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Sometimes he just wishes he could yell out to the world that he wasn't just a Geek, tell them who he really is. But he can't, not unless he wanted to get found by his "dad" again.

Yes his dad, the man who trained him from the day he could walk, who pushed him harder when he learned of his intellect.

Outside and to people out of the know he was a skinny, weak geek. But he knew better, he was stronger and more experienced than ANY of them. The teasing was getting on his nerves, he knew they didn't mean it badly.

If only they knew that their Probie and Tech Geek, used to be a trained special weapon to the program his "dad" directed for the government.

Yes Timothy McGee, was a weapon in hiding. But he hated this fact more that anything. He hated that he never had a normal childhood, never had freedom. But now he did. He escaped years ago.