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Legend of Zelda

Well hello everyone its me back with another chapter and school has been, well, to be completely honest, SCHOOL SUCKS. so yeah im pretty sure that most people feel that way to. But I decided that it will go to like 10 chapters or something or other. anyway enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 6, Where is he and where did this come from?

Kaseys POV

So we are headed to the Gerdo Deasert, evidently there is a group of woman bandits there, me and Jordan should ba able to take them out.

Man I hope Zed is in the twilight. I thought If hes not then what will happen if he jumps without us?

"Kasey, is something wrong, aside from the fact that Zeds missing?" Jordan asked with a worried look on his face

"No Im just worried about what would happen if he jumped without us, what will we do?"

"Im not quite sure but we will find him, we will stay at his side untill this is over."

"Untill what is over?" Leo asked

"The reason we are here is because Zed had gotten pitched through a dimention into another witch was mine, then we got thrown into another dimention which was Kasey's and finally we got thrown to here."


"What time period is this?"

"1200 years." I said

"how do you know that?"

"This." I held up a device similar to Zeds

"Thats the device, so could Zed be..." he couldent finish the sentance

"Yeah he might be, but this is diffrent from his."


"Look this one is blue his was black."

"So that means that he could still be alive and we might have a way to talk to him?"

"Yeah, he gave me the code to contact his, I dont know why he gave it to me but thank god he did." I typed in the code

"Hello? Who is this?" Zeds voice rang out of the device



"Zed where are you?"

"In the Gerdo Deasert trying not to get killed by a band of theives."

"Crap, the Gerdo are after him." Leo said

"AND THEIR AFTER ME TOO!" A persons voice rand through

"Who is that?"

"That is Sarah, she helped me out but evidently the Gerdo hate her for some reason."

Just then we entered the Gerdo Deasert.

WOW thats a cliffhanger

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