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Chapter 1 - Entering School

14-year-old Aura Moon yawned as she woke up to her Espeon, Eve, nudging her. Her dragonair, Mystic, was sleeping while her Lucario, Alex, was poking Aura's partner, a shiny mew named Sky. The same mew she had the DNA of. Her twin, Rai, opened Aura's door, with his partner Jolteon following and making sure that Rai's Gengar and Raichu weren't fighting.

"Good morning." Aura said.

"Hi. Ready to go to school?" Rai asked. His black spiky hair and emerald eyes looked different compared to Aura's, she had much longer hair and purple eyes.

"Totally! I can't wait! I might get to see other legendary gijinkas, and I might see Leo, Lea and Kai!" Leo and Lea were twins, just like Aura and Rai. Kai was Aura and Rai's cousin. The two of them kept talking until Eve used her psychic powers to tell Aura it was time to go.

"Wow. This place is so cool!" Aura said. Rai nodded in agreement.

"Aura! If you hurry and put your stuff away, then we can play sooner!" Sky said, giggling.

"What'd she say? Jolteon said that he wanted to look around." Rai said.

"She said that if I put my stuff away quickly, we can play sooner." Aura replied.

"Alright then, let's do what the oh-so-mighty Mew says!" Rai joked.

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