My Ventus Prince Authors Note

Hi everyone I know some of you are sad that Alice died but don't worry the sequel will be shunXalice ;) I totally warned you to not be comfortable of the story hehehehe anyways I've seen some of your reviews I know right no one expected it? But Don't Worry The sequel is just down below

Sequel to My Ventus Prince. Shun was devistated when Alice died since his the Ventus Prince he had the chance to be with her. But they must escape and find their way back to be together. Will they make it? or will they be too late and Shun has to lose his throne.

Told ya and I would never make a diffrent couple even with my OC? HHAHAHAHAHAH XD like I'll do that anyways I might upload the sequel after I finish The One For Me or The 5 Witches. So many stories to do and yay I've completed 2 X) and also that's all.


Me: I'm dead aren't I?

Shun: Yeah you are

Me: ( sigh ) I wish Alice was here she always calm ninja boy down

Shun: Too bad you made her die ( glares at me )

Me: Hey it's suppose to happen everyone love cliffhangers ;)...or hate them -.-

Shun: They hate you more

Me: Calm down no need to talk some crazy chiz

Shun: whatever

Me: Anyways That's all for authors note and these are some character infos that are in this story or will appear on the sequel PS not posting new OC's

~Runo - Haos Kingdom Princess

~ Julie - Subterra Kingdom Princess [ Boyfriend: Billy Same attribute with Julie ]

~ Dan - Pyrus Kindom Prince

~ Marucho - Aquas Kingdom Prince

~ Melody ( Cody ) - Alice's bestfriend that has anger issues ( LOL XD )

~ Trisha - Alice's bestfriend who loves hanging out with her friends

~ Jenny - Alice's Bestfriend same as Trisha

Well That's All so Just wait for the sequel I might add un-metioned characters so BE PATIENT AND WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL BYE