.

Optimus had slightly messy blue hair and stubble. He was sort of tan and wore jeans, a white t-shirt, and sturdy-looking leather boots, and a red and blue leather jacket. He was 'ripped' too.

Ratchet looked down at himself but Arcee handed him a mirror instead.

He was sort of pale too and had orange with some silver hair. Some people had laugh lines, well he had frown lines. He wore a white dress shirt with the same 'heartbeat' pattern as his alt. mode, slacks, loafers (A/N?).

The only thing that was the same as their normal form was the blue optics and their voices.

"This is soooooo cool!" Miko said with a very large smile and her face.

Well this is okay. I didn't want to be racist and make them all white. This is what I picture them as humans. Miko will be teaching them all about how to be human! Lesson 1, Gum! Stay tuned!