"Boys are so complicated" Margaret said as she stretched out on the bed. She was wearing a white over sized t-shirt as her sleepwear.

"Yes they are" Eileen said in agreement. With a warm smile she sat down on the bed next to the bird.

"By the way Eileen, your pajamas are so cute!" Margaret exclaimed, referring to her friend's pink pajamas dotted with red hearts.

"I sure wish I didn't like Rigby so much" she said with a sigh. Margaret looked at her friend with sympathy and began to think. Soon an idea came to her head, she knew how to make Eileen feel better.

"Oh you don't need him, I can help you forget about him" she said with a grin, sitting up on the bed.

Eileen looked to the bird and tilted her head slightly to the side, "What do you mean Margaret?"

The bird smiled and stroked Eileen's brown hair, making her blush. "You're so pretty don't let anyone tell you different" Margaret whispered. Eileen smiled, her cheeks becoming warm.


"Don't thank me for saying the truth" Margaret said softly into her friends ear. She then moved back to look into her friend's eyes. "Your glasses are cute, your hair is cute, everything about you is adorable"

Eileen's eyes darted back and forth nervously, "Umm..I...umm" she tried to speak but was tongue tied from her friend's compliments.

Margaret giggled and batted her eyes. "Now time for this" she said, her beak puckering as she moved in to kiss Eileen. Eileen's body shook nervously but still she accepted the bird's kiss. Feeling Margaret's beak against her lips made her feel as if butterflies were building up inside her. There were sparks between them that they couldn't deny.

Margaret gently pulled back to gaze into Eileen's eyes, "See? Who needs boys?"

She smiled and rested her head against the bird's chest, "Yeah who needs 'em" she whispered softly.

A/N: I just wrote this for fun because I thought Margaret and Eileen would be so cute together :)