For my sister I Am The Blue Jay, who has chest pain. I Love You Sis!

Humanized chapter 10

The figure of Megatron stood before Bumblebee. He was tortured almost beyond all recognition.

And Bumblebee was terrified.

"Last chance scout, tell me the information I need and your death with be swift." Megatron said with an evil grin.

"And die a traitor and a coward? That's the decepticons' job." Bumblebee said braver than he felt. But it was worth it to see Megatron's expression.

"Defiant words scout." Megatron growled plunging his servo into Bumblebee's throat tearing out his voice box.

'NO!' was Bumblebee's last thought before he went unconscious…

Laughter: horrible, gleeful, laughter at the scout's pain

End dream.

Bumblebee shot up from his nightmare.

'It's okay it's okay it's okay.' He thought to himself trying to comfort himself.


The said scout jumped about a foot in the air at the sudden voice.

"Sorry Optimus!" Bumblebee said in his hoarse, scratchy voice.

"You were dreaming about it, weren't you?" Optimus accused.

Bumblebee turned away from the Prime in shame.

He never gave them details about the ordeal, just enough for them to know what happened.


"I don't want to talk about it."

Optimus sat next to Bumblebee with a sort of distant look on.

"I blamed myself for the longest time; technically you were too young to be fighting. Then…" Optimus trailed off.

Bumblebee tried to fight tears.

Still a very new experience, Cybertronians can't 'cry' in human terms. The most they could do is harsh clicking noises from their throats.

Such a strange new sensation.

"I'm sorry."

"I think what you did was very brave. You refused to give the information Megatron wanted, even at the cost."

Silence. And the tears broke free.

Optimus wrapped his arms around Bumblebee as the young scout began to sob.

No words were needed. For the first time Bumblebee took comfort in silence. But the silence he was use to was a reminder of his injury, now the silence reminded him of how words were so unneeded.

Bumblebee may have lost everything in the war but he gained a family that loved each other unconditionally.