Pairing: Clones/Loki

Rating: M

Word Count: Don't know and don't care

Summary: Loki has sex with his body doubles. And that's about it.

Warnings: A little angst because Loki has feels. Oh yeah, and horribly written pr0ns.

Don't own Loki. If I did, I'd totally have him do this like ALL THE TIME OKAY.

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I honestly don't know why I wrote this, but I just have a major kink for this ship okay. Lokicest needs more love. This was in my head for a long time and I kept dreaming about it, which is bad for my health and sanity, so I had to write it down.

This is nothing like what I usually write. So if you like it, yay. If you don't like it, oh well. By the way Loki's a whiny bitch and a slut, seriously I just wanna slap him. Lots of Loki smoochin' because it's hot okay.

I wrote this during class when I was supposed to be taking notes. But homogay sex is more important than learning.

Okay so here you go.


Once he was dry, for the most part, Loki left the washroom and entered his chambers, combing his fingers through his hair for some last-minute fixing. Even though it made no sense for him to bathe beforehand, Loki was known for being very vain and worrisome about his appearance and hygiene. What people didn't know about him was his sex life. They were all under the impression that he didn't even have one. Oh how wrong they were.

With a flick of his wrist, a shape began to form in front of him, slowly developing into a solid human body. Loki slowly approached his doppelganger and tentatively placed a hand on its chest and the other on its arm. They were perfect copies of each other, except for the fact that the clone was nude and Loki was still wearing his bath robe. That wouldn't last very long.

Even though Loki had always been proud of his magic, he was particularly fond of his clones. He would never admit it out loud, but he loved them. They didn't judge him like everyone else. Sure, they had no free will of their own, except for the limited amount that Loki granted them, but for short periods of time he could pretend that he was important and loved as well.

Loki inclined his head and nuzzled against the clone's throat and jaw line, inhaling its scent. The clone swallowed then Loki fastened his mouth over its Adam's apple and sucked gently.

"Undress me," he breathed into the clone's ear. The clone immediately reached down between them and tugged Loki's robe open before sliding it off the prince's shoulders. Neither made a move to pick it up when the garment landed on the floor and pooled around Loki's ankles. "Touch me. Please."

Loki wrapped his arms around the clone's neck when it started kissing him, immediately parting his lips to allow its tongue to have access to his mouth. He felt a cool hand press against his lower back, followed by a tug on his hair, drawing a moan from his throat. He always liked having his hair pulled because it made him feel dominated, and that's what he wanted. Loki whimpered when a hand wrapped around his manhood and began stroking it. He bucked his hips once after a thumb stroked the head, only to have another hand grip his hipbone and keep him pressed against another body behind him.

Wait…behind him?

Loki separated from his clone and turned hesitantly to look over his shoulder and see who was behind him, only to find out that it was another clone. He slumped forward and his eyelids fluttered because this second clone was still stroking him.

"I never…ngh called…for you," Loki said in between gasps.

"You did not need to," the second clone replied.

"You can speak?"

"The more you use us, the stronger we become," the first answered.

Loki wasn't sure if this revelation should fascinate him or scare him. It was amazing that his creations, which at one time were unable to even take on a physical form, were able to think for themselves. It was also terrifying, because now they could think for themselves, and because he had always submitted to them, not only for experimental purposes but for his own pleasure, they could do whatever they wanted to him. He only hoped that they wouldn't choose to hurt him because of all the orders he had given them in the past.

Loki realized that he now feared them and his arms lowered from the first clone's neck and he held them close to his chest. He had to hold back a sigh of relief for the fact that the clone behind him had finally released him.

"You've no reason to fear us. You have treated us well." Loki looked doubtful, but he nodded nonetheless. "Come."

Loki looked down at the offered hand, then placed his on top and allowed himself to be led to the bed. He scooted back so he was near the center of the mattress and waited silently for what the clones had planned for him. A hand grasped his chin and turned it to the side before a pair of lips covered his own. On instinct, he parted his lips even before he needed to be asked for permission.

After he began to feel a little more comfortable with the two, he leaned back against this clone and tangled his fingers in its hair. His breath hitched when he felt his legs being spread apart and fingers teasing his nipples. Loki broke away from the clone behind him and arched his back into the mouth that was practically assaulting his chest. Sounds that would be considered anything but manly tore from his throat and he squirmed in the clone's grip now on his wrists.

"You make such pretty noises for us." Loki wasn't sure which one had said that, but it made heat pool in his belly and his cock twitch. "Do you wish to be taken?" It was the clone before him who had spoken.

"Yes. Please, yes-!"

"Mmm. He doesn't sound like he really wants it." This earned a deep chuckle which Loki could feel within his own body.

"No, please! I'll do anything you ask!"

Loki now knew it was the first clone who was speaking because this one seemed to be more in charge, despite the fact that the other had manifested on its own. He started to breathe heavily as he tried to keep his tears at bay. But he had never ached for anyone this much before, and he didn't think he could handle it if they denied him.

"Shh…shh, we know," the first clone cooed, cupping his face in its hands. A smirk graced its features when Loki sighed in relief. "Open up."

Loki was unsure as to what it meant until he felt a pair of fingers from behind him tapping his lips. He opened his mouth and allowed the digits to slide inside. He coated them in his saliva and wrapped his tongue around them It was probably his imagination, but he could swear they tasted like the shampoo he used during his bath. He released a moan and allowed his eyelids to slide shut. Just knowing that his clones really were perfect in every way turned him on.

Loki whimpered when the fingers were pulling out of his mouth, and at the last second he lightly bit down so he could hold onto them for just a bit longer. At first he thought he may have gotten himself in trouble for doing that, but when the first clone began to pet his hair gently, he knew it was okay.

"Fret not, Loki. We can do much better than that."

Loki's heart leapt up into his throat. He had figured they might refer to him as "creator," if anything at all. But he never anticipated to hear them say his name. Loki was brought out of his musings when a pair of lips covered his own, but before he could go any further, they were gone. He couldn't hold back the whimper of disappointment.

He didn't resist when one of his arms was grabbed and he was pulled down on his hands and knees. A yelp escaped his lips when a slick finger breeched his entrance, sliding all the way inside. He gripped the sheets because of the slight pain, then gasped when the finger was moved out and back in again. It wasn't long before a second, then third finger joined it and the clone began to scissor him open. Loki rocked backwards to meet the clone, and he truly believed he was going to die of bliss because of how good it felt whenever they hit his prostate.

He wasn't aware of the hand lifting his chin until he felt a thumb running along his lower lip. Loki glanced up through his eyelashes at the other clone, which looked down at him with an expression similar to adoration.

"Mmm…lovely," it purred before sliding its thumb inside Loki's mouth. Loki sealed his lips around it and eagerly sucked, laving at the underside with his tongue. What sounded like a low growl emitted from the back of the clone's throat. "Enough. Move onto the next step."

Loki couldn't form any words when both clones pulled away from him. But the one that repeated in his mind like a mantra was "empty." As if they could sense his disappointment, they began to rub their hands over his body in a soothing manner, making him shudder. He was especially sensitive on his inner thighs and along his spine, and the two clones knew this. They were created in his image, after all. He began to thrust back against the second clone, trapping its hardening cock between his cheeks. A pair of hands gripping his hips, as well as another one tangling in his hair and tugging made him whimper.

"Patience. We'll give you what you want."

The clone raised itself up onto its knees then, still gripping Loki's hair, pressed him down until he was leaning on his elbows. Loki didn't put up a fight as his head was pushed down until his face was practically on the clone's lap. Without even having to be told, Loki opened his mouth and leaned forward until the head touched the back of his throat.

Almost immediately after the first clone began to thrust into his mouth, the other wrapped its hand around his cock. When Loki tried to move against the hand on his manhood, the grip on his hip tightened. Loki knew now that they had no intention of letting him seek his own pleasure. They had complete ownership over him, but this didn't seem to bother him as much as it had before.

Without warning, the first clone pulled its cock out of his mouth with a wet noise, seconds before Loki came all over his stomach and the hand wrapped around him. It probably didn't want to take the risk of getting bitten. The next thing Loki felt was his cheeks being separated and a thick prodding at his entrance before the second clone pushed its way inside him. Even though it was still painful, it wasn't as uncomfortable as Loki had expected. He then realized that the clone had used his semen as a lubricant, considering they had nothing on hand.

Once Loki had gathered himself, for the most part, he looked forward at the other clone, which was watching him intently.

"Good?" It asked him.

"Gods yes," Loki panted. He could barely form words at all. He then glanced down at where the clone's cock was still erect against its stomach. "Oh, I never…I still haven't…" he trailed off then groaned when his prostate was hit.

"There is no need," the clone replied, noticing how lethargic the prince looked.

"Please. I want to."

Loki waited another moment before lowering himself again and taking the head into his mouth. He wrapped a hand around the base and stroked the underside with his thumb, earning a grunt when he swiped his tongue over the dripping slit. The clone reached down and gripped Loki's hair again, rolling its hips and emitting a dark chuckle.

"Absolutely stunning. If only you could see yourself right now."

This earned a loud moan and long drawn-out suck, which made the clone's legs tremble. With one last sharp thrust, the clone came in Loki's mouth. The prince made sure to clear away every trace of its essence, licking and sucking the tip greedily until he had to be pried off. Just as it was about to be questioned as to what was taking so long, the second clone stiffened before filling Loki with its seed. Loki cringed when it pulled out and almost immediately collapsed onto his side due to the fact that he had lost all feeling in a majority of his body.

Loki wasn't sure when he fell asleep, or if he had simply lost consciousness, but when he woke up he had moved further up on his bed and was laying on a pile of pillows. He was enveloped in a comfortable warmth, but it felt different from his blankets. That, and there was the fact that his "blankets" were breathing on him.

"Oh look, Sleeping Beauty awakens," a voice in front of him says.

"You are aware that we look alike," Loki deadpanned.

"That's what you think. I don't believe either of us could pull off that fucked-out look nearly as good as you can." So they looked like him and had his snarky personality. Loki could practically feel his face burning. "Not to worry, love. It's a good look."

"Love?" Loki asked in almost a whisper. He gasped when a hand from behind him began a slow trek up his thigh to his waist, kneading the hipbone with its thumb.

"You do not like it?" The clone asked, sounding genuinely confused.

"No, I do. I really do," Loki replied, shaking his head. "It's all I ever wanted. To be loved."

The hand on his waist moved in soothing circles on Loki's abdomen and he felt hot breath on the back of his neck from the face nuzzling in his hair. Loki knew this was the second clone behind him, because while the first seemed to talk to him more often, this one liked touching him. Loki then felt a pang of guilt for distinguishing them using numbers.

"Do you have names? Up until now I've only known you as 'First' and 'Second' because of the order you appeared."

"You created us. That is your decision," the first clone replied.

"My brain is too scrambled to do any serious thinking right now," Loki murmured, stretching his arms and legs as best as he could within the small space between the two clones.

"No rush," the first said, raising Loki's arms until they were wrapped around its neck.

Loki parted his lips before a tongue probed his mouth and let out a moan when he felt fingers teasing his nipples. His back arched at a strange angle when his leg was lifted and stretched over the second clone's hip, a hand running along his inner thigh.

"No, I can't-!" Loki panted and gripped the first's hair.

"I won't," was the whispered reply.

The clone started to knead Loki's thigh and nibble on his shoulder, making the prince roll his hips wantonly. The first nipped at various places on his jaw line and collarbone before it wetly sucked on his Adam's apple like he had done earlier. Loki's eyes rolled to the back of his head and he was unable to form any coherent thoughts. Just one stroke to his leaking cock was enough to make him come. His body slumped even more that it seemed to be sinking into the mattress.

"Will you stay?" Loki asked as the first clone used the sheets to wipe the semen off his stomach. Usually after their sessions, the clones would immediately vanish.

"Is that what you wish?" Loki nodded.

"Yes. More than anything."

"Then we shall fulfill it."

Loki couldn't hold back his smile, but he didn't think they would mind. The second clone nuzzled in his hair and entwined their legs, and when it wrapped an arm around his waist, Loki linked their fingers together. After pulling the blankets over them, the first clone pressed a kiss on Loki's mouth, temple, then forehead before lying down with Loki's head tucked under its chin. Loki was tempted to kiss his clone's throat, but he knew things would just progress further and they would never get any sleep.

When Loki awoke the next morning, he saw that his lovers stayed like they had promised. It was the best night's sleep he'd had for as long as he could remember.

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