~ Living my own life ~

Chapter Nine: The Prom ~

Misumi's P.O.V.

''Wow! Your closet is massive!'' Aki exclaimed.

I smiled proud.

''I had to wear formal wear every day so, as you can see, I have a LOT of dresses.'' I said.

''They're all so pretty!'' Fuyuka praised.

I smiled.

''I hope you girls can find something!'' I replied.

We split up and looked around in my closet. After a lot of giggling and talking, we all found a dress from which we thought was suitable.

''Do you have a 'fitting room' or something?'' Haruna asked.

''This is not a clothing shop.'' I replied laughing.

''Well, it almost looks like on. You have a lot of stuff!'' Aki said.

I smiled.

''You can use my bathroom.'' I said to Haruna.

She nodded thankful and walked out of the closet.

''Let's wait for Haruna to come out first.'' Fuyuka said excited.

After a couple of minutes, Haruna left the bathroom and came back to the closet.

''Do you girls… like it?'' She asked.

My mouth fell open, Fuyuka's eyes startled to sparkle and Aki suppressed a squeal.

''SUGOI!'' We said in union.

Haruna smiled happily.

''Here's a big mirror.'' I said to Haruna.

I guided her to the mirror in the closet and Haruna started to smile really bright.

''KAWAII! This is DEFINITELY going to be my dress!'' She said.

We all nodded in approval.

''All right, my turn!'' Fuyuka said, while she headed towards my bathroom.

We all waited for her to come out.

''Here's a drawer with masks.'' I said to Haruna, while I pointed at one of my drawers in the closet.

Haruna nodded and started searching for a matching mask.

''Hey Aki, who's your date going to be by the way?'' I asked her.

Aki giggled.

''I don't have a date. I'm in the party committee. I have to assist the other members of the club. I don't have time to dance.'' She said with a smile.

''Awwhh… that's too bad.'' I replied.

Aki shook her head.

''It's lots of fun. And besides, I don't want anyone to be my date but Ichinose. It's only an advantage that I can't have a date now.'' She said.

I smiled. At that point, Fuyuka walked back in the closet.

''And?'' She asked.

''SUGOI!'' We said in union again.

I guided Fuyuka to the mirror.

''Fuyuka, you look gorgeous!'' Haruna praised.

''I bet Midorikawa's mouth is going to fall open when he sees you in that dress.'' Aki added.

Fuyuka blushed.

''You really think so?'' She asked.

''Definitely.'' I replied.

''Now the only think I need is a mask.'' Fuyuka said.

I guided her towards the mask drawer.

''There are tons of masks in here. I bet you'll find a suitable one.'' I said.

In the mean time, Aki already walked towards my bathroom with a dress. I looked through my closet for myself and my eyes fell on a dress I received recently from a designer from Milan. As a thank-you gift for an amazing concert I gave. At least, those were his words. I smiled. It was perfect for the masquerade ball.

''Hey Naomi, which dress are you going to wear?'' Haruna asked me.

I winked at her.

''That's going to stay a surprise.'' I replied.

Haruna pouted.

''Not fair!'' She said.

At that point, Aki returned to the closet.

''What do you girls think?'' She asked.

''SUGOI!'' We all said again.

Aki blushed and walked towards my mirror.

''KAWAII!'' She said breathless when she saw her reflection.

''It really fits you, Aki.'' Fuyuka said.

Aki smiled happily.

''I bet tomorrow's going to be AWESOME!'' She said!

''AH!'' Me and the others replied.

The next day

Today was the day of the ball and to be honest, I was quite nervous. I decided to talk to Endou about it. It was lunch break after all. The past week, we became really close and I trusted him with my problems.

''Mamoru, can I talk to you?'' I asked him.

''Sure thing.'' Endou replied.

Together, we headed towards the rooftop. I placed my hands on the bars and stared in the distance. Endou just leaned with his back against the bars and faced the opposite direction.

''So, what's wrong?'' He asked me.

''To be honest, I'm really nervous about tonight's ball.'' I said.

''Are you going to pull back?'' He asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders.

''Maybe.'' I said.

''And what about that secret date you talked about?'' He replied.

I sighed.

''That's the problem. Since I don't know who it is, I can't cancel him.'' I said.

''But why do you want to cancel the prom?'' Endou asked me.

''I don't like proms very much.'' I replied.

''Does that have a reason?'' Endou asked me.

I sighed.

''The reason may sound really silly, so don't laugh.'' I said.

Endou looked serious.

''I would never laugh about you.'' He said.

I smiled. Then I sighed again.

''It's just that… Prom is such a big happening. Everybody looks pretty and people are dancing everywhere. I feel like I have to be perfect. After all, people will examine you and judge if you look cute in your dress and that kind of stuff. I'm scared that people won't like me.'' I said.

''Is that it?'' Endou asked me.

I looked up, kinda offended.

''Is that it?'' I replied hurt.

Endou smiled.

''Naomi, I seriously can't believe you're worrying about that. Didn't this week already gave you an impression about how people think about you?'' He asked.

My eyes widened.

''What do you mean?'' I asked.

''Did you got bullied, did you stay friendless? No, not at all! You know people like you and you're a sweet girl. There's no way people will offend you.'' Endou replied.

I smiled.

''Thanks, Mamoru.'' I said.

Endou just smiled at me. He turned around and stared in front of him too.

''To be honest, I'm quite nervous too.'' He said.

I looked at him.

''Really?'' I asked.

He looked at me too and nodded. Then, he turned his glare back in front of him.

''I know a tux will probably look weird on me and I already know I'm a terrible dancer.'' He said.

Then, he looked at me again.

''But I really don't care. I know I'm going to have lots of fun. So people can say what they want, it won't hurt me.'' He said.

''Mamoru…'' I replied.

''So, remember. No matter what happens, it can't get any worse than me.'' He said.

I giggled. Then, I smiled.

''Thanks, Mamoru. For cheering me up.'' I said.

''No problem.'' He replied.

''So, do you, by any chance, know who my secret date is?'' I asked him.

Endou suddenly started to stammer.

''Hey, was that the school bell? I suddenly remember I forgot something in the classroom. See you later.''

And with those words, he dashed off. For a moment, I look shocked, but then I giggled.

''Mamoru… Baka.'' I said.

Then, I looked back in front of me. Tonight sounded to be a promising night.

That evening

I looked at the mirror. I already wore my prom dress, applied my enchanting make-up, which matched with my dress and wore my mask. My knee-length hair was curled and covered up the band that was attached at the sides of the mask, so it would stay in place. I still had no idea who my date would be. I wonder if he would reveal himself, before we went towards the party. Maybe I would recognize his voice or hair. I sighed, while the hot choco feeling in my stomach welled up.

''So, this is it.'' I talked to my reflection in the mirror.

I thought about all the couples that were going together. Haruna and Fudou, Fuyuka and Midorikawa, Endou and Elle and even Kidou said that he had a date. I forgot to ask who it was. Somehow, it kind of depressed me. He didn't ask me, so it confirmed my feelings that he wasn't into me. Somehow, I still wondered who wanted me to be his date. Maybe it was a guy of the soccer team.

''Naomi-san, your date is here.'' I suddenly heard Mai shout from downstairs.

I stiffened on my chair and had to swallow. Nervousness filled my body and I slowly stood up. I did one last check in the mirror on my room. I wore a strapless, black and pink dress, that reached the ground. The upper part reached just below my breasts and had a band, made of small diamonds. From under there, the bottom part was soft pink and made of cotton. Above that, there was a silky, transparent upper layer that made it glow a little. Underneath it, I wore black, open heels and I also wore a silky, black mask with diamonds on the outlines. My hands were covered in black, shiny gloves that reached until my elbows. Around my neck hung a silver necklace, made from diamonds and I also wore diamond earrings. After the check, I left my room. I walked down the small hallway upstairs and walked towards the beginning of the stairs. I placed one gloved hand on the bar of the stairs and slowly walked down. It was hard to move in my dress, since it reached the ground, but eventually, I reached the end safely. I looked up and next to Mai stood a guy in a really handsome suit. He wore a black mask, which totally fitted mine and his mouth was a little open. Mai looked shocked too.

''Naomi, you look…'' She stammered.

I blushed heavily.

''I hope you like it.'' I asked my secret date.

He gave me a handsome grin. I tried to look at his hairstyle and eyes, but I couldn't discover anything. Dammit, who is this guy?

''Ready to go?'' He asked me.

That voice sounded familiar. But I can't quite place it. I nodded.

''Please, let me take a picture!'' Mai pleaded.

''Mai…'' I mumbled with a blush.

''Onegaishimasu, Ojou-sama.'' Mai said, while she bowed in front of me.

''Mai, no Ojou-sama anymore.'' I said with a bigger blush.

Gosh, I felt so ashamed in front of this boy.

''Gomenasai.'' Mai replied with a awkward smile.

She quickly took the picture and after that, she waved us goodbye.

''Have fun!'' She said.

I smiled back.

''Thanks!'' I replied.

The boy gave her a small wave. Then, he offered me his arm. I blushed and laid my hand on the inside of his arm. Together, we walked towards the black car that stood in front of my house. It was a really expensive one. I wonder if this guy is rich or something… My date held the door open for me. I gave him a thankful bow and stepped inside. He followed right after and the car brought us to the school.

''May I take to opportunity to say you look magnificent.'' My date said, while he took my hand and pressed a kiss on it.

I blushed heavily.

''A-Arigato. You look really handsome too.'' I replied.

Then, I turned even more red when I realized what I said. My date gave me a warm smile.

''I appreciate that. But I want to look my best for this lovely girl.'' He said.

I giggled nervously. Who was this guy? He was so gentle-man like!

''Is there something the matter, Misumi-san?'' My date asked me.

I blushed.

''No, everything is fine. And please, call me Naomi. May I be so rude to ask for your name?'' I replied.

My date smiled.

''Unfortunately, I can't tell you that. You have to wait until midnight to discover my identity.'' He said with a playful smile.

''Mou… That's not fair! You already know my identity.'' I replied, while I pouted a bit.

The boy in front of me laughed a warm smile.

''I promise I make it up to you tonight.'' He said.

For some reason, it really made my face heat up. My date laid a hand on my forehead.

''Are you all right? Your face has a pretty crimson color.'' He asked.

''N-No, I'm really fine. Hontōni.'' I replied.

My date smiled.

''I'm glad. I'm really happy you accepted my invitation.'' He said.

I blushed again.

''I had to. I didn't know who you were, so I couldn't cancel you.'' I replied.

My date gave me a playful smile.

''That's one of the advantages if you ask someone anonymously. You practically can't refuse.'' He said.

''Well yeah…'' I replied.

''Aren't you happy?'' My date asked slightly worried.

I smiled at him.

''No, I'm really fine. You know, you try to act all cool and gentleman-like, but still, you keep worrying.'' I said with a playful smile.

I saw my date blush.

''Gotcha.'' I said teasingly.

At that point, we reached our school. My date stepped out and opened the door for me. Then, he offered me his hand. I gladly took it and stepped out of the car. I was glad that I knew how to walk on high heels. Otherwise, this could become a big drama. My date supported me towards the entrance of the gymnasium. On my way towards there, I already saw other couples walking at the arm of their dates. They all looked really gorgeous. A scared and anxious feeling rushed through my body. What if I'm not pretty enough? My date noticed.

''You really don't have to worry if you're pretty enough, because I can assure you: You are.'' He said.

I blushed by his sweet flattering.

''Thank you.'' I replied, while I felt a little better.

I thought about Endou's words. It wasn't about who looked the best. It was about who had the most fun. When we entered the gymnasium, instead of loud pop music, slow ballroom music greeted us. I took a deep breath and smiled. Then, we stepped through the crows and headed towards a familiar couple, who were standing in front of the refreshment table.

''Mamoru, is that you?'' I asked unsure at the boy.

''Naomi! You saw through my disguise quickly.'' The boy replied with a sheepish smile.

''It really is you!'' I said with a smile.

''Wow, Naomi. You look stunning!'' Endou praised me.

''Thanks, you too!'' I replied.

Then, I looked at the girl next to him. For the occasion, Elle had put on a dress. It was a short-sleeved, grey dress that reached till her knees. She wore a black legging underneath it and black ballerina's.

''Elle, what a cute dress!'' I said.

''Don't you dare to call me cute.'' She growled back.

I giggled.

''I already think it's quite impressive you decided to wear a dress.'' I said.

''I was quite surprised too.'' Endou replied.

''Shut up.'' Elle murmured.

''Wari wari. We already stop talking about your dress.'' Endou replied, while he pecked Elle on her cheek.

Elle smiled thankful. A new slow song was getting played and Endou dragged Elle to the dance floor.

''Oh, no. I'm NOT gonna dance!'' Elle said firmly.

''Oh, come on, Elle! I can't dance. But don't you want to have fun?'' Endou asked.

Somehow, he managed to drag Elle away. I giggled.

''Those two are quite impressive, aren't they?'' I asked my date.

''They sure are.'' He replied.

I smiled mischievous. That means he had to know Elle and Endou. I was sure he was a member of the soccer team. Then, I saw a girl with a dress I recognized swaying on the dance floor. Her purple hair gave away who she was. Not far from us stood a boy with a mohawk. That could only mean one thing. And, as I thought, I quickly discovered the blue-haired girl with one of my dresses.

''Let's go greet Haruna and Fudou.'' I said.

We walked over to the couple.

''Haruna!'' I greeted the girl.

''Naomi!'' Haruna replied.

We exchanged a quick hug.

''Again, you look really stunning in that dress.'' I said.

Haruna giggled. She wore a red, silky, strapless gown that reached till the ground. The upper part was tight, until her waist. From there, the dress debouched a little and flowed around her. She also wore a silver, diamond band, just below the breast part and a diamond flower at the right side of her waist. She wore a red, glimmering mask with a diamond on the part between her eyes. When she walked a bit, you could discover she also wore silver, open heels.

''Did you two already dance?'' I asked at Fudou.

Fudou blushed a bit.

''I-I'' He stammered.

Haruna giggled.

''Fudou still didn't ask me. I think he can't dance.'' She replied teasingly.

''I-I can dance!'' Fudou said.

''Yeah, but we talk about ballroom dancing.'' I said with a grin.

''I-I know that.'' Fudou replied.

He tried to take a cool position, but he couldn't get the blush on his cheeks away. Haruna giggled.

''Well then, silly. Are we gonna dance or what?'' She asked.


Fudou couldn't protest anymore, since Haruna already dragged him towards the dance floor and started a waltz. I giggled.

''Haruna is always so bright.'' I said.

''You can say that.'' The boy replied chuckling.

''I'm glad she's having fun. But you're very quiet.'' I said to my date.

''I believe in the motto: No words but deeds.'' He replied with a smile.

''Deeds, huh? Can you dance?'' I asked.

My date nodded. He bowed a little and offered me his hand.

''Well then. Shall we?'' He asked.

I blushed and took his hand. Together, we walked towards the dance floor. I placed my right hand on his shoulder and my left in his right hand, while he place his left hand on my middle. Together, we started to dance an English Waltz.

''Where did you learn ballroom?'' I asked, while we danced.

''I have to attend formal parties quite often, so I learned it just in case I was getting asked to dance.'' My date replied.

I giggled.

''For me, it's the same story.'' I said.

''You dance very well.'' My date praised me.

''Thank you. You're not so bad yourself either.'' I replied smiling.

I got caught up in the moment. This guy… He was so gentle-man like, so polite and handsome. And a good dancer as well. He was … perfect. Then, a certain boy shot through my head. But what about Yuuto-chan? I gulped and suddenly, my smile disappeared.

''Is anything the matter?'' My date asked me.

I cursed myself for letting that thought get the better of me. I forced a smile.

''No, I'm perfectly fine.'' I replied.

''Is it that you perhaps thought about another boy?'' My date asked.

My eyes widened.

''How did you know?'' I replied, deciding to be completely honest.

The boy smiled.

''I can tell. I can read people's body language quite well.'' He said.

''I-I see.'' I replied guilty.

''Is the boy present here, tonight?'' My date asked me.

''He said he would, but I haven't seen him yet.'' I replied.

I felt guilty that we were talking about Kidou, while he took all the effort to ask me. I decided to push Kidou away of my mind and to focus on the mysterious boy in front of me.

''But it doesn't matter,'' I added with a smile. ''Tonight, I'm here with you and I'm going to have lots of fun.''

The boy smiled.

''I like that.'' He replied.

After three songs, we decided to take a break and we walked towards the refreshment table. There, I also met Fuyuka.

''Fuyuka.'' I said with a smile to the purple-haired girl.

''Naomi-chan.'' Fuyuka replied with a sweet smile.

''I saw you dancing earlier. Wow, you dance really well.'' I praised her.

''Thanks.'' Fuyuka replied with a blush.

''You too, Midorikawa.'' I said with a smile to the green-haired boy, who stood next to her.

''How do you know it was me?'' Midorikawa asked me shocked.

''Oh, there are a lot of things I know about you.'' I replied with a playful smile.

Midorikawa looked a bit awestruck, but laughed.

''This confirms you're the real Misumi Naomi. Always minding other people's business.'' He said.

I blushed.

''S-Sorry.'' I said.

Fuyuka giggled. She looked stunning in her light blue halter dress with a tight upper part and cotton ruffles at the bottom part, that start from her waist. The ruffles hung diagonally from her waist until the ground. The upper part was silky and decorated with pink blossoms. She wore a soft blue, silky mask, from which the outline was decorated with small diamonds. She also wore formal, silky, light blue gloves past her elbows. Her shoes were silver, open heels, who you could barely see underneath the gown.

''Already figured out who your date is?'' Fuyuka asked me.

I shook my head and smiled at the boy beside me.

''Nope.'' I replied.

I saw Midorikawa grin. He must know it too, just like Mamoru! Now I knew for sure it was a boy from the soccer club. Midorikawa wasn't a member of Raimon Junior High, so he only could possibly know this boy if he was a member of the soccer club. My strategizing instinct suddenly returned. Maybe I could find out who this boy was before midnight. Let's make it a challenge!

''Hey girls!'' I suddenly recognized the voice of Aki.

I turned around and greeted the greenette. She wore an one-shoulder, silky white gown with a tight upper part, filled with glitters. The bottom part was silky and plain. The gown reached until the ground. She wore white, open heels underneath it and a plain, white mask.

''Did you already voted for Prom king and Prom queen?'' She asked.

The four of us shook our heads. Aki smiled.

''In front of the stage there, you can vote for your favorite couple. The results will be announced after midnight, when the masks are getting removed.'' She explained.

I smiled.

''We'll vote.'' Haruna said.

''Have you danced yet, Aki?'' Midorikawa asked.

Aki shook her head.

''I'm way too busy with other stuff.'' She replied.

''Awwhh…'' I said.

Aki giggled.

''I hope you all have a good time.'' She said.

''Oh, we have.'' Fuyuka replied, while she pecked Midorikawa on the cheek.

He smiled and blushed slightly. I smiled too.

''Hey, let's go vote for the cutest couple, okay?'' Fuyuka asked Midorikawa.

He nodded and together, they went toward the stage to vote. I sighed. It was pretty warm in the ballroom and wasn't used to crowded places. Somehow, I slightly started to panic and my breathing went faster. My date saw it and his eyes widened. He gently placed his right hand on my back, while he guided me outside the gymnasium. He let me sit down.

''Are you okay?'' He asked me worried, while he crouched down in front of me and looked me in the eyes.

I nodded, while I tried to control my breathing.

''Go-Gomenasai,'' I said guilty. ''I'm ruining your night.''

The boy in front of me smiled.

''It's okay. You're really not ruining it. I'm really having fun.'' He said.

I smiled.

''Thank you.'' I said, when I calmed down.

He sat down next to me.

''Aren't you used to crowded places?'' He asked me.

I nodded.

''I always lived quietly. This probably would be the first time I entered a place this crowded.'' I replied.

My date smiled. Together, we gazed at the sky, who was slowly turning dark. Stars twinkled proudly. It reminded me of the time I ran away from home and ended up by the riverbank. I sighed content. My life had changed a lot since that moment.

''Ah, you're smiling again.'' My date said.

I looked at him.

''Really, I still can't figure out who you are.'' I said.

The boy smiled.

''I'm glad. Otherwise, it wouldn't be this fun.'' He replied.

I kept looking at him. That smile… It gave me a hot choco feeling in my stomach. Before I knew it, we both leaned forward. My eyes closed and we were almost there.


We both froze and our heads shot towards the source of the sound. It was Aki. Then, she noticed she had interrupted an important moment. She blushed.

''G-Gomen.'' She said.

''W-What's wrong, Aki?'' I asked, still startled from what almost occurred.

''I heard from Haruna and Fuyuka that you weren't feeling very well. I wanted to check upon you.'' She said.

Then she smiled.

''But I see you're already in good hands.'' She added.

I blushed.

''Arigato, Aki. I'm okay now.'' I said.

''T-Then I leave you two alone.'' Aki replied, before she walked away.

I didn't dare to look at my date. He had red cheeks too and didn't look at me either.

''S-So, it's a beautiful night, isn't it?'' I said to start a conversation.

My date smiled.

''It sure is.'' He replied.

''It's kinda cold, don't you think?'' I said, while I rubbed my arms.

The strapless dress was exposing a lot of my skin, so sitting outside started to become a little fresh. My date took of the colbert of his formal suit and hung it around my shoulders.

''A-Arigato gozaimasu.'' I said, while I held onto it with a blush on my cheeks.

We sat there for a moment in silence. To be honest, I thought this was the best part of the whole evening. Just the two of us, in a silent place with a romantic atmosphere.

''It's almost twelve o' clock.'' My date noticed, when he looked at his watch.

I blushed.

''Almost time to reveal yourself. Did you have fun?'' I asked.

My date nodded.

''It was the best night of my life.'' He replied.

I blushed.

''You're exaggerating.'' I said laughing.

''I'm certainly not.'' He replied.

I blushed another time, while I gave him a small push. He chuckled too.

''Well, shall we go inside again? We still have to vote on our favorite pair.'' My date suggested.

I nodded. Together, we walked back inside and headed towards the stage. In front of it stood a small table with a small box, a piece of paper and a pen.

''One vote per couple.'' I red out loud.

''Well, who are we choosing?'' My date asked.

''I think Fuyuka and Midorikawa are really cute together.'' I said.

My date smiled.

''Fuyuka and Midorikawa it is.'' He replied.

He wrote the names on a piece of paper. His handwriting looked familiar. Then, my eyes widened. It finally all fell into place. That voice, the gentleman-like personality, the expensive car, the way he was sweet, but still a little bit worried and overprotective, the reason why he knows all the people we spoke to, why he was able to attend formal business meetings and could dance, the reason why he could read people's body language so well, why he seemed so intelligent, the crimson eyes that seemed so familiar, the hair that finally made sense to me, that handwriting and, most of all, the reason why I hadn't seen him all evening!


''Minna-san!'' Aki interrupted me, while she walked onto the stage.

Everybody stopped dancing and the music went off.

''First of all, I'd like to know if you all had a great evening.'' She said, while she pointed the microphone towards the crowd.

''HAI!'' Everybody replied.

''Good! Then, I'd like to announce the prom king and prom queen. But first, it's time to remove the masks.'' She said.

All the lights in the gymnasium suddenly turned off. I couldn't see a thing anymore.

''WAIT!'' I said to the boy in front of me. ''I know who you are.''

''You figured it out just in time.'' The boy replied.

''Good to see you, Yuuto-chan.'' I said with a warm smile.

And after that, the lights went on and Kidou had removed his mask. His crimson eyes stared sweet at me. I smiled warm back and removed my own mask, so he could look into my chocolate brown eyes.

''Naomi-chan, it took you quite long. I thought better of an amazing game strategist.'' Kidou said with a wink.

I blushed.

''I can't believe I've been so blind!'' I replied.

Then, Fuyuka, Midorikawa, Endou, Elle, Haruna and Fudou joined us.

''Finally! You figured it out!'' Midorikawa said.

''Did she guessed it on time?'' Endou asked Kidou.

He grinned and nodded.

''JUST on time.'' He replied.

In the mean time, Aki already had picked up the box and counted the votes.

''There's no doubt. There's one big winner. With eighty percent of the votes, our prom king and prom queen are…'' Aki started.

Everybody hold their breaths.

''KIDOU AND MISUMI!'' Aki said.

I looked shocked. Did I just become… prom queen? Everybody started clapping and Kidou offered me his arm. I blushed and hooked mine into his, like I did earlier. We both stepped onto the stage. I received a silly, plastic tiara, while Kidou got a special corsage. After we left the stage, I wanted to take it off again.

''No, keep it on!'' Haruna pleaded.

I sighed.

''It's silly.'' I said.

''No, it's cute!'' Fuyuka replied.

''Naomi-chan, can I take a picture of you and Kidou-kun?'' Aki said, when she also left the stage.

I sweat dropped.

''Do I really have to?'' I asked.

''Yes, you have to.'' Kidou whispered back into my ear, which made me froze.

He blew seductively in my ear and I blushed like mad, while shivers went up my spine.

''N-Nane yo!'' I said.

Kidou just chuckled.

''Gosh, you're sensitive.'' He replied.

I puffed up my cheeks.


''Naomi-chan, Kidou-kun, smile!'' Aki said.

I smiled a sweet smile and I bet Kidou did the same. Then, Aki took the picture.

''Kawaii!'' She said, while she checked it.

''Let me see!'' Haruna said.

''Me too!'' Fuyuka added.

I just smiled.

''I get to see it some day. I don't care.'' I said.

Kidou chuckled.

''How did you finally know it was me?'' He asked me.

I smiled.

''Simple, your handwriting.'' I replied.

Kidou chuckled.

''And after that, everything fell into place.'' I continued.

''And, did you like it to be my date? At a certain point, I saw you worrying about another guy.'' Kidou asked.

I blushed like mad.

''I-I…'' I stammered.

I can't possibly tell him I was thinking about him, can I?

''It's okay. You don't have to tell me who it is.'' Kidou said with a warm smile.

But somehow, I could sense he was gloomy.

''Y-Yuuto-chan, I was thinking about you.'' I said.

I saw Kidou's head shot straight up.

''Nane?'' He asked shocked.

''Minna, it's time to go home!'' Aki said.

AKI! You're really good in ruining moments… It's your third time already.

''A-Ah.'' I replied.

Kidou guided me outside, where the black car already was parked. We drove home in silence. But it wasn't an awkward silence. It was a 'Oh god, what does he think about me' silence. I guess we both needed time to think about everything that happened. Especially that moment outside when we almost…

''Mou…'' I mumbled.

''Something the matter?'' Kidou asked me.

I blushed.

''B-Betsuni.'' I replied.

Kidou chuckled. I quickly glared out of the window. When we reached my house, Kidou helped me out of the car. He walked me towards the door.

''Listen, I really had a lot of fun tonight.'' Kidou started with a blush.

''So did I.'' I replied.

''A-Are you content that I was your date instead of someone else?'' He asked a bit insecure.

I giggled.

''I really wished it was you.'' I replied.

Then, I quickly covered my mouth with my hands after realizing what I said.

''I-I mean… Well… MOU!'' I said, with a blush.

Kidou chuckled.

''You're so funny when you do that.'' He said.

''N-Nane…'' I mumbled embarrassed.

''Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow during soccer practice. Don't forget it starts later. It starts 11 a.m.'' Kidou said.

''A-Ah. I won't forget.'' I replied.

We exchanged a quick hug and then, he walked back to his car. I blushed, while I looked at his back. So… this was it. A 'just friends hug'. But remember what he said earlier. We're just friends. Nothing more. Don't get your hopes up. I sighed. But that moment outside. And this evening. I was so sure I felt a spark. I don't want it to end like this. For some reason, tears welled up in my eyes, while I kept looking at Kidou, who was making his way back to his car.

''YUUTO!'' I exclaimed, while tears took over my voice.

Kidou turned around.

''Dosta?'' He asked.

I ran the fastest as I could in the dress I wore and literally jumped in his arms. We both fell backwards, me on top of him. I clenched my fists at the border of his white formal shirt and pressed my lips firmly onto his, while I kept crying. No freaking way that I'm letting this boy go! He's mine! After a while I let go of Kidou and sat straight again, letting Kidou go of my grasp. He slowly raised, until we both sat down, me on his lap. He looked with shocked eyes at me.

''Naomi…'' He said.

That was the moment I realized I made a huge mistake. The way those shocked eyes looked at me. I knew I had ruined a friendship. The tears kept on streaming.

''I-I'm sorry. I totally ruined our friendship. I know, I'm really-''

My eyes widened completely. Kidou had bends forward and cut off my sentence. His lips felt so warm… and so soft. And they were dedicated to me! I closed my eyes and relaxed, while I wrapped my arms around his neck. His arms wrapped around my waist, even though we were still in a sitting position. Kidou bit softly on my under lip. I opened my mouth, while the hot choco feeling in my stomach increased. The kiss deepened and Kidou explored my mouth. After three passionate, amazing minutes, we broke apart to gasp for air.

''Y-Yuuto, I-''

''I love you, Naomi-chan! I really do love you.'' Kidou interrupted me.

''Yuuto-chan…'' I replied.

I pressed another kiss on his lips.

''I love you too! You don't know how happy you just made me!'' I replied.

''Does this mean that we're… a thing?'' Kidou asked with a blush.

''Uhu!'' I nodded, also with a blush.

Kidou grinned and pulled me into another passionate kiss. After a long time, it was really time to say goodbye. I felt compassionate for Kidou's chauffeur who had to wait for two teens, until they were finally done with kissing each other.

''Sayonara, Yuuto-chan.'' I said with a wink.

''See you tomorrow.'' Kidou replied, while he gave me a kiss on my forehead, before he stepped in the car.

I waved the car goodbye, turned around on my spot, squeezed my eyes and jumped, while I squealed.


Then, I walked back towards the front door with the brightest smile I've ever carried. Mai opened the door, but with a grin.

''Had fun?'' She asked innocent.

''YOU WERE PEEKING!'' I immediately shouted.

''Gomen gomen, but it was too cute!'' Mai apologized.

I saw several staff members with a blush too.

''Mou…'' I said, while I puffed up my cheeks.

Then, I giggled.

End of Chapter

End of Story