Pairing: Avengers!Loki/Thor!Loki

Rating: M

Word Count: Don't know and don't care

Summary: AU where Loki won in The Avengers, travels back in time and kidnaps his past self whom he plans to keep as a concubine (because Loki's head is a bag full of cats and he seriously needs to get laid)

Warnings: Loki/Loki, some clone sex yay, bondage, Stockholm Syndrome, possibly non-con stuffs perhaps maybe I dunno

Don't own Loki or any other Avengers characters. Sadness.

Last chapter! Finally jfc.

Time After Time Part 13

Loki had been sleeping soundly for a couple of hours. She had suggested that they move into the bedroom because she seemed to have worn the man out, much to his chagrin and humiliation. But she told him that he looked like a total mess, not the good kind, and needed to sleep for awhile before they did anything else. She stayed awake until he eventually fell asleep, and it still took awhile for her to drift off. What brought her back to wakefulness was a large hand covering the lower half of her face.

Loki jerked around and was more than shocked to see Thor towering over her. What surprised her even more was the fact that he had one of his fingers pressed to his lips. How ironic that Thor was telling Loki to be quiet. She nodded and Thor removed his hand, then he backed away and beckoned for her to follow him. Loki glanced over at her sleeping companion before carefully sliding out of bed and accompanying the man outside.

The first thing she noticed, besides the fact that he wasn't a brainwashed zombie, was that he was carrying something in his right hand. And it wasn't Mjolnir.

"Where did you get that?" Loki asked, pointing at the glowing blue staff.

"Shh!" Loki narrowed her eyes. "The other Loki used it to summon me, but he absentmindedly left it behind after he attacked me."

"He attacked you?!"

"Shh!" Thor cleared his throat. "He choked me."

Loki bit down on her knuckle to hold back any sort of noise. Was it because of her that he got so angry? She had a feeling that it was her fault.

"So why do you have it?" Loki managed to whisper.

"We are going to use it to send you home."


"You cannot stay here, Loki. It is not safe for you here. And although he seems to have your best interests in mind, he is dangerous."

"When did you become so wise, Brother?" Thor looked over his shoulder and gave Loki a rueful smile.

"I have learned a few things from my time on Midgard."

"Well, that's good." There was a pause, as if neither of them wanted to speak. Finally, Loki decided to take the initiative. "Um…why are you able to talk to me like this? So freely."

"Because of him."


"The other Thor. He is searching for you, and his concern seems to have affected me. For brief moments, he has liberated me from Loki's control."

"Thor? Worried about me? After what happened at the ceremony, he would be knocking over tables and getting drunk with his friends."

"Well, the first one is true," Thor replied with a chuckle.

It wasn't much longer before they reached the penthouse, and they continued out onto the balcony where the Tesseract was secured. Doctor Selvig was asleep in a nearby chair and didn't seem to notice their arrival.

"So how is this going to work?" Loki whispered.

"The same way as last time: with this and magic," Thor whispered back.

"But he has restrained my magic," she hissed, holding out her wrists and showing the metal cuffs.

Thor looked at them contemplatively before holding the end of the staff over them. They tightened for a few seconds before cracking and falling to the floor with a clatter. Doctor Selvig did not awaken.

"Alright, they're off. But I am not as powerful as him. It won't work."

"You don't need to be. This is only a one-way trip."

"But I cannot go back looking like this."

"You won't. It will appear as if none of this ever happened."

"Will I remember?"

"Can you open a time portal and erase memories?" The look of defeat on her face was enough. "Are you ready?"


"We must hurry before Hawkeye reports to the other Loki," Thor said as he pointed the staff at the Tesseract. "Barton," he added at Loki's expression of confusion.

"He was here? He saw us?"

"Hawkeye sees all," the blonde replied in an intense tone of voice.

Loki decided to take his word for it. While the Tesseract is powering up, Loki tries to reach for her magic in hopes that she would still be able to use it like before. It comes to her fairly easily, and although she is not quite certain what specific magic she is supposed to be using, she figures all of it would be enough.

A strong pulse from the Tesseract sends out a strange kind of shockwave that seems to spread for miles. There is a crackling sound and then the portal begins to materialize in front of them.

"I shall try to keep it open for as long as I can, but you need to move quickly."

"Thank you, and I'm sorry. I swear I shall make everything right," Loki said, her back almost touching the portal. "You will be King."

"Thank you. Goodbye, Loki."

"Goodbye, Thor."

Loki's vision turned blue as she took the final steps and was swallowed up by the portal. Her breath was ripped from her lungs and it felt like her flesh was being twisted on her body. When she came out the other side, she would have fallen over if it weren't for the bed that caught her.


For a few moments, all Loki could do was take in his surroundings. He could break into a song and dance because of how happy he was to see the familiarity of his bedroom, something he wasn't sure he would ever see again. As Loki was pressing down against his mattress, his fingers struck something cold and metallic. He looked down to his right to see his horned helmet, and his eyes widened slightly.

Loki jumped up from the bed and took in his appearance. Not only was he wearing his ceremonial armor from the coronation, but he was no longer a woman. One less thing to worry about.

Loki, being who he was, had a system to everything he did. And that even applied to his method of dressing and undressing, specifically regarding his helmet. The helmet was always the last item he put on and the first he took off. Loki always set the helmet on his bed while he was getting dressed so he would not forget to put it on, and when he took it off he immediately returned it to its box on the top shelf of his closet. Because the helmet was still on the bed, that could only mean one thing:

"The ceremony has not taken place yet…"

Loki placed the helmet on his head and straightened out his clothes. He did a last minute check of his room, just to make sure there weren't any traces of the portal left behind that the other Loki could pounce on. He chuckled to himself at the imagery. Loki walked outside into the hallway and shut the door behind him silently. After checking to make sure there was nobody else wandering about, he pulled together what remaining magic he had left and summoned a doppelganger.

"Attend the ceremony in my stead. I have other matters I must attend to."

Without another word, the two Lokis headed in opposite directions, the clone towards the throne room, and the creator to the weapons vault.

Loki cloaked himself in the dimness of the vault's many shadows as he waited for the Frost Giants to arrive. As he would never get to hear Laufey say: "'The House of Odin is full of traitors.'"

The prince knew they had come when the temperature of the room dropped drastically. How they were able to sneak past Heimdall at all was a mystery. He waited as the Frost Giants approached the Casket of Ancient Winters, and when they were near enough that it was almost too close for comfort, Loki stepped out from his hiding place. He pulled out two small knives, and one of the Frost Giants seemed to have spotted him in its peripheral vision because it whipped around first, followed by the other. By then, it was too late.

Loki threw the knives and they imbedded themselves in the Giants' chests, deep enough that it would take a strong pull to remove them. Using his speed, Loki drew another knife and individually slashed each one's throat while they were trying to recover from just being stabbed. Both fell to the floor in a large heap, and Loki knew that the guards would be coming by soon to do their routine scan of the vault. Quickly improvising, Loki shrunk the two Giants by turning them into mice, the two knives clattering next to them. Maybe he could find a hungry stray cat somewhere.

A noise somewhere caught his attention, and it took a moment for him to realize what it was: clapping. This brought a smile to his face, and Loki had a feeling that the applause was so loud because the other Realms had joined in the celebration.

The End yay


I saw someone on Tumblr with "persephone" in their url and it made me realize that this story is kinda like the Hades & Persephone myth. No seriously, read me out!

Persephone's frolicking and picking flowers and minding her own business and shit…Hades pops up out of the ground and kidnaps her.

T!Loki's changing clothes after the ruined coronation and minding his own business and shit…A!Loki comes out from hiding behind him and kidnaps him.

Persephone eats pomegranate seeds and has to stay with Hades for an extended amount of time.

T!Loki is impregnated and has to stay with A!Loki for an extended amount of time. Oh yeah and sorry no baby. Eheh don't kill me plz.

Demeter is losing her shit on Earth and asks Zeus to have Persephone returned.

T!Thor is wondering where T!Loki is, and the reason why A!Thor is able to break out of A!Loki's control over him is because of T!Thor's concern for T!Loki. That totally makes sense stfu I do what I want.

Zeus sends Hermes down to the Underworld to bring Persephone back to Earth.

A!Thor helps T!Loki return to his own time.

Aww yiss.