Chapter 6 New era for animals

Rio De Janeiro 8:15A.M

A group of military marmosets were being trained by the birds while the birds were trained by marmosets. Past domesticated birds were forced to invent weapons and marmosets introduced phones to birds. They were using that as communication. The birds and marmosets were preparing to fight the dark side of the forest. On the dark side, snakes were also undergoing training. Snakes were equipped with spears and birds were equipped with bird stun guns. It doesn't work on humans only animals.


The plane had landed in London. Blu and the others flew out. They got out and looked around them. The buildings were all amazing.

"This is magnificent. " Tulio said.

Blu nodded and leaded the birds to the city. He read a lot about London in Linda's bookstore when he was a pet so he knew the streets and roads. They flew by the Big Ben. All of them glanced at the magnificent clock tower. It was really a amazing site. Jewel let out a peaceful sigh.

"Maybe this isn't so bad after all. " Blu said.

"Yeah. " Jewel agreed as he nodded.

Back in Rio

It was midnight. Military macaws and parrots were patrolling the area near the Christ Redeemer Statue. Marmosets were using binoculars overlooking the progress. Both leaders were all safe in the 'Log House'. The security management was improved when the marmosets helped. Birds now entered the era where there were phones and computers. The birds media created a website called 'Beakbook'. 'twitter was one of the most used programs. They haven't gone into the era where there were guns with bullets yet. Only stun guns. They now had submarines and it was circling the lake. At the beaches, there were birds on the trees overlooking and monkeys communicating with headquarters.

Life for birds had became like humans. They now created space shuttles but theirs could only be flown 1 mile high. It couldn't go all the way to space as they did not develop such technology yet. Animals now used light bulbs and could handle electric. There were many profession. The birds haven't tested the shuttle yet so they were going to test it.

"10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and now we have lift off. " said mission controller. The shuttle took of higher than the statue and as it reached the maximum height, the rockets boasters detached and the shuttle flew across Rio. It was set to land in New York. All the birds in all of Brazil watched as the first bird shuttle took off. They all clapped with their wings. Soon, the birds of Brazil are going to spread bird tech. Soon, birds around the world would be using technology.

Back with Blu

Blu and the rest flew towards Big Ben. As they were flying, cats suddenly jumped out of nowhere and chased them. Jewel couldn't fly fast a she was pregnant. Blu flew to her and tried pushing her.

"Come on Jewel! Let's go!" Blu shouted.

"Blu just leave me or you will die. " Jewel said smiling at him.

"NEVER! I PROMISED TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!" Blu shouted and pulled Jewel as he flew faster.

He used all his energy and Jewel was flying faster than she usually was. She flew as fast as she didn't want Blu to break his wing. The two flew off while the others were ahead of them. The cats continued chasing them. They flew higher and managed to escape. Jewel suddenly threw up.

"Jewel are you okay?" Blu asked panicking.

"Yeah I am fine. Thanks. I love you. " Jewel said smiling into Blu's dark chocolate eyes.

"I love you too Jewel. " Blu replied looking at her beautiful sapphire eyes.

Tulio was starring into Linda's beauty and he just felt like there was no tomorrow. Linda realized this and turned her head. She blushed madly. Rico felt lonely as he did not have any female counterpart. Just then, a female black macaw fell from the sky.

"What the?" Rico shouted in shock.

"Jesus Christ!" Blu shouted.

It looked ind of like Rico. She stood up and introduce herself.

"Umm excuse me do you know where is the airport?" she asked.

Rico got caught in her beauty. As Blu wanted to speak Rico cut him off.

"We're going to the airport you can follow. Why your name?" Rico asked seductively.

"My name is Hailey. What's yours?" Hailey asked.

"My name is Rico here is Blu, Jewel, Tulio and Linda. " Rico introduce as they all waved.

The six birds flew off to the direction of the airport.

"So you are a local?" Rico asked.

"No I'm from Rio. I'm trying to get back there. " Hailey said.

"Just nice we are going there too. " Rico said nervously.

Blu and Jewel chuckled then Rico glared at them.

"They are going to become lovebirds like us. " Blu whispered while Jewel chuckled.