Series 7 is starting today, so I decided to write something Doctor Who related really quick. I hope you enjoy :)

The TARDIS watched as her Doctor ran around and played with her many levers and knobs. He always did that when his hands needed something to fiddle with. It tickled a bit.
Her thief is constantly running around. He never sits still. She likes that about him. For some reason, it tends to annoy most other people.

It feels as though he picks up a new human friend once a week. Or once a year. There's not that much of a difference.

Sometimes she wishes that he would stop. It does nothing but hurt him when they go. And they all leave eventually. Every single one of them. Even the ones who naively promise they'll travel with him forever.
He always ends up returning alone and saddened to her. A little more broken each time. She tries to lead her Doctor to another human in an attempt to cheer him up, to fix him, but he always ends up dragging his feet back through her doors by himself. It's an endless cycle.

But he does have one constant companion.


She can't talk to him, or hold him in her arms, but she's there for him.
She's always there. The blue police box is always there, waiting for him. Always and forever. No matter how many times he changes companions, she's there. Even when her Doctor goes and changes his entire look and parts of his personality, she remains the same. Okay, so she might change a few small details. She may become a bit thinner, to impress him and whatever human he has following him around at the time. Or taller, or even a more vibrant blue. But she's still a blue police box. She's the only good constant in his life.

That is why she never changes. At the end of the day when the little humans have come and gone, she is there, waiting for him.

The TARDIS is his boat when he's stuck in the ocean known as the universe. The only thing keeping him from being swept away and drowned in time. His anchor.

If he were ever to leave the brakes off, she'd turn them back on, so he could hear her brilliant sound that they both loved.
And even if he were to ever finally fix that chameleon circuit, she'd remain the same.

Because he needs her to.

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