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I remember dying. It was a strange feeling. I wasn't able to feel any pain but, I felt like a balloon filled with helium. I knew it was my life that was floating away from me.

I remember betrayal. It was a thing that I despised the most.

His face was burned into my memory and I was mad – mad at his actions. How dare he betray all of us!

Somehow, I found a burst of energy within myself. I, who was on the verge of death, somehow came back to life but I knew it was temporary. It must be the Transcendent Of Life who helped me. Pain racked my whole body especially when I breathe. My back was wet because of my blood.

I glared at my killer. I croaked: Idiot, do you have any idea what have you done?

I couldn't see his face but I could tell he was shocked. Despite half blind, my sight was clear.

He was silent. The aura surrounding him was no ordinary being.

I managed to laugh although it hurts. Death is my friend and so is life.

I have to help him. He has lost his way. But I won't live long enough to help. After all, my death was by his hands.

My eyelids became heavy, my vision became blurred. Before I left this world, I heard my surrogate's mother words: We will meet again…

We are both dead. How can we meet again? I guess it's up to fate, huh?

"Hello? Lea...Lea WAKE UP!" a feminine voice calls out the whole household. She walks to a familiar looking door with a carving, symbolizing a flower. She sighs. She knows that it wasn't the first but she pushes the wooden oak door open lightly and steps inside.

The first thing she registers is how peaceful her daughter looked but yet...how late she will be to school if her daughter doesn't get ready. The woman draws the curtains and pushes the window open to let the fresh air in. The birds are already singing for the first time for the day.

"Lea come on, school is going to start and you need to get ready.'' The woman calls gently.

But there is no response, save for the sound of snoring from the fourteen year old girl. The woman sighs and leans forward to her daughter's ears.

"LEA!" she yells so loud that even the birds which perched at the branches of the trees took flight. The next thing the woman knew, her daughter wakes up with a shocking start. Her hair looked like a hamster that decided to sleep in it as she reaches wildly for her phone and fumble for it. She looks at it and scowls at the time. She glares at her mom who is looking at her with a disapproving look.

"Okay, I'm awake. Mum I just had a weird dream and it's a bit funny too." Lea answers, her voice a bit sweet but yet, with malice hidden underneath. As if she is angry, which in her case, she is.

"Lea enough talking, you have to get ready for your school." her mom says with a sigh. She walks towards the kitchen, leaving her daughter trying to wake up. Fully.

The first thirty minutes was a hell of rush for the young girl. Not before long, the young girl has to leave for school. She rushes towards the door, and drinks her hot cocoa.

"Bye!" She says as she runs through the forest. She smells the flowers and takes her time to enjoy the greenery, thinking about her dreams.

I wonder who is that woman in my dream… She thinks. What the hell is going on? First there's a girl and a boy talking to each other in some other place and later, some random bloodshed in my dream?! It was so real that I felt the pain.

She jumps out of the way as a mad rider almost knocked Lea down. She glares at the boy.

"Sorry!" he says. Lea rolls her eyes as he locked his bicycle safely.

He has red eyes and for today, he is wearing jeans and a white shirt along with his red scarf around his neck. Well, it is a cold morning but Lea is used to it.

"I'm late, late, late LATEEE!" he says a bit hysterically. Lea eyes him with amusement.

"Watch where you're going Dual!" Lea shouts a bit playfully. She rushes through the school gates, with her ponytail hairstyle flipping through the wind and her classmates looking at the duo with a grin on their face. When the drama is over, they are force to enter their classroom or risk doing the dirtiest work in school such as, cleaning the toilets. Most of them brought their weapons along for a bout. Or extra curriculum for the day.

Lea was about to enter her classroom when there was a sudden announcement.

"Attention! To all students!" the voice called out. Lea winced. It could be heard even from the hallway where there are no microphones since, the head of this school uses magic. Nobody knows who or what organize this school.

The students are silent. Some of them even froze half-way from taking their books out. Books, ranging from magic to history. Normally, each class, Magician, Bowman, Thief, Warriors and last but not least, Pirates have their own skills but these books are just warm-ups to them.

The classes are divided into two categories. The non-magic and those who have magic.

But the two categories have respect for each other since, the non-magic are mostly smarter and have the brain of a scholar. Well, some. Not all of them.

She frowns at Dual who is starting to scribble the blackboard with useless drawings about daggers and stuff.

"This is your head speaking." Lea rolls her eyes.

"We're going to have new students here. Those who are seventeen years old...you are...SUPER LUCKY! There are two new friends to make. Be nice to them, okay?" The voice pauses. "The last one is fourteen years old. Please do not make their day worse. Thank you for your ATTENTION!"

Lea digs her ears with her pinky. Bad enough she has sharp senses and the voice just have to be damn loud.

She glances at Dual who sits on her table without permission.

"What's that all about?" he asks. She shrugs without any enthusiasm.

"Who knows? I can't really tell. It's History."

With that word, Dual feels like he is being slapped. Hard. He just remembered something. But it was too late as an old man, wearing glasses and looking grumpily at all the students who are taking their places. Dual was about to sit when the old man points at Dual.

"Dual. Come here." he says with a tone and air of superiority that even Dual dare not disobey. He grumbles something under his breath as he dragged his feet.

Once Dual was face-to-face with the teacher, he glares at the teacher before exchanging a look with Lea who gave him a shrug that said: You're on your own.

"DUAL! YOU ARE SUPER LATE FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT AND WHERE IS YOUR THINGS?!" The old man shouts so loudly and angrily that Lea winces.

Dual whimpers.

"I'll take that as a 'I forgot'. Never mind, tomorrow is your deadline Dual and remember..." The old man locks his eyes with Dual. "No excuses." he hisses.

Dual shudders. He definitely will not forget, assuming there's nothing important for him today.

He muses the thought of having Lea as his partner for the extra-curriculum for today as he went back to his table and takes out his books. The History teacher glares at him and Dual laughs much to their surprise.

"Excuse me, teach. You don't mind if I ask you a question?" he asks unexpectedly. The History teacher nods. He appreciates on how Dual is acting for now.

"There is a doctor and a patient. The doctor gave the patient three pills. Each pills take 30 minutes to work and taking more than one causes instant death." Dual pauses. He waits for the teacher whom he hates so much to take it all in. He glances at Lea and a few other classmates who couldn't stop a grin breaking through their faces. They know that he was planning something...amusing and yet, entertaining.

"How long. Does it takes. For the patient to finish all three pills? You have one chance in answering this." Dual finishes before sitting back to his place with an innocent smile on his face. But inside, he feels amused, seeing the old man trying to answer as he fingers his fingers one by one. He watches as their teacher's face slowly turn purple with anger with a mixture of frustration.

"Wait." Dual says and the teacher looks up, his patience is wavering. "Let's sweeten the deal. If you can't answer this after this period, teach..."

"We will be free from your lame assignments for the rest of our lives." Lea finishes for him. The class cheers. No one likes the teacher at all with his impatience and lack sense of humour.

"You have my word." the teacher says humbly. "But if I do."

"Which you won't." Lea mutters.

"You must do the cleaning job...let's see...for a week or so?"

Dual looks flabbergasted but he nods eagerly. Lea covers her mouth, her shoulders shaking.

She knows him too well. Riddles and trickery are his games.

In the end, the lesson passes without anything being taught and Dual chuckles. The History teacher looks embarrassed and apologizes to all his students who had a smile on.

Then, that's when people start to talk about the new students who are yet to arrive. Lea takes out her book and reads it, after flipping what seems like a thousand pages. She decides to take a rest. She closes her eyes and she could see the dreams playing in her mind's eye. The killing, the twins, the thoughts of an unknown stranger.

She massages her temples. The answers will come in their own way.


Until the third period, which is Mathematics, the new students finally arrive.

It was a moment of relief for them. The teaching has to stop for introduction of the new students. Lea was asking one of her classmates who is a brainiac and non-magic group, for questions of a certain topic which left her puzzled for the last few days.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the door opens with its creak and the new students step in.

A fair blonde boy and a greyish/white haired boy are arguing with each other.

"I don't-"

The girls squeal and muffle their gasp in surprise on how handsome the fair blonde boy look who tip his, non-existent hat to them like a gentleman and flashes them a smile. Lea smiles politely at them but immediately feel suspicious of them. She knows that there is a third person and wonders where he is.


The duo introduced themselves as Phantom and Luminous. Whoever that is.

The girls immediately chat and ask for their phone numbers which, Lea thinks, not a smooth move. She could see that the fair blonde one who calls himself Phantom isn't embarrass with all the attention while his companion, his heterochromia eyes, red on his right and blue on his left, glancing uneasily at the girls. She could read their expression. She suspects they are using glamour and it doesn't work on her thanks to her...special eyes which no one have.

Then, he locked eyes with her. His eyes widened with surprise.

"Lea. If you don't mind...I think we should continue this tomorrow. After all," Her classmate shrugs with his coffee brown eyes looking at her. "Don't you have something to do other than studying and training and all?"

Lea had a bad feeling about his words. She had a feeling that something is going to happen. And it will happen soon enough. Finally, a sliver/white headed boy came to their attention. He is looking straight at her, his blue eyes, calculating her and she stares back.

Something about him ticks her off. She could feel herself, the one inside her stirring from its sleep. She turns away, ignoring the girls and boys and the newcomers altogether as she leaves the classroom, feeling a bit tired for the day. Fortunately, school is ending. She just have to endure at least two hours more. Then, it will be extra-curriculum activities time. She didn't know that she was being watch by people who wasn't supposed to be here, outside the school, hiding in the bushes and using its binoculars to see her from afar, targeting her and waiting.

"So, do you think they are cool?" Dual asks. Lea merely grunts.

"Who knows?" Lea mutters.

They have to walk to Sleepywood to run some errands. Her head pounded. She couldn't wait to eat something hot just to soothe the pain.

"What kind of herbs are we supposed to deliver?" Dual asks again, trying hard to keep up the conversation. Lea squints at Dual. His questions are so stupid that she had to squint. Didn't he read the fine print earlier?

"Medical. Don't you recognize them?" Lea replies. "Did you even read the request?"

"Uhh, no." Dual admits. Lea felt a sudden urge to murder Dual right on the spot. It was very obvious why they were in Ellinia earlier too.

"Do that next time, and probably more often too. It's best to avoid confusion between the customer and the consumer." Lea grumbles. She puts down her load and wipes the sweat with the back of her hand.

"Those bottles are small and they seriously weigh a ton." Lea complains. She takes out one of the bottle and examines the contents. Dual gives her a side-long look before chuckling. He snatches the bottle and puts it back.

Their job is finally done.

Lea glances around, feeling uneasy. She doesn't know why but she had a feeling she was in danger but she couldn't remember why. She was too much in pain to think properly.

"I think I will take a short break." Lea says before collapsing to the nearest seat. Dual wasn't paying attention to her and was staring at something or someone. She follows his gaze.

They find the trio of new students sitting around, their weapons, looking dangerous and yet, none they've ever seen before. Luminous, Phantom and the newcomer whom Lea didn't know are looking at Lea with no apparent reason before resuming their conversation.

Lea yelps as she felt a stinging pain. She clutches the back of her neck and pulls out something.

A needle.

A cold feeling overcame her. Her body went numb.

Shit! Lea curses silently in her heart. She tries to stand up but almost collapsed. She leans against Dual for support who looked surprise and caught her before she fell down face-first on dirt. He checks her temperature but there is nothing wrong.

That's when the attack began.