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This chapter take place after Ichika encountered unmanned drone.

Research room, IS Academy

"It was an unamanned drone as we thought..." a short green hair woman with glasses stated. " It had an unregistered code."

"I see." a tall woman with long black hair said it with serious eye.

"There are only 467 IS cores in this world. But in this IS, there was a core used that wasn't one of those 467." She continued.

'I guess it's time to call him.'a tall woman thought.

"Very well Yamada sensei, leave the unamanned drone to me."

"What will you do Orimura sensei?" a short green hair woman name Yamada sensei asked with confuse looked.

"I'll call my acquaintance to come here, investigate this unamanned drone." A tall woman with long black hair name Orimura sensei said with assured voice.

"Is he trusted?" Yamada sensei asked it for confirmation.

"More than you imagined." Orimura sensei reply. "I'll go outside to contact him. Don't tell anyone, understood?"

"Very well Orimura sensei." Yamada sensei reply it.

After that, Orimura sensei go outside from the room. She took her phone and dial the number with fast. It took a second to be answered.

"Chifuyu-san? What's up? Is there I can help?"a man voice asked from the other side.

"Yes, it is. I want you to come to IS Academy to investigate unamanned drone."

"Unamanned drone at IS Academy? What is it doing there?"

"To tell the truth, I don't know either. The unamanned drone came when my little brother fight against China representative candidate, his childhood friend with their IS In the arena. It target him and started to killed him. But they managed to overcome with the help of English reprsentative candidate." she explain it.

"I see. Why do you need my help? Why don't you call Gen? I'm sure he'll like it." The man suggest it.

" Heh.. I'm sure he get excited to watch the girl not to investigate it." She replied with a bit tone angry. "And of course you are my best and trusted student."

"Haha... just kidding. Please I'm just a former students who survived from your training. But there are problems."

"About you go to IS academy where the place is full of girls except my little brother right? I'll give you special permission to enter IS Academy." She answer it so fast.

"Well one problem is solved. The last problem is... Would Mom allow it? You know, we talking about Mom."

"Hah..." she sigh. "Give your phone to your mom, I'll explain her."

"Okay, do your best to convience her." For some reason she got annoyed and got imagine he grin when he said that.

'Really, Why I'm so forgot that SHE is his mom." She mutter softly. "But I relly need his help.' She thought

"Chi-chan? Are you Chi-chan,right?"A woman with childish voice asked for the confirmation.

"Yes it is, Tabane." She replied hope that she don't make her to bad mood.

"It's been long time Chi~chan~. Now let's get back from the beginning, I was told by Kazu-kun that you want him to investigate the unamanned drone right? Give me one good reason that will make me allow him."She feel shiver when she heard the last sentence.

She wouldn't expect that her childhood friend became OVER PROTECTIVE MOTHER. After she adopt him, his little brother and his little sister, she changed so much. She wonder what kind virus make her like this.

"Let me explain this."

10 minutes after explain

"I see. I allow Kazu-kun to go to IS Academy. BUT if anything happen to Kazu-kun, we'll have long talk about it, right Chi-chan?"

"Ye-yeah, I'll take that as a warning." She noted it in her mind. "Oh, I almost forgot. Please tell him to bring his BU (Battle Unit), I got a feeling he'll get some trouble if he didn't bring it." She said with worried voice.

"O~kay, see you later Chi~chan~." After she say that, Orimura sensei close her phone.

"Hah... even she in normal mode or over protective mode, she always give me a headache or trouble." She talk to herself.

"I hope he arrive safely tomorrow, after all he is a person who took part "Operation Big bang" in America, "Operation Starfall" in English, "Operation Protect the Land" in France, "Operation Black Ops" in German, "Operation Break Temple" in China, and the last is "Operation Extermination Enemy" in here, Japan.

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