Beyond Comprehension
By: junemary

Sicily, Italy.
Main Vongola Headquarters

Sawada Tsunayoshi, known as Vongola Decimo, is sitting with his guardians in his office.

"Mukuro, you traumatized an entire town even though you manage to complete the task. Care to explain?" Tsuna asked.

"Ku fu fu fu... It was needed in the act, Tsunayoshi. I'm the illusionist, you're not. Don't try to understand." Mukuro Rukudo, the Mist, replied.

All the boss could do is sigh. Bickering with his Mist would get him nowhere. Mist is cunning after all. He would try to win his way. No matter what.

" Fine. But next time, lessen the impact on innocent people. Onii-san, can you fly to Venice to facilitate the treatment of the victims?"

"Sure, Sawada. I will treat them to the EXTREME!" Sasagawa Ryohei, the Sun, extremely shouted his reply.

"I'm counting on you." Decimo smiled and waved goodbye at his Sun retreating form.

"Do your job well, Lawn Head. Don't fail Jyuudaime"

"Take care, Sempai!"

"I expect souvenirs and sweets!"

"Hn. One herbivore down."

"Ku fu fu fu... Sorry for the trouble?"

"I'm going to the EXTREME!" Ryohei said as he closed the oak doors.

"Chrome, what's wrong? You've been silent. Is there something wrong?" Decimo asked his female Mist Guardian. Chrome's been silent since the meeting begun.

Chrome's grip on her trident tightened and blushed 20 shades of pink.

"Boss, it's embarrassing."

"We're a family, Chrome. Remember that. So, what's wrong?" Decimo smiled.

"Chrome, spill it." Gokudera Hayato, the Storm, blurted out.

"Maa, maa, Hayato. You're scaring Chrome-chan. But what's wrong, Chrome-chan?" Yamamoto Takeshi, the Rain, said sweetly.

"Yare, yare." Bovino Lambo, the Lightning, shook his head.

"Hn. Don't let me wait, herbivore. Or else I will bite you to death." Hibari Kyoya, the Cloud, said.

Chrome sighed and said, "I did something without your permission, boss. I am really sorry."

"What is it?" Tsuna asked.

"You see, since we part of the largest, most dangerous Mafia Famiglia of the world, you told us not to involve the people we knew so as to keep them from harm. But I did otherwise. "

Chrome hesitated but continued still,

"I listed your name, boss. In attending the Class Reunion of 1-A in Namimori Middle School."




"Ku fu fu fu..."


"Umm, boss?"

"Why Chrome? You know I can't go. With all that assassins on my tail, no one's safe around me. I can't just go and join the reunion and have fun. "

"Boss, you assigned me to a job in Japan last week. I ended up in Namimori after some leads. I finished ahead of deadline, so I went to stroll around the campus. I met with Mochida-san who was on his way to a meeting. He recognized me and ushered me to the room, I was curious so I followed him. They were planning for the reunion, boss. And that's where it all happened…

[Flashback ]

They are in the Archives Section. Searching for files of their former classmates for the reunion.

"We need to contact everyone." Mochida said.

"How? The profiles are so ancient."

" Gather what you can, we will argue later."

After a while, they scanned through old files and see what they can do about it. Some information retained while others are completely useless.

"We've gone our separate ways, what do you expect?"

"This is hopeless."

"Some of you might still be in contact with our other classmate's right? So, why don't you try to contact them and see if they contact the others." Mochida suggested.

Wow, he sure matured through the years, all of them thought. He's not the acting-almighty person he used to be.

Initially, Chrome had no intention of helping or whatsoever. But then Mochida came to her and asked, "How about you? Have you been in touch with our other classmates?"

"Yes. Sasagawa-chan, Kurokawa-chan, Gokudera-san, Yamamoto-san and Sawada-san to be precise."

"We've contacted Kyoko-chan and Hana. They'll be coming. Gokudera and Yamamoto, huh? The smart lazy bum and the baseball captain. They are the school's heartthrobs, our classmates will surely love to see them again. Can you contact them?"

"Yes, I can but it depends on Sawada-san, if the two will go or not."

"Sawada? As in Dame-Tsuna? What's about Dame-Tsuna that can affect their decisions?"

"Well, he's practically their boss."

"Boss? Pfft. Stop joking around."

"I'm not."

"Oh? I heard he is still a loser. One of our classmates said that he is still staying with his mom since he can't support himself."

He is leading the largest Famiglia in the world, jerk. Chrome thought

"And he is jobless."

HA! Jobless? He gives out jobs!

"He can't take care of himself. Poor Dame-Tsuna."

He takes care of over a hundred cities under Vongola protection and sees to himself that they are protected well.

"Bottom line, I am successful while he is not."

Let's see about that…

[End Of Flashback]

… Then I wrote your name boss, without hesitation."

Gokudera sighed. Woman and their antics, men are always the victims.

"It's okay boss. It's not really compulsory. So, you're not obliged to go. I'm really, really sorry that I acted rashly without your consent. And-" Chrome said hastily.

"Chrome," Tsuna eyed her, "the damage is done. Besides, I think it would be exciting to see my former classmates. Hayato, Takeshi, will you go with me?" He then smirked.

Gokudera returned the smirk, "I'll go wherever you go, Jyuudaime."

Takeshi laughed, "It would be certainly exciting, Tsuna. I'll go with you."

"I'll go with you, Tsuna-nii!" Lambo raised his hand.

"Then I'll prepare you're plane to Namimori, Omnivore." Hibari volunteered. After all, he missed patrolling on school grounds.

"Thanks, Kyoya. We'll leave within an hour." With that, the former prefect left the room.

"Ku fu fu fu… This is interesting."

"No, you'll stay here Mukuro. As punishment, do all my paperwork. No buts. It should be finished when I get back. " Tsuna said to his gaping Mist guardian.

"Tsunayoshi, how dare you—"

"I'm the boss, you're not. So deal with it." Tsuna said with finality.

Lambo stuck out his tongue to the pineapple head. And mouthed, serves you right!


Vongola Private Jet
Before Departure

"As a boss, you are not to leave the manor just because you want to have fun and attend some laughable occasion. You manage everything, from the smallest portion of Vongola to the largest affairs. Without you and the guardians in the vicinity, your enemies might take the opportunity to attack the household. Seriously, I need to tutor you more, Dame-Tsuna." The Sun Arcobaleno and the tutor-from-hell of Decimo spoke with authority. "What's so interesting about a class reunion?"

"I placed Mukuro in charge of my paperwork. This time, he can't deny me. And he is strong; he can take out an entire battalion without breaking a sweat. Besides, I just wanted to see their faces when they see me. How will they react? Isn't it exciting?"

Reborn raised an eyebrow and said, "You've gone sadistic."

"For ten years in your care, it's an expected result." Decimo smiled. Remembering the times when his home tutor trained him to become what he is now. Oh, the pains and Spartan training he endured.

"True." Reborn chuckled. "You better put that sadistic side of yours into good use. I spent ten years building that."

"You can count on me."


Fateful Day
Namimori Middle School
School Gymnasium

Namimori Class 1-A batch 19XX is a class filled with successful individuals. People are bathed in expensive attires and jewelries to signify how far they have achieved. An athlete, a doctor and etc., But one stood from the others. Occasionally, his face would pop out in the TV because of his looks and status in life. He is, after all, a stockholder of the largest company in the world; the Vongola Enterprise.

He organized the reunion in a grand manner. The reunion is a cocktail party, suited for successful people. One would say this is too much but with the caliber of a stockholder and an entrepreneur, it's just right. After all, it's not every day they would meet.

The said man's name is Mochida.

"It's been ten years! Now look at us! We've reached different heights in our fields." He stated. "Take Fumiko Hanamiya as an example." The crowd took a look at the woman in a silver halter dress. "She's our timid geek in class before and prattles about math and chemistry. And look at her now, who would have thought that she will become Japan's sought-after model! A total surprise, indeed." The crowd laughed and congratulated her in her success.

"Do you remember this guy?" a picture of a guy flashed in the projector, looking geeky and timid. "We thought of him as a hopeless inventor. No one believed him back then. We discouraged him to stop dreaming and quit inventing because his inventions are just plain weird! No offense, Sato." Mochida looked at the said guy and chuckled. "And look at him now! He was able to exploit the impossible! He created a robot close to the real human! Isn't that amazing?" the people clapped and praised Sato Seiji.

"Frankly, I never thought of achieving this feat I have enjoyed right now in my life." Everyone in the gymnasium went deathly silent. Mochida continued, "Everyone knows that I am bully, a jerk and a badass. But I've changed for the better, I guess so." He laughed. "Anyways, let's hear from our beloved homeroom teacher. Nezu-sensei, please do the honors." Everyone clapped.

A gray-haired man stood up and headed for the microphone. He cleared his voice and said, "Hello. Do you still remember me?"

"Of course we do."

"You've grown white hair!"

"You're still alive?"

"Ha ha ha. How loyal of you, Nezu-sensei."

"Still terrorizing first years?"

Their homeroom teacher chuckled and said, "I'll let it go this time since it's been a long time we haven't met. And yes, I am still terrorizing first years."

Everyone laughed.

"Still the same old Nezu-sensei."

"You never changed, huh?"

"No. Do you think if I didn't terrorize you lot, will you be able to reach here?" Nezu smirked. "The times have changed. You've reached your dreams and goals in life. Seeing you all again, makes me want to cry." He faked a sniff. "Alright, let's do a roll for good old times' sake."

"Abe Hitomi!"


"Kondo Aki!"



"Obviously here."

"Maede Tsuki!"


"Sasagawa Kyoko!"


Nezu Dohachiro flashed a smile to Kyoko. Oh, he remembered this girl. She is the school idol and one of the students he will never forget.

"Kurokawa Hana!"


Nezu sighed, this girl never changed. Although he can see that Kurokawa has been successful in life.

"Kouga Mito!"

"Here! Although I go by Sasaki Mito now!"

Nezu smiled and said, "Sasaki Mito, then." And a series of congratulating followed.

"Yamamoto Takeshi!"


"Yamamoto Takeshi? The baseball captain?"

"Yeah. He's not here? I was hoping that he'll come."

"I'm sure he'll be hot."

Seeing that no sign of Yamamoto Takeshi, Nezu continued.

"Gokudera Hayato!"


"The smart badass."

"Maybe he's a delinquent now and is afraid to show his face to us."

"That's lame."

Nezu shook his head, "Sawada Tsunayoshi!"

Now that name caused an uproar.

"Sawada? Who's that?"

"Dame-Tsuna, who ran in his boxers back then just to confess to Kyoko-chan. You surely remember him."

"Oh! Him. He's hopeless. He might be stinking poor right now." Someone chuckled.

"He's loser and he's lame!"

"It's obvious that he is not coming."

"No point in mentioning his name in roll call, Nezu-sensei."

Nezu remembered this guy. The person in all angles who is hopeless: bad at everything he does, shrieks like a girl, and pisses him to oblivion. He shook his head in annoyance of remembering him. Of course he's not coming. He is Dame-Tsuna. And that will never change. A miracle would have to happen.

"Chrome-chan! You came!" Kyoko shouted in glee and ran towards the girl.

This cut-off Nezu from his reverie.

The newcomer is an elegant lady. No doubt about that. She wore a pink satin spaghetti dress and light pink ruffled stilettos.

"Kyoko-chan, sorry we're late. Boss decided to look for decent clothing since I am always wearing tuxedo at work." Chrome said.

"I'm so glad you came. Come, sit with us." Kyoko then ushered the lady to their table.

"Chrome, you came." Mochida said. In the microphone.

Chrome simply smiled at him and continued chatting with Kyoko.

"So, I believe you contacted Yamamoto and Gokudera?" Mochida sneered.

Chrome glared at him, "Yes. Don't worry. They'll be attending. In fact they are here already."

Mochida smirked, "I expect Dame-Tsuna is coming too?"

Chrome hated the nickname but answered, "Yes."

That simple answer made Mochida's smirk wider.

"I can't wait."

Chaos returned.

"Eh?! Dame-Tsuna is coming!"

"That's ridiculous."

"He'll be a laughing stock!"

"At least we'll have something to laugh at!"

Then, noise from outside intervened.

"Kyoya! Where are you going?"

"Hn. I have no interest in participating in an herbivore gathering."

Hibari Kyoya? The demon prefect of Namimori? This is hell.

"But, where will you be?"

"Oi! Follow Jyuudaime's rules!"

"Shut up, herbivore. Or I will bite you to death."

"Maa, maa. Both of you calm down."

"-sigh- Alright but you better not go that far."


Someone's giving out orders to the demon? And the demon himself responded? Who in the world is that? That's even scarier than the ex-prefect.

"We're late."

"It's fine, Hayato. The program hasn't ended yet."

"We made Chrome go first. She could have notified us if it ended."

The figures stepped inside the venue and what the people inside saw is pure heaven. The first one is wearing a tuxedo and a blue button up shirt. He has a scar below his chin. People recognized him as Yamamoto Takeshi, the baseball captain. Although they all wondered why he is carrying a bamboo sword instead of a baseball bat, oh well. The second person is Gokudera Hayato. Still the same delinquent look but with a decent look. He wore the tuxedo loosely and a red button up with the first three buttons, unbuttoned.

"See? We're not late." The third person said as he came in the gymnasium.

This person is an angel, the women population thought and gaped.

He's quite shorter than the two but he's much more handsome. Messy brown locks and soft auburn orbs. He wore a tux just like the two but this time it's an orange button up.

Just who is this person?

Was he even in their class?

They can't seem to remember someone as gorgeous as him back in middle school.

Is he a model? A guest of Mochida perhaps?

"Tsu-kun! You came!" Kyoko said with glee as she hugged the person, and what's more annoying is that he is hugging back.


Who is that?

And why is he hugging Sasagawa?

How dare he touch their idol.

"Yo, Sawada!" Kurokawa Hana gestured a hand. "It has been while."

"DAME-TSUNA?!" Everyone practically screamed.





"Teme," Gokudera simply uttered that word and made them shut their mouth in fear. He glared at them and said, "Insult Jyuudaime, and you're so gonna get it." Shivers immediately ran in their spines.

"Maa, maa, calm down, Hayato." Yamamoto said with an edge in his voice.

"Speak for yourself, baseball freak." Gokudera eyed the Rain.

True, Yamamoto tightened his grip on his bamboo sword.

"Calm down, both of you. We came here to enjoy, not to act hostile." Their Boss placed his hands on their shoulders. "Besides, I am Dame-Tsuna after all."


"Yep. I am." Tsuna replied. Kyoko giggled. "What's funny?"

"Oh, nothing."

"Boss! Come sit with us!" Chrome called out.

Nezu couldn't believe his eyes. Am I dreaming? Dame-Tsuna is actually looking rich and successful. He's waaaaay to far from what he had known back then. What happened in the world happened? Did he by chance met a fairy godmother and wished to discard his old Dame self and transform into someone new? That's impossible. Snap out of it, Dohachiro.

Mochida is on the same boat. His eyes almost gouged out because of this façade. He never expected this. He expected a loser, a pathetic guy, a poor-looking and ARRGH! This is IMPOSSIBLE! TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE! He was being outrun by Dame-Tsuna? That's ridiculous. Stupid. O-ho, but it's just getting started.

"Dame-Tsuna, glad you came to this event. And here I was expecting you'll never come." Mochida said.

"Thank you for inviting me, Mochida." Tsuna said with a smile.

The girls 'kyaaaaa-ed' while Mochida blushed. Not because of that cute, irresistible smile (reason why girls 'kyaa-ed') but because of anger. Anger seethed in him. Sawada, I'll make you wish you never came.

"I believe we are all intrigued what Dame-Tsuna has achieved, aren't we?"

Everyone murmured.

"So, Dame-Tsuna ?"

Sawada Tsunayoshi frowned at this. He wasn't expecting this. He was more of expecting Mochida ridiculing him and he was ready for that. But this, this is sooo not on his 'what-if's' list: that Mochida will provoke him like this. He had no intention of divulging Mafia business to them. It's too risky.

Seeing him frown, Mochida decided to use this as a weapon.

"What's wrong, Dame-Tsuna? Scared to reveal your unsuccessful life?"

"Oi!" Gokudera bolt right up and pointed a finger at Mochida's direction, "If you only knew how—"

"Hayato, stop." Tsuna in his boss mode said. "He's not worth it."

Not worth it? NOT WORTH IT? HA! He, a successful man, is not worth it? How dare he look down on him?!

"Not worth it, Dame-Tsuna? HA! You're not even worth looking at!"

Now that's it, Gokudera fumed. He insulted his boss way too much.

Gokudera was about to charge at the man and beat the crap out of him, and Yamamoto seemed to be thinking the same thing. But a cold voice stopped them.

"Mochida-san," Tsuna said in deadly voice. I've already snapped. I don't care anymore. Damn you Mochida for pushing me.

"W-w-what is it?" Mochida trembled. Why is he trembling? How can Dame-Tsuna promote fear in him!?

"Tell me, what is your occupation?"

"I'm a stockholder at V-Vongola Enterprise."

"Well, it seems I am your boss."


"Because I own Vongola Enterprise. I am Vongola Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi. And I'm sorry to say that you're no longer will be part of Vongola."




Color drained from Mochida's face. Now he remembered that conference,

"Mr. CEO, is it true that you have another boss?" Mochida was still starting off, so he was full of questions.

"Yes, the boss of all Vongola."

"Boss of all? Wow, that's superb."

"It really is. Even I didn't meet him by person, but I can prove that he is an amazing person."


"Yes, he is. He handles all Vongola matters, all by himself."

"What's his name?"

"We call him Vongola Decimo."

Vongola Decimo. Oh no.

His 'Boss' is glaring at him.

He kicked him out him.

And what's worse is that it's Dame-Tsuna.

He insulted him.

Provoked him.


Yes, it may be a lie.

He wants to hide, run.

But, his brain stopped working.

This is totally beyond comprehension.