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Chapter 9 - Sasaki VS Jason, Gallade VS Absol!

Jason King did not want to lose. Midnight, his Absol, didn't want to lose either. Since their opponent was half psychic and half fighting, one which dark was super effective while the other was super effective on Midnight, they were studying the best way to beat them.

"What would be the best moves to use against him..?" Jason asked as he paced around his room, thinking.

"Maybe we could use my dark type moves and possibly throw in Aerial Ace as a trump?" Midnight suggested. She was currently lying down on his floor next to his bed, and she was eating a few berries.

"Huh...that would work pretty well." Jason smiled at his partner.

Sasaki and his shiny Gallade, Totsuka, were preparing for the battle. Sasaki was sitting on his bed while Totsuka was standing near his door with a berry in his hand, eating it.

"We can't use any psychic moves, so we'll have to stick with your Fighting move mostly." Sasaki said.

"Fury Cutter could work as well." Totsuka said.

"I guess." Sasaki looked at the clock in his room. "It's almost time. We better get there."

"This is the battle between Sasaki Kusanagi and Jason King. One on one, both partner pokemon." Mr. Ivy announced. "Let the battle BEGIN!"

"Midnight, go!" Jason said.

"Totsuka, let's do this." Sasaki said. "You know what to do...Spam Brick Break!"

"Wha-" Jason was caught off guard. "Use Swords Dance, then use Night Slash!" The shiny Gallade rushed forward and brought one of his hands up then down, as if he really was going to break some bricks. Of course, Midnight dodged just in time, making him hit the ground. She then used Swords Dance, and several swords appeared around her then disappeared. Totsuka repeated his actions, hitting Midnight this time. She winced but then her horn started to glow purple as she charged at Totsuka, and he took the hit.

"Use Sucker Punch!" Jason ordered.

"Keep spamming!" Sasaki shouted. This time, Midnight went first. Totsuka was about to run forward with Brick Break, but was cut off by Midnight hitting him with Sucker Punch. Totsuka was thrown back, but was still standing. He first regained his balance and then ran straight to Midnight and hit her, taking half of her remaining HP.

"Mr. Ivy, can we use items?" Jason asked.

"Oh yes! I totally forgot about that!" Mr. Ivy said. "Go ahead."

"Thank you." Jason said, spraying a Hyper Potion on Midnight and gave her an X Defense. Sasaki did the same, except he gave Totsuka an X Attack. The two of them stepped away before their pokemon attacked.

"Sucker Punch again!" Jason said.

"Use Brick Break again!" Sasaki said. Midnight, again, struck when Totsuka was preparing his attack, but this time when Midnight hit him, he stood still and hit her. The hakutaku-like pokemon let out a small noise of surprise while the Gallade hit her to the ground. She tried to escape, but then the Gallade hit her again.

"Bite! Then Night Slash!" Jason said. Midnight bit one of the gladiator-like pokemon's hands, making him let go. She escaped and then charged forward with her horn glowing purple. The Absol hit the Shiny Gallade. There was a pause as the two of them received a Wonder Launcher to use from Mr. Ivy. Jason and Sasaki both loaded their Wonder Launchers. Jason launched a Hyper Potion and a Dire Hit, while Sasaki launched a Hyper Potion and an X Attack. The two pokemon kept launching one attack after the other, Totsuka used only Brick Break while Midnight alternated between her three dark type moves. Their trainers kept launching Hyper Potions and battle items.

"We'll have to pause this match. You're pokemon seem like they could use some food." Ms. Peach said. Jason and Sasaki sighed in relief, not wanting their pokemon to go any longer without food. "I'll tell everyone when the match will be resumed. For now, Lunch Break."

Jason, Midnight, Sasaki, and Totsuka all walked off the battlefield and went to get something to eat.

"Midnight, we're going to have to finish this quickly. You think that you can use Aerial Ace to finish him off soon?" Jason asked.

"Don't worry about it. It'll be fine." Midnight replied. She was eating an Oran berry and a few Sitrus berries.

"I sure hope so." Jason replied.

"If we lose, don't worry about it." Sasaki said to Totsuka. "But I need you to practice Fury Cutter when you're done eating, that way we can try to beat them."

"Sure thing. Fury Cutter is a bit of a weak move though." Totsuka sighed.

"That's why there's practice." Sasaki said.

The four of them were back at the battlefield. Both of the pokemon were ready, both fully healed.

"Begin!" Ms. Peach said.

"Midnight, use Aerial Ace!" Jason shouted.

"Fury Cutter!" Sasaki ordered. The Gallade's hands started to glow as he hit Midnight, increasing Fury Cutter's power. Midnight only winced but she still was able to use Aerial Ace, which turned out to be a critical hit. Totsuka's HP was already down to one third. Sasaki launched a Hyper Potion.

"Aerial Ace, again!" Jason said. Midnight, once again, hit Totsuka and cut his HP by half.

"Fury Cutter!" Sasaki ordered. Totsuka hit Midnight and managed to cut her HP down to half.

"Repeat!" The two shouted. Whoever would hit first would end the battle, that was something they both knew. The Pokemon knew as well, and they tried their hardest to hit the other first. They both hit at the same time, dust rising due to the collision. Everyone stared, waiting for the winner to be announced. When the dust cleared up, the two pokemon were still standing. Their trainers were about to give them commands when one fell. And that pokemon was...Totsuka. Which meant Jason had won.

"Congratulations to Jason King and his Absol for winning the battle!" Mr. Oren said. "The next battle between Lea Star and Reinforce Yukimura will be in two days."

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