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Chapter 3:
Watch As We All Fly Away

Mike started throwing a ball that was created from elastic bands up into the air and catching it, repeating it over and over as he thought. To his surprise, the father of the children on the bridge had gone on TV and had publicly commended Spiderman for trying to save both his kids. Whilst this had eased his guilt slightly, he knew he'd forever be haunted by the memory of the little boy falling from his back.

Harvey had also, surprisingly, been an enormous help to him. Mike sometimes just turned up to his condo out of the blue with the same, desperate, 'I need to talk to someone' look in his eyes and always, Harvey would pull him in and give him some hot cocoa (which he had found out Mike had a passion for and so after a few visits that proved he needed a steady supply of it, he bought some for these times) and listen as he talked, or would just quiz him on law terms, or what he had learnt at the firm that day, or just talk to him about the case he was working on at the moment.

The mentorship programme didn't have a specific end date, and both Harvey and Mike had noticed (obviously not mentioning it to the other) that they really hoped it didn't have one. Mike felt like he belonged somewhere when he went and lounged in Harvey's office, being told off as he rested his shoes on Harvey's apparently expensive coffee table.

"Harvey," Mike said as he threw the elastic band ball in the air as he thought; lying upside down on a chair in the man's office so that his legs went up the back of the chair, his feet resting neatly on top of it. "If you were an evil genius - "

"Record shelf."

"I haven't finished!"

"No, but you finished the last three times you asked me, and my answer is still the same. If I was an evil genus and had a secret lair, it would be behind my record shelf. And I wouldn't wear a cape. Or wear thigh high boots or tights. And I wouldn't be beaten by Spiderman, because I'm smarter than him."

Mike stuck his tongue out, unable to say much because Donna was undoubtedly listening in through the intercom. Instead, he threw the ball up again.

"If you were a ginormous lizard..."

"If you wanted to get the hell out of my office any time soon..." Harvey said in a bored tone, glancing up from his paperwork. Mike sighed but slowly slid up so that he was sitting in a more conventional manner.

"Do you know if Dr. Connors is at the lab?" He asked. It was a weekend, which was why Mike was at the firm rather than school - and Grammy had friends and distant relatives over, and he'd rather be here than there.

Harvey raised an eyebrow. "I have no idea. Why?"

Mike shrugged. "School stuff. He could help."

"Well if you have school work to do, why are you here?" Harvey asked, moving on to the next paper.

"Because you get bored and you miss me when I'm not here," Mike told him, grinning as he stood up, grabbing his backpack which held yet more stolen law books and a very well hidden record he had pinched when Harvey went to the bathroom. Donna had raised an eyebrow but offered no comment. Mike knew he would be found out, but it wasn't as if he was stealing it to sell or never give back. He was just borrowing it. Harvey had mentioned something about The Moody Blues, and Mike remembered how much Gramps had loved them. So he found one of their records in Harvey's collection and was hoping that he wouldn't even notice it was missing. Mike would listen to it tonight and sneak it back in the morning.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Mike said, leaving.

Harvey nodded, immersed in his paperwork.

Mike hesitantly peeked around the door of the lab. The lights were on and yet there was no one there. He edged through the doorway and walked towards Dr. Connors' office. He gazed around the various walls and whiteboards which had equations scribbled all over them. He stepped forward and heard something crunch slightly under his feet.

It looked like skin. Some kind of reptilian skin that had been shed recently.


He whirled around, heart beating before realising that it was Dr. Connors. "Hi, Doc," he gave a small smile. "Sorry, I was just... I uh..."

"Can I help you?"

Mike nodded, even though the man didn't look very well. He was holding his bad (Mike wasn't sure how to refer to it; non-existent sounded too harsh) arm close to himself and his breathing sounded harsh.

"I was just wondering... Uhm. I have this project for school - I thought maybe you could help with something."

Dr. Connors looked slightly taken aback but nodded. "I doubt you need any help with schooling, but I'll do what I can."

"Uhm, so... so lizards," the man tensed for a second, but Mike continued. "Where would... I mean - how exactly would one track a lizard?"

"I'm not quite sure I follow," the Doc replied, frowning. "As in to hunt one?"

"Kind of. Like - how would a predator track a lizard?"

"Impossible," the man said. "Why do you ask?"

"Just school stuff," Mike said, deciding he'd rather wrap this up, because Dr. Connors didn't seem very inviting - maybe he was coming down with something. Dr. Connors nodded and Mike coughed as it became awkward. "Uh, thanks though, Doc - I'll just research more." He gave a weak smile to the man and started to walk out of the office.

"Oh, Mike?" Mike looked back. "There has been... rumour... of a new type of lizard. Big, scary... and dangerous when threatened."

Mike swallowed and nodded, hastily leaving the office. The door swung shut and when he looked back, the blinds had been turned. A small sound alerted his attention as he was leaving, and he looked around a corner to see the mouse they had regrown a limb on - he reeled back in horror as it was some sort of horrific melding of mouse and lizard - it was eating it's cage mate and there was glass and blood on the floor.

Mike squeaked and fled.

"Seriously - do you not have school?" Harvey asked, as Mike burst into his office. "Or at least the work you should be doing for it? And did you steal one of my records?"

Mike waved his questions away. "I think Dr. Connors is the giant lizard."

"And whenever you leave my office, I'm down at least two books."

"Harvey! This is serious!"

Harvey leant slightly to switch off the intercom, even though Mike chose the time when he knew Donna would be getting herself some coffee. "It's always serious with you, Mike. Remember that time you told me you thought Trevor's dad was the Green Goblin? Or when you thought Jenny's dad was... what was it again? Quentin something?"

"Quentin Beck." Mike reminded him. "And okay, I screwed up on both counts but I'm really sure this time!"

"And your proof is?" Harvey asked, still exuding a calm and collected manner.

"I went to see him today, remember? And that mouse we regrew the limb for - it was like this crazy, half-lizard thing! And he was acting really weird as well."

"The mouse?"

"No! Doc Connors!"

"So your proof is that the serum didn't quite work and he's upset about it?" Harvey had his head tilted. "That theory's not gonna fly, kid."

"But I know it's him! Can we, like - can't you go talk to him? Maybe you can convince him not to... I don't know, destroy Manhattan or something!"

"Even if Curt is the lizard monster - which he's not... How would you expect that conversation to go? 'Hi, Curt, I hope this isn't a bad time, but do you sometimes feel like turning into a large lizard and killing everyone?' If he was the monster, I'd be eaten in a second."

"But..." Mike scrubbed at his head in frustration. "It's him, Harvey."

"Have you not learnt anything in this mentorship?" Harvey asked, rolling his eyes as Mike looked confused. "Evidence, Mike. Where's your evidence? Jury doesn't convict on gut feeling."

Mike blew out a breath. "Fine," he muttered. "I'll go get you some evidence."

He stormed out, and Harvey was left sitting in his office with a very bad feeling about what that dumb kid was going to try and do.

Mike shivered as he sat on the big spider web he had constructed. He'd had an idea that maybe the lizard - or Doc Connors - would come down the sewers. He'd seen other, much smaller reptiles starting to make their way down to them, and thought they could almost be going on a pilgrimage to this new, large lizard.

He'd thought he could create a trap, so that when a web got pulled, the camera flashed and he at least got a picture of the lizard - and then he could follow it and wait to see what it would look like when it... shed it's skin? He wasn't too sure what would happen, but he just wanted to catch a glimpse of it - and get a picture to prove to Harvey that it was Dr. Connors.

The thought of it being the Doc made him quite sad. He was a genuinely nice man, and Mike had thought he'd be able to go spend more time at Oscorp. And even failing that; the case that Harvey was working on that involved the Doc was interesting.

He sighed and lay on his web, playing Angry Birds on his phone to pass the time. After a while however, the web he was lying on slowly started to vibrate. He slid his phone away (thanking God that Rene was awesome and could put pockets in places that shouldn't be possible) and stood up, eyes flickering around him at the various tunnels which came to a crossroads where he was stood precariously.

He glanced over at his camera, glad that it looked primed and ready. A low, steady drumming sound echoed from one tunnel in particular and Mike stood warily, his hands out ready at his sides to make a quick getaway should the need arise. He held his breath as the sound got closer, and shadows bounced around the edges of the pipe.

However, he quickly relaxed as he saw hundreds of normal lizards scuttling towards him. Obviously this was confusing, but the fact that it wasn't the lizard meant that Mike didn't really care that much.

This moment of peace let him catch half a breath before he heard the camera flash and whipped around, only to be hit and sent flying at a wall. He quickly shot a web out to spring him back, but had left it too late, and only succeeded in hitting the wall slightly less harshly than he would have done had he not webbed.

He turned and found himself face to face with the giant lizard. It's tail caught in a web that kept making the camera go, it reached out blindly, trying to swipe at the device. Mike took this opportunity to leap around and web the lizard's eyes. However, he misjudged the timing and the lizard grabbed him, slamming him into a wall and leaning down menacingly, it's hot breath coming out in puffs over him.

He had made a grab for the camera, optimistically thinking he could escape and that his camera would still be intact. This dream was crushed as the lizard curled it's claws around it, also cutting through his suit and making three, large gashes down his chest. He cried out and webbed it in the eye, rolling sideways and down a pipe, rushing through water.

He realised he hadn't exactly planned this very well, as he had not only left his camera, probably killed his phone with the water and was now in the process of drowning - he hadn't checked where the lizard had gone. He grabbed hold of a ladder, yanking his arm painfully with the force of slowing down and hauled himself up, gasping and coughing now he was no longer submerged in the water. His arms felt shaky and useless, but he pulled himself up the ladder and pushed a manhole out of the way, glad to see he was in a deserted side street - it helped that it was night time as well.

He got out and spent at least five minutes coughing and shaking just lying on the floor, before finally getting to his feet and trying to get his bearings. He could have sobbed with relief when he realised he was close to Harvey's condo, and slowly made his way there, staying out of sight by painfully climbing up a building and jogging over rooftops, his chest twinging painfully whenever he had to swing from building to building.

He finally made it onto Harvey's balcony - the man had given up on locking the door, when only Mike would be able to get up the sixteen floors anyway. He felt bad fro dripping slightly over Harvey's floor, but decided that it wouldn't be too bad; the journey over had pretty much dried him off.

"Harvey?" He croaked, not sure whether the man would still be at the firm or not. "Harvey?"

He was met with silence and dug his phone out of the pocket, praying that it still worked. Thankfully, his suit was somewhat water-resistant and although it had a large crack down the screen from when he had hit the wall, it still worked. He found Harvey's number and called, frowning when it went straight to voicemail.

The sound of the door being unlocked suddenly penetrated the silence that up until then had been broken by Mike's laboured, pain-filled breathing. He swung around with a wince and closed his eyes in relief as Harvey's easily recognisable silhouette came in. He was muttering to himself as he flicked on the light, and Mike couldn't help but smile slightly as the man jumped on seeing him standing there.

"Mike? What the hell happened?" He dropped any files he was carrying on the floor and rushed over, turning as many lights on as possible on the way. Mike hissed as Harvey carefully inspected his chest and face, rotating the teen's arm to get a gasp of pain. "Lizard?"

"Lizard," Mike nodded, closing his eyes as Harvey started to dab at the claw wounds with an anti-septic wipe (and where the hell had he gotten the first aid kit from?). "Can I sleep here?" He asked, not even moving as Harvey tried to strip him of his suit. "'S late. Don't want Grammy to worry."

"She'll worry more if she doesn't know where you are," Harvey told him, wincing at the colours of the bruises that were already beginning to show.

"I'll tell her I'm at Trevor's," Mike waved it away, wincing. "Ow."

"What did you do to your arm? Or don't I want to know?" Harvey asked, putting a gentle hand on Mike's shoulder.

"Grabbed a ladder," he mumbled, shivering once free of his suit. "I was in the sewers and ended up taking a bit of a detour on the way over here."

"You were in the sewers..." Harvey repeated. "And you thought it would be a good idea to come here straight after?"

"Nowhere else to go," Mike told him, sitting up and hissing as Harvey finished cleaning the claw marks and started to put bandages on them. "You're the only person who knows. And I can't afford the hospital."

"You're lucky these wounds were shallow," Harvey told him, leaning back and breathing out, ruffling his own hair. "And you said it was the big lizard that did this?" Mike nodded. "Jesus."

Mike watched him in silence for a moment before looking down at his lap. "Sorry. I don't mean to worry you. You're just the only person I can really come to, y'know?"

Harvey sighed. "I know. Here," he stood up and threw some pills at the teen. "Take these painkillers." He disappeared and Mike took the opportunity to quickly swallow the pills and let his eyes close from his position on the chair Harvey had pushed him onto.

"Hey, kid." He groaned and opened his eyes again. Harvey was stood in front of him with a towel and some spare clothes. "Go take a shower. Wash off the sewage water."

Mike struggled to his feet, thankful that the pain in his arm had dulled, and took the proffered clothing and towel. Harvey then approached him with some Saran wrap. "What are you doing?" Mike asked, although he was now too tired to care.

"Wrapping up the bandage so that it doesn't get wet, genius," Harvey told him, carefully wrapping it around his chest. Mike nodding in slow understanding and limped slightly to the bathroom. When the door shut and the shower started, Harvey breathed out and sat down, rubbing at his face.

He had no idea what he was doing. How does one look after a flunking, genius teenager turned superhero? He was worried whenever he saw anything online or on the news regarding Spiderman - and he saw a lot of it; not because he kept track, of course not; but because the office seemed obsessed with their latest vigilante and Donna loved sending him clips on YouTube or online articles.

And he had promised Mike he wouldn't tell SHIELD where or who he was. The word had spread that Rene had made Spiderman's suit and suddenly he had been bombarded with the Official Secrets Act and questioned - he hadn't said anything, however, and Harvey felt an enormous amount of pressure on himself.

Did he tell them what he knew? It would be better for Mike in the long run. SHIELD would help him - if nothing else they could get him tutored by someone who knew what they were up against. Did Xavier still have that school?

But that would mean that Mike would be sent away. To somewhere that maybe not even his Grandmother would know. He felt a small curdle in his stomach at the thought.

If Mike had to be a superhero, trying to cheat death every day, then Harvey much preferred it when he could say to the kid's face that he was an idiot.

Harvey seemed to constantly forget about Mike's super-healing, as the day after, when he arrived just before school (he often hitched a lift from Ray because the driver went that direction to go home anyway), Harvey immediately stood up, examining his face.

"How's your chest?" He heard Donna cough to hide a laugh and shook his head. "Not what you think, Donna. Idiot managed to get himself mauled by the sidewalk yesterday," he lied smoothly.

"I fell off my bike," Mike translated for the assistant's benefit. "And it's fine. I took the bandages off this morning. It's better - healing."

Harvey nodded, an eyebrow raised. "Your arm?" Mike raised it and windmilled slightly. "Alright, I get it," he said. "Stop that before you do something to it again."

"Yes, Mom," Mike said. "I'm going - can I help with the McCarthy settlement when I come back?"

"If you don't do anything stupid between the hours of 9am and 3pm, I'll think about it."

"Deal," Mike agreed, walking out the door and running to grab a swiftly-closing elevator.

"Dumb kid," Harvey said, without an ounce of bite. Donna smirked to herself and turned to her computer. "Oh and, Donna?" She looked over to him. "Stop sending me videos of Spiderkid."

"Man, Harvey," she reminded him. "He's definitely Spiderman."

He bit back a gag. He had a feeling Donna (and quite a few of the women; and some of the men) was developing a crush on 'Spiderman' - his daring aerial acrobatics and tight spandex had been the focus of several conversation he had overheard.

"I'm pretty sure it's a kid," Harvey said, not wanting to think about the tight spandex - mainly because he had seen it covered in blood and gashes too often. "He's probably the same age as Mike. And I doubt you'd think about him like that."

"Well that's different - that's Mike," Donna rolled her eyes. "Spiderman is a different story. And why are you so sure he's a kid?"

Harvey shrugged. "I sometimes get emails from Tony - he keeps me up to date on things." That was a lie; yes Tony emailed him, but it was more about suits, good places to wine and dine someone, and dates of high-stake poker games. "And I have work to do," he added. "So stop talking about Spiderkid."

Mike sighed as he moved through the dreary corridors of his school. What used to relieve him straight after Gramps had died was the fact that everyone carefully avoided him; unsure of how to deal with death. Now though, he was still avoided and he badly wanted distracting. He kept thinking about the lizard, and if it was Doc Connors, and how he would be able to track it later on.

"Yo, Mike!" He looked up, thankful that someone was acknowledging his existence. He gave a wan smile to Trevor as both he and Jenny approached him. "What are you doing, avoiding us?"

"Busy," Mike replied. "You do realise we have finals coming up soon?"

"Like you need to study," Trevor rolled his eyes.

"I have Pearson Hardman as well," Mike argued. "I can't just focus on one thing."

"Maybe you should focus on us a bit more," Trevor snapped, before immediately softening as he saw Mike's reaction. "Sorry, man."

"Forget about it," Mike shook his head. "I'm sorry - I know I haven't been spending much time with you guys, but I - "

"It's understandable, Mike," Jenny soothed. "We just wish you'd come to us more."

"I will," Mike promised, before a loud roar reverberated around the school walls and corridors. They all whipped around to see a large lizard burst through the door (and half the wall) of a bathroom. People started screaming and running, and Mike found himself trapped in the surge of students trying to get away. He saw the lizard look at him, it's eyes narrowing as it set it's target.

It knew.

It couldn't know.

But it did.

Shit - it must have kept his camera; one that had his name on it should he lose it (Damn it, Grammy!)

"Mike!" He heard Jenny yell as he pushed back and managed to fall into an empty classroom. The door swung shut and he stood in a corner, ripping his clothes off to show the Spiderman suit, something he had gotten into a habit of wearing all the time. He pulled his mask on quickly and left his bag in the room - someone would find it and hopefully keep it safe - it had some of his borrowed law books from Harvey inside.

He couldn't hear many students anymore and a glance into the hallway told him that they'd cleared out, leaving it just him and the lizard.

He opened the door and dived to one side, just as the lizard made a grab for him.

"I know it's you, Mike!" The lizard roared, causing him to stare at it with wide eyes. He didn't think it could talk or even really process much thought. Knowing now that it was definitely Dr. Connors, and that he could think and speak even like this - it just made it harder.

"Doc, you need to stop this!" He yelled, jumping out of the way as the lizard grabbed hold of a locker with it's tail and threw it towards him. The lizard gave an almost chuckle at his words.

"This is evolutionary," it said, whipping it's claws through the air. "I'm stronger, faster - I have full, working limbs!" It roared and swiped at him again, this time hitting and throwing him at a wall.

"Harvey, have you seen the latest news?" Donna asked, rushing into his office.

"I'm busy, Donna," he told her, looking through files. If Mike really wanted in on this settlement, Harvey wanted to have a good idea what they were up against first.

"It's Mike's school," she told him, causing him to stop and slowly look up. "That lizard is there - all the kids have been evacuated - apparently Spiderman's there fighting it. They're waiting for the cops to go save the day. Even though that perfectly sculpted as - "

"Okay, Donna," he stopped her, desperately wanting to tell her who it was so she would stop thinking about him like that. He quickly looked up the breaking news online and saw footage of the lizard from a window. Spiderman was thrown into the window but thankfully not through it.

"I'm going down there," he decided.

"And you're going to do what?" She demanded. "Go do Spiderman's job?"

"You think Mike's grandmother can get down there?" He asked her. "I just need to check..." If he's okay. "That he doesn't have any of my books or records there."

"Sure, Harvey," she rolled her eyes.

Mike groaned as he pushed himself up. He had thought he had managed to completely web up the lizard, but instead, it managed to break free, and before he knew it, it had gone. He had managed to track it to a bathroom, and the broken pipes and sinks made it clear where it had come up from. He wrinkled his nose and was about to climb down when his phone started to ring.


"Kid, where are you? What's happening?"


"No, it's the President. What's going on?"

"The lizard showed up at school, he knows it's me, Harvey," there was silence down the other end of the phone for a few moments. "It's definitely Dr. Connors. I'm going after him - he's gone down the sewers."

"Mike, think about this - you have no idea what to do; are you seriously going to try to kill him?"

"No!" Mike said, sounding offended. "I'm going to find his serum - if I have that, then I'll be able to make a cure at his lab, right?"

"And you think you know how to do that?"

"Harvey, I'm the one that made the serum! I'm going now, alright - I'll... I'll see you later."

"Mike - "

"Oh, and my bag's in school; could you get it? It has some of your books in it." He hung up and hopped down the sewer.

"Mike!" Harvey yelled, even as the phone cut off. He growled and shoved it back in his pocket, glancing over the confused, scared students that were peering at the school, wondering what was happening, and when they could go back in. He thankfully noticed a familiar face and grabbed hold of their shoulder.

"Hey, kid."

"Get off me, man!" The boy pushed him off, scowling. "I don't even know you!"

"Trevor, am I right?" He asked. The boy nodded. "Harvey Specter. Maybe Mike's mentioned me."

"Um, yeah, only like all the time," Trevor rolled his eyes. "You'd think you were his dad. Why are you here?"

"Mike left his bag in there," Harvey told him, quickly coming up with a plan. "He got out and came to the firm. Idiot forgot his bag. Can you collect it?"

Trevor bit his lip. "I guess."

"Thanks, kid."

He quickly left the school and hailed a cab, asking for it to take him to Oscorp. As smart as Mike was, he wouldn't know how to work the sophisticated machinery inside. Oscorp had been Pearson Hardman's client for a long time; Harvey had seen the machines in action and had even been inducted in a few by Curt. He would be able to do something while Mike was trying to find the lizard.

He didn't like feeling helpless.

Mike shivered as he looked around the underground chamber in the sewers. It was clear the Doc had been planning... something for a while; there were vials, actual lab equipment and more set up around the chamber. It was completely silent which gave a small sense of foreboding but Mike paid it no heed. Whatever the Doc was planning, he wasn't coming back here. There was a computer that was on, a paused video on-screen. The board behind it had blueprints of some kind of machine, and pictures - it looked familiar; he thought he had seen it at Oscorp.

He pressed play on the video and watched in silence, his eyes slowly widening. The Doc was human, but was babbling and ranting - raving about the qualities of the serum, how it should be offered to the world. A picture of the machine on the board then came on-screen, complete with notes and a diagram. Mike watched in horror - the Doc was planning on changing everyone - using the device to disperse the serum in a gaseous form across the entirety of New York.

If he could get to Oscorp first, he could make the antidote before Curt put it in the dispersing device - he was sure he could!

With this thought in mind he quickly got out of the sewers, following the street before leaping and shooting a web to attach himself to a building and started to swing as fast as he could. People down below rarely stopped to stare as he was used to - instead they ran the opposite direction. He quirked an eyebrow and went even faster - faster than the police helicopter overhead.

He knew he wasn't exactly friends with the police, but he really hoped that 'copter wasn't for him. Praying that he got to Oscorp before Curt, he attached himself to a line of cranes and went on a straight to the laboratory.

Harvey kept sending nervous glances to the doors. He didn't know what was going on, or where Mike was, or where the lizard was - but Mike needed the serum altering, and Harvey was sure he could do it. It was a machine that Curt's interns used, one he had seen being used. He pulled up the file of the serum Mike had engineered and sighed in relief as it literally just said 'make antidote'.

"Well that was ridiculously easy," Harvey muttered to himself, pulling out his phone to call Mike, hoping the kid answered - or at the very least had it on silent in case he was in range of the lizard. Thankfully, he answered. Out of breath. "You okay?"

"I'm on my way to Oscorp - it's hard work."

"I'm already here - the antidote should be made soon," Harvey said, allowing himself to sound proud because he was a closer and he fixed things and he could even fix problems before Spiderkid.

"What? Harvey you need to get out of there! Dr. Connors is on his way!"

"What does he want here?" Harvey glanced around. Apart from the serum, there wasn't anything that caught his attention.

"He's going to use a dispersal device - it's on the roof; it's going to infect the whole of New York if we don't change it!"

Harvey was worried that he felt quite happy when Mike said 'we'. He had always wanted to be a superhero - when he was younger, he had told his dad he wanted to move to Gotham to help Batman. "Okay - how far away are you?"

"I'm literally nearly - "

Harvey heard a crash and spun around, only to be faced with Spiderman stuck to the window, having swung right into it.


"Idiot." Harvey ended the call and opened the window, helping Mike inside and taking his phone, putting it next to his own in his pocket. At least then he knew it would be safe.

"We need to hurry," Mike told him, running over to the machine that Harvey had been running the serum through. It beeped and he grinned, pulling it out and heading for the door. "I'm going to the roof," Mike told him. "You have to stay here."

"The hell I do," Harvey said, stubborn as ever. "I helped with this, I'm going to see it to the end."

"Harvey he could kill you!" Mike told him, eyes flickering to the door, quickly swapping the weight on the balls of his feet. It was obvious he wanted to get out of there fast and get to the roof.

"You might need my help, Mike - I'm not leaving you to go up there alone." He quickly coughed. "Besides, I'm not going to be the one to tell your Gram that you were eaten by a big lizard."

"Whatever - okay, c'mon then; but be careful." He started running, causing Harvey to give a start before hurrying after him. His suit was all over the place and his hair was a mess, but he was quite proud he could mostly keep up with Spiderkid - sure the kid was juiced up on whatever spider venom was going through him, but Harvey had gone on a morning jog every day for the past 5 years.

They got to the roof and Harvey almost rolled his eyes. Of course it would be raining right now. "Stay there!" Mike shouted as he webbed up to the machine, glancing at it. Curt hadn't gotten there yet, and Mike would have to wait so he could swap the serum over.

"We'll have to - " He started shouting down to Harvey, before getting thrown off the tower housing the machine,

"Mike!" Harvey shouted, about to run over before realising the kid was already up and running, getting back to the top to attack the large lizard. Why did Harvey think this was a good idea? He was completely powerless here! He should be at the firm, gasping with the rest of them as they watched it on the news.

The news.

A helicopter was circling nearby - he couldn't be seen; they'd connect the dots easily enough. He darted back into the stairwell, just looking out through a crack in the door. He watched with his hands clenching as Mike was thrown around as he and the lizard battled to put their own serums into the device.

He let his breath out as the lizard disappeared down the side of the building and Mike put the small vial into the device. Another 2 seconds after this, the device shot the antidote into the air, and Harvey stared at the blue particles floating down from it.

He opened the door to quickly grab Mike and leave, but the kid suddenly fell out of sight, having fallen off the platform in sheer exhaustion.


He ran, not caring that he could be seen by the helicopter. If needs be, he could always contact Tony and beg - the billionaire would easily be able to access the footage and delete it all.

"Mike?" He couldn't see the kid anywhere. The rooftop seemed to have adopted a quiet calm; it was as if an atomic bomb had gone off. "Mike?" He peered over the side of the roof and paled - partly because he didn't realise how high up they were, and also because Mike was clinging to the side of the building with one hand, sweating (his mask had ripped off during the fight and was lying abandoned near the tower).

"It's okay, kid, I'll get you up," Harvey promised him, reaching down a hand. Mike went to grab it with his limp hand and missed, his eyes showing just how scared he was. "It's fine, Mike - don't worry," Harvey tried to soothe, his own heart pounding. "You can do this."

Mike fixed his gaze just over Harvey's shoulder and brought his arm up, shooting the webs that Harvey rarely got to see up close past him, attaching to a wall on the other side of the roof. Suddenly, Mike was a blur, and a crumpled pile on the roof. Harvey tore over, kneeling by him.

"You okay?"

Mike nodded, breathing sharply. "Fast healing, remember? I'll be fine in a couple of days, promise."

Harvey nodded, before looking around. "Where's Curt?"

"He pulled me off the building before he fell," Mike told him, cradling his ribs. "He's probably back to his normal self now. The cops can handle it. They've been getting a lot of anonymous tips from someone about Dr. Connors."

Harvey nodded, prodding and poking softly to see what was injured.

"'M sorry," Mike mumbled, closing his eyes.

"Eyes on me, kiddo." Harvey tapped his cheek gently.

"Sorry," Mike said again. He tried to sit slightly more upright, and in the light Harvey winced at the cuts and bruises all over Mike's face. He wondered what Edith would say about all of this. "I borrowed one of your records."

What was almost hysterical laughter bubbled from Harvey's mouth. "Don't worry about it. Let's just get you up and out of here, okay? I might not even take you straight to the hospital if you help me out here."

"No, Harvey - I'm sorry I took it," Mike implored.

"It's okay, Mike," Harvey promised him.

"I wanted to listen to it - Gramps talked about it before; I just wanted to listen to it." Before Harvey knew it, tears were slowly dripping down Mike's face. He wasn't sure what exactly to do, and slowly pulled Mike to his feet, allowing the teen to fall into his arms, head buried in Harvey's collar bone.

"It's okay," Harvey mumbled, rubbing his back before leading Mike out - they needed to get out of there fast, before the cops got there.

"I miss him," Mike whispered. "I don't know if..."

"If what, kid?" Harvey pushed quietly, helping him down the stairs.

"If he'd be proud," Mike sniffed. "Of what I'm doing."

"Of course he would," Harvey told him. "You're a hero." The words were out of his mouth before he could take them back.

Mike blinked up at him, a small, shy smile on his face. "You're my hero," he told Harvey earnestly.

Harvey wasn't sure how to respond. He was saved by the kid passing out and having to concentrate on dragging his ass down 7 flights of stairs.

"Harvey I'm bored!"

Harvey sighed, closing his eyes for a moment. After everything that had happened, Harvey had had way too much excitement for a lifetime - and he had kind of assumed Mike had too. But he hadn't. The teen just needed more adrenaline after a while - and after a stern telling-off and a promise that he wouldn't do anything stupid for 'a while'.

The 'while' was definitely torture thought. For both of them.

Mike was either cooped up in Harvey's office or at home, having promised he wouldn't be Spiderman for a while - crime was unusually low at the moment, and there were whispers of SHIELD taking care of things whenever Spiderman didn't show.

After they had gotten out of Oscorp (and stopping in some toilets to do some quick clothes-swapping so Mike was wearing Harvey's suit jacket with his Spiderman suit bundled in his arms. Fortunately, the lab kept a steady supply of scrubs, so he was wearing a pair that was slightly too big, and also had no shoes on. Harvey quickly found them a cab however, and soon they got to Harvey's condo.

He made a call to Edith and had told her that Mike was fine and had come to the firm, but because of the time, he was just going to stay at Harvey's that night, if that was okay with her. He then turned his now quite experienced nursing talents to Mike and when he went to bed, you could never tell he had been in a fight with a gigantic lizard.

Harvey had been called to Jessica's office to be told that Curt Connors had been arrested and they were no longer his lawyers. He didn't even try to argue the case - he had liked Curt, but the man had knowingly tried to hurt Mike - tried to turn the entirety of the New York population into monsters like him.

And Harvey would rather he rot in prison.

"Harvey!" Mike whined again, lying on the couch, covered in books and papers that had thousands of random doodles and scribbles on them.

"I heard you," Harvey grumbled. "You're bored. Tough." Mike sighed and rolled slightly so he was in an even more awkward position. "That can't be comfortable."

"I'm bored."




"C'mon, Harvey!" Mike sat up, glancing outside at Donna before sneakily turning off the intercom. "Let me out! I've been grounded for a week now; I need to get out! You only said I needed to stay inside until Rene finished with my suit. And he finished two days ago!"

Harvey glanced up at him, well aware that he now had a new, better suit than before. He had been practically breathing down Rene's neck, telling him to add everything to protect Mike more. How much good it would do however, he didn't really know.

"Let me out," Mike said. "Please?"

Harvey pointed his pen at him. "You do this - you promise me that you're more careful," he said seriously. "You don't take stupid risks, and you don't fight mutant lizards. Got it?"

"Got it!" Mike grinned, offering a fist bump. Harvey raised an eyebrow at him, and Mike put his fist down, feigning extreme disappointment. "You're the best."

"I know," Harvey acknowledged, looking back at his work. "I've also been told I'm a 'hero'. Someone in particular's."

Mike flushed a deep red and quickly grabbed his bag. "What I meant was, one day I wanna go to law school, and uh - you're... People talk, and y'know... you say you're the best closer, and uh..."

"You know where the door is," Harvey told him.

"See you later, Harvey," Mike grinned, leaving and throwing a very cheery goodbye to Donna, who looked back at Harvey once the teen was gone, her expression very clearly saying Why's he so happy?

Harvey shrugged but couldn't conceal his smile.

"Dumb kid."

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